Word of God

If you go back and re-read my post you will find I said "Sure the word 'graphe' can be used to refer to OT scripture but there was no such thing as NT scripture recognized when Peter is reported saying this so one must assume he is not equating Pauls letters to be formal scripture but only that his epistles or letters have in them things hard to understand as are things in other documents which could include scripture."

So you see I wasn't saying it couldn't be used to refer to old testament documents but the word did not equate authority to Paul's letters. Otherwise Paul would not have called them "epistole" letters as did Peter also. Peter was merely saying in Pauls letters are things hard to understand as that unlearned people have trouble with as they do with other writings. If Peter meant it to be the same authority of OT writings he would have said so and referred to them other than as Pauls letters.

Good try Streetbob, but you offer nothing but wishful thinking.

Love in Christ,

The graphe can translate to scripture and the though you believe it cannot be assumed that he meant scripture one also not assume it does not. The fact that he calls them epistles does not deny or prove that they are scripture. That is irrelevant. Obviously you know that the OT was known as the Law and the major/minor prophets but that did not mean they were not scripture.

Once again the fact that Peter uses graphe instead of gamma is interesting and the fact that Peter incorparates Pauls letters with OT writings implys at the very least a heavy authority. Or it could be wishful thinking with a little logic.
talk to ya later DJ