Heroes...the show


It's my new favorite show. I used to watch Lost, but then I think the writers got more concerned with their method than they did with the actual show, and the whole thing just got really convoluted, but I love Heroes. I never miss a show. I really like Hiro, Peter, Matt, and Isaac. For a long time I really didn't like Nathan or Niki, but since the last episode it looks like Niki's plotline is being cleared up a bit and Nathan's being given a bit more depth. With the past few episodes I'm also more interested in what's going on with Claire, and I can't wait until we start to see the lives of the Heroes start to get more and more entangled. I think it's hard for me to pick a favorite. :O

Everyone in the UK, it's starting on the 19th on BBC Two at 10pm. But it's also available to watch now for free at nbc.com.

Dauer.. Im so totally not surprised you love heroes too.. we both like games so why not..

My favorites keep switching.. I love Micahs ability haha.. imagine it.

Hiro will always be a favorite.. Me and Dor were talking about Andos unrevealed ability and we think that he stunts others abilities and thats why Hiro cant time jump when they are together..

Have you watched Jericho?? Thats another favorite of ours.

Yeah, I thought Micah's ability was pretty incredible. I had been wondering about Ando too, (I think you may be onto something) and also about Mohinder. Mohinder may not have a power, but I remember when he started discovering all that stuff about his father and his sister, and it's possible that child was another person, but I'm also wondering if it was a latent power manifesting itself in a way his mind could more readily wrestle with, by making it appear external.

I think I may have caught a couple of the first episodes of Jericho. The only other shows I really regularly watch during the week are Smallville and Supernatural, and the whole sunday night fox lineup: simpsons, family guy, american dad when I can catch it. I had been watching Lost but I just... lost interest.

Maybe Mohinders is something like Nikki and Jessicas? I thought it was cool how Matt could hear the both of them.. I can see that becoming quite the tangle..

I love the twist on Claires father.. I cant wait to see how thats going to resolve .. it would have to be something to do with the brother and oh wow her uncle saving her life.

That show frustrates me.. I wish I could wait and just buy the season so I can watch it all at the same time because I hate it how they end the show each week and you realize you have to wait an entire week to see what happens.

I watch Supernatural religiously too.. Last nights was hilarious.. I have no clue where this show is going I think thats what keeps me interested.

I also watch House.. that guy is so irritating that I cant help but laugh the whole time.
I'm still looking forward to seeing how they all get more entangled, and what that symbol means, how they aquired it. I think it's probably similar to a tag that you'd give a wild animal for tracking, but probably more to it than that. Also can't wait to see that hero they gave a sneak peek of who took on Cylar, and also the hero from the IDF.

I missed Supernatural and Smallville this past week, but generally I don't. I think they nicely fill the niche left when Buffy and then its spinoff ended. Supernatural is a bit closer to the spinoff, Angel, I think, which was darker. Smallville is brilliant marketing because it targets the type of crowd who would watch The OC or any other teen, 20something drama, and also those who would watch it because it features Superman (read geeks like me :D)

I watch House too. I forgot about that one. A while ago it was starting to get too formulaic for me and I was getting bored with it, but now that they're going more into House's character it's getting better. It almost feels like right now the writers are trying to see how crooked they can make House without turning off viewers. The farthest they went I think was faking complaince during the trial when he was still abusing drugs. That actually got me upset, but I'm glad they did it. There are too many shows whose writers are just following all the trope to satisfy viewer expectations.
House makes me mad all the time.. I got mad on the recent one where the girl was raped and got pregnant. He was pushing her to get an abortion and she didnt want to for religious purposes.. well he got his way at the end... It hit home for me personally because when I was 18 I got pregnant (not from rape) I went to planned parenthood because it was sliding fee scale and they pushed so hard for me to abort the pregnancy.. they used scare tactics like saying I would ruin my life and giving me statistics that I wouldnt suceed in life.. I finally flat out told them no on reasons of religion and that I would contact an attorney if they didnt leave off.

I didnt see clips of someone taking on sylar.. How exciting hehe. That guy is pure evil..

I missed watching smallville.. it will probably be one that I watch the seasons.

I loved buffy/angel.. and charmed of course.. Hey did you ever watch Xena? if not I highly recommend you watch the seasons of them think there are 7. I was faithful watching it when it was on and when they started packaging the seasons I bought them as they came out.. its so great watching the characters develop.. its still one of my favorite all time shows.
Why did I read this? I live in the UK and I'm realy looking forwards to the series... Ah, Xena, there's a series. Despite my age I had one hell of a crush on Calisto...
I watched Hercules first and then Xena. Those shows were great. Awesome sense of humor to them. And the way they worked in the myth was really fun. In Herc I really liked the original Zeus, the actor who passed away.
Why did I read this? I live in the UK and I'm realy looking forwards to the series... Ah, Xena, there's a series. Despite my age I had one hell of a crush on Calisto...

hey dont worry we barely touched on how great that show is.. its highly addictive and it caters to all types of people.. the makers are genious.

Callisto was also one of my favorites..:) :) I love how her character played out and especially at the end when she was reborn into Eve :)

Hey Dauer did you know that the guy who played Aries on Xena also passed away? It was accidental on some set... I guess it happened right in the middle of the last season.
Seen the first two episodes (it's on Sci Fi in the UK). It's great. I've not been so intrigued and entertained by anything as much on TV for as long as I can remember (ok, Faescape, Firefly...). Easily the best thing on TV at the moment- it even 'dares' to have a little fun with the concept (scifi and fantasy can be so po-faced at times).

So far Hiro's my favorite character.
Anyone love it as much as I do? :)

Who is your favorite?

I saw a 20 - 30 min self absorbed advert on some guy... That was enough for me.... I guess not only how self absorbed he was, but the fact that a show I wanted to see SHOULD have been on... but was delayed by this advert/biography... thing.
Sendhil Ramamurthy.. To begin with he was all humble and how this was his big break and then he became more cocky and big headed as it went on and just all I saw when he was talking was; "Me, me me me me... ME!!! meeeeee, me me... me me me.... Me." Ugh... So I turned over to watch anything... And every 2mins kept turning back to see my show and it was still him! :( lol... It seems like a justice league ;\
Save the cheerleader....save the world...

I did have fun watching her get video'd and then straighten back up...or when she woke up in the morgue with all her organs removed and had to put herself back together....

Or the guy that absorbs everyone elses powers..(his brother's flightability) did they stick him in with the all powerful guy so he could absorb his?

I started it, got lost out of it...wasn't much into comic strips and this definitely had the feel of comic strip characters come to life...(even without the actual comic strip showing they were)...

So last five episodes starting this week...don't know if I can get back into it to watch the ending or not..
Sorry to tell you will, but that guy died... He got absorbed up by "self Absorbed man".... Don't get too close to him ;/ he'll suck you in.
Oh...now it has a tinge of reality to it! This would mean that the brother's political career wouldn't get sidetracked by his crazy sibling...
No no. That guy's still alive, at least for now. And Hiro's journey is turning out to be a real Hero's Journey. Nudge nudge. Wink wink. SPOILER IF YOU'RE WATCHING OUTSIDE OF THE US FOLLOWS:

he just faced his father, who then became his friend and taught him that the sword that was so important to him did not give him his powers back. His journey did. So he was able to transcend his attachment to the weapon. Then he stopped time for everyone else and his father trained him to use a samurai sword appropriately, and to maintain a more confident philosophy in living life. The guy who absorbs powers did battle the powerful guy that slices people's heads open and takes their abilities. He lost though. It looks like he may face him again on the finale next week. Right now the guy who takes everyone's powers (who killed his own mother a few episodes back, perhaps in a rage, perhaps accidentally) has now become very nihilistic and is going to be a bomb to blow up the city, using the power he just absorbed from the explosive guy. That group that tags people with abilities it turns out has been using a little girl's ability to track people. The guy who used to work for them went to kill her (he didn't realize it was a little girl) and the Indian prof guy is trying to stop him (cliffhanger) because he's been convinced by the people who tag everyone that they're the good guys (they're really in cahoots with linderman) who manipulated him into seeing the little girl as like the little sister he'd lost. The woman who it seemed was able to change her shape it turns out can mess with people's heads or something to change the way they see the world around them. She doesn't even look the way she appears and is very sensitive about her real self-image. Linderman used her to control Micah, the kid who can talk to machines, and get him to change the polling machines to vote for the flying guy and make him win by a landslide. So yeah, it's developing a lot. You can see all of the episodes online at nbc.com. They get posted the day after they air I think.


I did read somewhere that it's supposed to resemble a comic book in delivery. With the depth it has though, I think much more like a book than a strip. When it started there was a lot less depth to the characters, but now that their lives are getting entangled and the show's going deeper into who they are and what they do, it's coming.