Happy secular New Year to all

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

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Is anybody doing anything special (besides Vajradhara and his family?)

I'm currently making a pot of black-eyes peas for Hopping John (recipe posted in the Mystery thread below) and chilling some non-alcoholic brut champagne for later.

The C-R :kitty: delegation is searching for catnip stuff for later, too. ;) :D

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Not really this year. Hosted a rooftop formal and ball drop from 11-1 GMT at the Sublime Restaurant in Second Life. Made some split pea soup. The second didn't really have to do with New Year's though. I just wanted some.

OH, sorry Phyllis, didn't read before posting...

Ummm, my "plans" kinda got dumped, so I spent it here with my extended "family". I know, boring, get a life...oh well. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!
Hey, Happy New Year, Phyll and everyone!

We had been so busy the previous two evenings, rehearsing one night and playing the next. We were so tired that we went to sleep early. At midnight, I woke up and heard fireworks going on really close to us (illegal, ya know) and instead of getting up to watch them, I just smiled and went back to sleep! (Not like me at all.)

So, we have a recording session at home today, so now I have to clean house and try and look good. Going to make some food to serve, too.

Sounds boring, but really isn't. Just a little too busy--aren't we supposed to kick back and reflect today?

Happy New Year all. I've plans for my typical NY day of spirituality-football on TV & a feast later.:) earl
After church yesterday some kinda bug tried to take hold...so I left the potluck early to head to my usual remedy....wind myself, (sprint, stairs, whatever fast enough to run out of breath a couple times) slam 20 grams of vitamin C, drink as much water as I can hold and get under the covers...I woke occasionally to swallow some more C and water..and wind myself woke up around 11 was up for a while feeling better...hit more C, more water and back to bed...my nose is now running like a stuck pig...but I'm ready for the New Year. So I spend a little time preparing the daytimer and making some plans...post a little here and there while straightening up and doing laundry...and now get ready to head for that interfaith meeting!

A far cry from the drunkedness, debauchery and revelry of yesteryear. All quite interesting to contemplate.