my posts do not appear....

Hi Impqueen. Which thread? Has anyone posted after you on that thread? If not, it may show up when someone else posts, or you can try "bumping" it by posting after yourself. Don't know why that happens sometimes. If the problem lies somewhere else, though, this won't help. :rolleyes:

Edit to add: Was it a thread you were trying to start or just a regular post?

It was a post in a regular thread, although I also had trouble starting a thread when I initially tried to ask the question :confused:.

Thanks for the bump idea, I'll give it a try.
Ah.... I was just being horribly impatient :p it all comes from being off work and having too much time to spend on the net. :D Thankyou!
*sigh* I still can't start threads (except my intro thread of course). The screen comes up entirely blank.
say it ain't so! I've searched but know not how to find....I am absolutely positive there is not only an answer to this but also a solution.

Please be patient as the powers that be work it out..
ImpQueen, what browser are you using? It wouldn't happen to be something like Opera or Safarai by any chance?
Maybe you are using an extinct's the color of your keyboard...clean everything off your desk, click your heals twice....

Seriously I know those that know what they are doing are trying to find a solution...I however am responsible for comic relief at appropriate and inappropriate times...I didn't say good comedy, not even intelligent comedy.

You could PM me your thread, and I could start it for you and get blamed for it. That's the ticket the noobie mod takes a bullet for the noobie poster....whatever it takes.

you still need to clean the desk though...or is that me?
Hurrah! It worked! I don't think I did anything different (if anything the desk is less tidy.... :p). :confused: but :D
Um, I have the same problem. Most of my posts appear, but I have a couple of posts that don't appear - they're waiting for mod permission. What's the difference between a normal post and one that has to be filtered? Weird... Is it because of the links?

(oh, and I'm kind of slow, so I posted both these posts two, three times before noticing that I had to wait for a moderator's permission :D)
I think I managed to trip the auto-mod red flag. I'm pretty sure I did not include any links and I don't think I quoted any... but I did say the word sex and terrorist... like someone else. Haha, I'm not an old mum, but a young woman, and my post was against terrorism and the removal of woman's sex organs like it's so sadly and horribly done in some places... I PMed a mod, but I guess this answered my question about why I got pre-moderated. Should have looked first, I suppose. :)
Oh dear, I believe I am a complete moron. I repeated the things in my other post and got the first post I tried to make in this thread pre-modded, too!

Maybe this one will go through. :S I'm a little confused, though. I guess this is now a "Help! Where are my threads?!" post. Is this done by links or words or both?
Silly jamaesi. Saying "I think I tripped the mod flag by saying XXXXX " is just going to trip it again :)

The word "Sex" is definitely on the auto-mod list due to the spammers. Won't stop your post from getting here eventually - it's just that one of the mods has to notice and reset the flag on the post. I try to check in a couple of times a day to grab them, but things are somewhat overly busy around here these days so I don't always get in to check, although there are a number of mods out there, so one of us will realize eventually.

.... Bruce