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China Cat said:
The Universe arranges itself to come to the aid of those whose intention is clear.
This appears quite Abrahamic...not of the biblical Abraham but of Esther Hicks....any Abe heads here?
Had to look it up, since I'd never heard of Esther and Jerry Hicks. I didn't invent that line, but I don't remember where I got it...possibly from Wayne Dyer. I personally don't buy the idea that there are no victims, or that positive thinking alone will change our lives. I avoid channeled material like the plague.

I do think that we create our own reality in a certain way. I think that the Universe (God, whatever) is sympathetic to our clearly intended interests. But what we intend has to be for the good of all life everywhere, not just "I want a pony." Clear intention, knowing what we really want, straightens out the chains of cause and effect surrounding our actions and existence. Things start to become clear, illusion dissipates, and as we clean out our mental and emotional closet we become capable of seeing the natural path.

Substitute your own favorite terms for any or all of that.

Wayne Dyer....abe head...and a good one. He explains the principles eloquently in laymans terms, eliminating the channeled phobias.

I am currently quite on the fence on channeled stuff. At this juncture I still don't believe any of it is channeled. I think often when individuals connect with source, their ego says, "no I'm not worthy" and creates a surrogate character, which in their frame of reference is acceptable.

Of course this is where I am at today in this regard...not to say I don't also see the potential for charlatans as well.

Wouldn't be the first or the last to use the podium or the pulpit to make a buck or create an empire.
The problem with channeled material is that it's completely unverifiable. In fact, it's a clever dodge from having to make your own case for your ideas and back it up. Plus, it all seems to be feel good, half baked and borrowed ideas, and you can't pin the channeler down on anything because it's not coming from "them". But, people will pay to hear what they want to hear, and they want a goodly portion of gee-whiz for their buck.

It's kinda like past lives. Everyone, it seems, was Cleopatra or Napolean, not some turd scraping leper in ancient Mesopotamia.

Man, I sound jaded! It's just that there is so, so much psuedo spiritual crap at the pedestrian level. All these watered down eastern ideas. All the psuedo-Gnostic stuff. The Templers and all of that. Benevolent aliens. Jews from outer space. You name it!

Interesting discussion. Let's clarify terms.

Is an ABE head someone who picks up inspirations from who knows where and then tries to create something original out of it? Or is this "channelling" thing a sort of massaging of ideas already suggested by others into something more palatable to the self or some intended audience? How is the observer to make distinctions between the two possible happenstances ?

In my own personal experiences I have been sometimes traumatized by the fact that I really had no, or very little, control over what I received or in what form I eventually used this stuff to compose written materials. Most artists will relate these sorts of things to you about their work if they're honest about what they do. And it equally applies to all original art forms, writing, graphic art, music, acting, etc.

As I believe I stated elsewhere, the closest analogy I could make is that I was used as some sort of musical instrument so that something wholly "other" could express itself through me. Does that make any sense to you ? I can understand your suspicions and aversions Chris, but this IS the way it really IS, at least for me.

I can't say I know a lot about Channeling or Channelers, I am aware of three, however there are most probably a ton more.

Abe Heads is the affectionate term for those that study the teachings of Abraham who is channeled by Esther Hicks and assisted by her husband Jerry on her recordings and in her travels. (Those that saw 'The Secret' caught some of Esther/Abraham)

Ramtha is channeled by JZ Knight, if you caught "What the Bleep Do We Know", that was a Ramtha production.

And then folks have told me about, but I haven't read any or seen any Seth stuff as channeled by Jane Roberts.

All of it is often characterized and shuffled off as new agey charlatan garbage. However I find these three with all their detractors have similar stories and similar benefits to those that study, read, practice some of the techniques and processes. All three of them have had their share of star power and motivational gurus who have traveled in their circles and are now on the conventional circuits raising funds for public television and the like.

As I indicated it is my feeling that in any other day and time these folks would be called prophets...and as prophets they reject the possibility that they are connecting with source so they have protected themselves by making up an entity and not indicating they themselves are in contact but instead channelling....that is my current crutch that allows me to listen without discounting completely....over the years I've seen a lot of the stuff I said "yeah right" to become something I know is true so I tend to be more open minded. Of course the Ram says people are living in the center of the earth and in Mars, and Abe says they are from our galaxy different universe/dimension so....I still have issues. But I find much of the thought and information interesting, intriguing and with value.