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Friday was the male population of "the clan"'s turn for male-specific physicals (it was the soonest that they could go for their baseline screenings, plus it is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month here in the US.) While they were at it, they also had diabetes screenings (National Diabetes Awareness Month, too.) I felt a bit sorry for "Joker", since the tech had no idea where to draw blood from him (he's an amputee with other problems with his real arm.) I think that I'll ask over at the clinic tomorrow to have a mass screening since they have first-hand experience on themselves several times a day...

Speaking of "the clan", they were a huge hit both at the fundraisers and the Folk Fair. Cries of "Fry Bread!" echoed through the dining hall, and the newbies found themselves trying several items, including fry bread sandwiches. "Joker", "Jumbo", "Peter", "Snake" and "Beast" all spent most of their money at the American Indian booth (buffalo burgers, shredded barbecue venison sandwiches and fry bread with real maple syrup [they kept enough on themselves for some trinkets in the World Market area {barely}.) Emba got a new pair of authentic moccasins while several of the guys picked up either Russian/Ukrainian shirts or Scottish plaid scarves. "Beast" borrowed some extra money from Kirishima and bought something for Betty the Tigress, which started the rest of "the clan" on their buying spree for the nonhuman delegation (Yoh picked up a dreidel for his :kitty: as well as a peacock feather.) Suoh bought a set of wind chimes for Tiger Lily (relax, they are sturdy enough to withstand enthusiastic :kitty: play) and a sachet of catnip to get her attention.

We had a rather interesting American Thanksgiving, combining real and vegetarian "turkey" (it was rather cute watching our Victorian delegation enjoying their first gorge-fest of rather new [to them] foods.) "Dagger" was funny when he defended his cornbread against everyone he thought was going to take it from him.

Oops, the :kitty: delegation is yowling for their breakfast. Okay, okay. I'm coming. None of you are going to starve. :rolleyes:

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The snow spirits were quite busy last week Monday (they got a bit carried away with the major snow storm that lasted over 24 hours.) The storm was so bad that there was close to six inches of snow on the ground when it ended, making it difficult to get from Point A to Point B, even for both Wren and Mieu. The newbies got Kinsale cloaks that are lined with faux fur as well as new winter accessories that coordinate well with their outerwear.

Betty played a bit in the snow before she got tired of "nothing outside but white", but she had the advantage of fur from her nose to her toes (as well as her entire tail.) She appreciated the fish that was cleaned for her by Kirishima (he removed everything that she shouldn't eat while keeping the seafood relatively whole.) He also added the tasty innards, including the roe (he wanted to make sure that she would have good luck this year, too.) "Beast" was a tad upset that someone she didn't know well fed Betty ("Beast" is still a tad wary with strangers [understandably so].)

Speaking of fish: the :kitty: delegation enjoyed Fishy Feast for New Year's Day, and the human/oid delegation had actual seafood as well as pasta (my new neighbors were shocked at the convoy that "the clan" requires.) The Pest pitched a fit when seven semis pulled up around the building just for my group (how dare we require special deliveries of such size. :rolleyes: ) I had already given the proper people a "heads up" about this, and The Pest wasn't on the list.

Oops, gotta go. Dog is pitching a fit about one of the neighbors who's smoking in the common areas again.

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We're dealing with another interruption to our routine: the Democratic Presidential Debate. :rolleyes: Because we don't live that far from the site of the aforementioned debate, plus we have classes nearby said site, we have to juggle our schedules and such since the area around the proposed venue has been closed off to most traffic. The more I think about the election, the more I dread it (especially with all of the BS/MS/PhD going on in all of the Wisconsin races.) What's ironic is that Paul Ryan's up for reelection against his predecessor, and Ryan just got his post not too long ago... I wonder who will take his place if he loses to Russ Feingold. o_O

There was a snowstorm yesterday (the snow spirits were ecstatic) and the meteorologist just predicted more snow today. :rolleyes: Wren has grounded himself due to conditions so we're relying on the wanzer pilots. I hope Ryogo behaves himself appropriately...

The :kitty: delegation has increased due to additional strays/ferals seeking food and comfort, much to the chagrin and/or dismay of my neighbors. One of the neighbors :mad: Suoh (he kicked one of the new :kitty:s in front of the security chief, who then made an honest effort to "help" the offender into his apartment before opening the door.) When Kazumi related the incident to the veterinarian on duty (Ryouto), the doctor pocketed his vial of curare (or was it cyanide?) I hope the veterinarian doesn't do anything that would get him arrested...

Oh, we also had to undergo an annual evaluation for our apartment (the huge pile of photo IDs and Social Security cards we presented astounded the evaluators ["How many people live in that one apartment?":eek:].) "Snake" encountered one of the evaluators while "wearing" one of his snakes (poor guy was afraid snakes.) I think he fainted.

Oops, gotta go. We have an emergency delivery waiting for us outside. Hey, everyone! You know the drill!

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We had a rather "interesting" weekend, complete with the four letter word that causes more four-letter words (yes, s-n-o-w.) On top of all that, we had an interesting time yesterday bringing home our groceries. I personally had three sacks break on our way home, one just outside the store (the handles tore off.) We were lucky that a young lady who was walking her dog offered to help us get everything to the apartment complex, especially after several of our sacks tore so badly that the :kitty: delegation would only use them as makeshift scratching posts/boards. My only wish was that I knew who she was so that I could somehow repay her kindness (even if it would be a nice beef femur for her dog to play with if/when desired.)

Some of the "clan" picked up some candy that they'd never seen before, including chocolate covered marshmallow "frogs" and "locusts" that are kosher for Passover (yes, Passover's coming up real soon for us, and there are items in the stores that are KfP already out on display.) We're counting down the days before the Great Pig-Out here, plus Kirishima's sent the invitations to everybody who's participating in our seder in one form or another (like the delivery guys, the family that is "running" the "show" and a few people from both our old and our new neighborhoods.) The "newbies" are still getting used to how we do things, but I think they'll get into the swing of things soon (at least I hope that they will.) "Peter" and "Wendy" have been watching several of the "veterans" with the initial prep work, including the switching our dishes from the "everyday" stuff to the "Passover" stuff while Betty the Tigress has been sniffing the lamb shanks (might require a special order of mutton for her particular dinners...)

Oops, gotta go. Got a summons from Daiba, and Mamoru is drawing his sword from his sword cane...

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One of the shinigami returned from her job yesterday and is quite :mad: with everyone involved.

"Why?" you ask?

The "client" was "The Pest", who kept pestering her "escort" about her ethnicity (shinigami are Japanese spirits.)

Anyway, things are going to be a tad quieter now (I hope) with the client gone, but there's going to be a new person in that apartment soon (high turnover rate here for neighbors due to several factors on the part of the residents and a long list of prospects [in spite of the restrictions for tenancy].) Right now, I'm borrowing the empty apartment for several of "the clan", giving everyone a bit of elbow room at night.

I may ask the new tenant if they wouldn't mind having a few of the guys staying over after s/he moves in (not for "Snake", though, because he always has at least one snake with him at all times, and not everyone is comfortable around live snakes.)

Oh, and we're preparing for the annual gorge-fest and Passover week. Some of the guys with a wicked sweet tooth have tried a rather new (to them) candy. I gave them a choice between Passover frogs and Passover locusts. Both are chocolate covered marshmallows in the shape of either frogs or locusts, and both are off my diet (luckily.) I'm going to have enough problems with other carb-rich food already, plus there's going to be special cakes that I'm baking in mini-muffin tins for easy snacks. The semi drivers will deliver our order Friday afternoon before the cutoff time, and the recent rabbi as well as his family are going to have their first seder here (he didn't believe that my "household" is so huge, so he's volunteered to be over with his family.) It's going to be fun...

Oops, gotta go. Kuma is on a rampage and three of my neighbors are running. Nova, I need you!

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The apartment manager, her underling and the entire maintenance crew owes the non-human/oid delegation a huge apology.

"Why?" you ask?

They found out that they were blaming the wrong group for a rather - displeasing - situation in the building. It has come to our attention that the plumbing doesn't function properly every so often, yet the non-human/oid delegation has been blamed for the distinct odor. The latest culprit of said odor was my bathroom/loo, and I'm still dealing with the fooking blockage!

Oh, and to make matters worse, my apartment's temperature was somewhere around 85° F.

I wish that I had the ability to get everyone in the offices to spend their time in such heat when they're trying to sleep, especially with the particular odors coming from the "facilities".

The snow spirits are going back to Antarctica (speaking of heat and misery.) If it wasn't for the fact that it's too cold, everyone would join them, including the :kitty: delegation. The rest of us provided them with care packages (food, beverage mixes that they can use if/when they desire, lightweight clothes, etc.) Several of them have already set up the communal "housing" for the rest as well as made arrangements with the scientists stationed nearby (gotta be good neighbors in such conditions, y'ken.) I'd like to send the people in the apartment office as well as the maintenance office down there to spend an Antarctic winter in truly inhospitable conditions...

Oops, gotta go Nova's informed me that Kuma's irate about something, but not what.

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Got out of class about an hour ago, and several guys had to stay behind (especially a certain "businessman" who shall remain Asami Ryuichi.)

"Why?" you ask?

He had an impromptu "conference" with the dance instructor due to his participation sans signing up for class plus he showed up all three of the "leads". I don't know what to do with him sometimes. :rolleyes: Perhaps he'll sign up for the fall semester class along with American tribal style belly dance...

The :kitty: delegation's been rather busy with several situations this week, the least being the political atmosphere. I can't wait until I can break out the yeast again (not sure if it's Friday night or Saturday [Caturday] night.) They are getting their shipment of Liver Lunch and Fishy Feast tomorrow (gotta keep the furred managers happy, y'know. :rolleyes:) If it's the driver that I think it will be, there's going to be :kitty: toys included in the shipment as well as a few dog toys (he doesn't bring Kuma or Koru toys because he's not sure what would be okay for them/withstand either a full-grown bear or a full-grown black panther having "a good old time"...) Then again, this driver is a favourite of both of them.

Oh, I have a personal request from several of "the clan" that have a prominent sweet tooth: Pop Tart ice cream sandwiches. *headdesk* They found out about them from an article online that Friendly's Ice Cream had developed this concoction (two frosted Pop Tarts, a slab of ice cream, and either crumbled up candy bars/mini chocolate chips or crushed cookies. :eek: ) Just the sound of it is bringing my blood sugar level up. I think I'll just make pasta or buttermilk waffles instead.

Oops, gotta go. A couple of kids were messing around and smacked right into Kirishima and Kazumi. Guys, over here, okay? You have :kitty:s waiting for you at home, especially Tigerlily. Nova, can you help me here, please?

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*stares at a bottle of pain reliever*

Oh, you caught me. We're almost halfway through with our week-long extravaganza/fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network that started Sunday and will continue through next Tuesday (command performance. :rolleyes: ) The snow spirits are camping out in the refrigerator trucks since the weather here isn't in their best interest (shocked a couple of police officers.) I had to remind the veterans of our fundraisers that one of the deejays won't be at the hospital due to budget cuts at the station, although I have a sneaking suspicion that several "businessmen" are going to give her an invitation that she won't be able to say no to (yakuza and triad...:rolleyes: ) I hope the new deejay won't freak out when she sees us.

"Beast" and "Snake" have caused a scene due to their constant companions (Betty the Tiger was the least of the trouble; "Snake" has roughly a dozen snakes...) A couple of the newer neighbors have already caused problems by activating their alarms repeatedly after encountering Emily. :eek: o_O At least "Snake" didn't have his entire pit with him at the time...

Several members of "the clan" are going to the Burlington Chocolate Festival (they wouldn't miss it unless there was some kind of unavoidable emergency.) I'm planning to celebrate the Festival here with sugar-free chocolate pudding ice pops, sugar-free chocolate candy and (perhaps) a small low-fat chocolate milk. Several of "the guys" are going to keep a very close eye on me as will the :kitty: delegation (I know them too well...)

Oops, gotta go. One of the new neighbors has set off the fire alarm. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The snow spirits are back in their "summer" home (Antarctica) and they're enjoying the cold more than the scientists there. :rolleyes: What's ironic is that they're going outside in fall-weight clothing in spite of the way-below-freezing temperatures (I know about this fact because they video conference call Daiba every day or every other day to keep up with things here.) They appreciate their supply drops by Wren and Nova, especially if said drops include items from the local farmers markets (it's difficult to grow food near the South Pole.)

Right now, the BBC world news is on and they're discussing the three incidents of gun violence within the past two weeks (the first was an aspiring singing star, the second was the mass murder in the Orlando club, and the last was a PM in Britain.) Everybody is sick and tired of this BS/MS/PhD, especially the shinigami. What's worse is the "Monday morning quarterbacks" throwing around their opinions on how to stop the slaughtering...

On a better note, everyone here is celebrating National :kitty: Month with the :kitty: delegation. The semi drivers from the pet supplies store have been quite busy making sure we get what we need, no matter what domesticated species we have (Kuma and Koru get specialized diets prescribed by both our vets and the local feline and ursine zoolologists here [they eat better than I do]!)...

Oops, gotta go. Koru is licking his chops and looking in the direction of a neighbor's dog. Nova! Need your help, stat!

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We had an interesting time last night, watching a free movie on the south side of Milwaukee (it was in Greendale, a suburb of Milwaukee.) A few drunks and several kids who should've been in bed at nine pm were the only problems we had (Yogi wants a Bob Minion stuffed toy, complete with his teddy bear as well as a Kevin Minion toy.) You can tell that the movie was Minions. Poor Komamura was harassed to no end due to his canine head (he's a member of a werewolf clan among the shinigami, one of the last...) so we had to figure out how to redirect his attention away from his antagonists before blood was spilled (none of it Komamura's.)

When the movie ended, we grabbed as many bags of popcorn as we could and some of "the clan" purchased bratwursts (half price) before we headed for public transportation. I took a short detour to a convenience store, picking up a couple packages of honey-roasted peanuts and a caffeine-free cola (some of us had to "powder our noses", so I picked up these items in exchange for the loo.) We ended up taking the last bus of the night leaving the south side because the previous bus pulled away just when we approached the stop. Yamamoto was rather upset with the situation, but we were able to restrain him (one doesn't :mad: a shinigami, especially the eldest one...) The driver of our bus was rather nice, chatting when she could because she's usually alone for most of her route late at night/early morning on a Sunday. Hanataro was sweet, innocently asking the driver several questions about her route and the like (I think he has a fan. ;))

Oops, gotta go. Several of "the guys" are reenacting scenes from Minions. Guys, knock it off! Do you know how late it is!? :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Just got back from the fireworks display, even though we left early. One thing that I despise is when the Fourth of July coincides with an election year, especially when some kind of "potent potable" and/or firearm is added to the mix. We ended up walking home (again) from our posts, missing at least half of the show. "Snake" and Daiba were lucky, staying home ("Snake" refuses to go anywhere without at least three of his snakes, and Daiba prefers to be in his personal "cave" along with his computer setup.)

We're going to listen to the Capitol Steps broadcast tomorrow, perhaps both times (they're a favourite among "the clan".) We have our snacks ready, including butterscotch pudding ice pops and cheesecake pudding pops. Kazumi will be doing the honors in doing his (in)famous fish boil, complete with the kerosene (he hates having to skim off the gunk that accumulates on top...) I'm baking several fresh Ranier cherry pies to go with his masterpiece, even though it's kinda off my diet (I'm not the only one eating. :) )

Gotta go. We have a long day ahead of us, plus a few neighbors are kicking up a fuss.

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Just finished signing up for a couple of classes to take the place of the ones that were cancelled (again!) It's gotten rather redundant imho. Perhaps we ought to just forget about going to school for a while... Perhaps I ought to look at the website for the Capitol Steps comedy troupe while I'm at it...

Several of "the guys" have been asking me about the riot roughly two weeks ago, but I don't know how to answer. They've seen the remnants of it, though, including the foundation of what used to be a petrol station/convenience store. It kinda caught some of them unawares just how bad/dangerous the situation was then, especially since there's a hospital not that far away from the BS/MS/PhD... The :kitty:s have been busy, circulating among the guys.

Oh, more of "the clan" has returned, coming from the pool (we still have privileges when there isn't a class in session or a swim meet.) Several have been stopped because of their fundoshi (picture a rather primitive Speedo or what sumo wrestlers wear under their robes, and you've got it.) They're telling me that I have to go due to the fact that I didn't bring my medication... Okay, okay. I'm gonna log out in a bit. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

Gotta go before several guys decide to "assist" me iykwim.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
We saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory yesterday for $5 each, and the guys want to go again today (same time, same place, same price.) "Joker" was funny with his attempts to replicate Gene Wilder's entrance as Willy Wonka, not quite landing it, much to the chagrin of everyone. He landed on Koru and on Betty (the felines had to be restrained, otherwise they would've torn him apart.)

We also got several new items for the :kitty: delegation, mostly Radio Flyer wagons (gotta borrow wrenches, hammers and pliers to put them together) as well as new litterboxes for those who just outgrew their previous ones. The :kitty:s with the new boxes were quite proud of themselves, not leaving them without "posing" iykwim.

Well, we got back a couple of hours ago from the theater (the driver was grateful for our presence due to a few jerks trying to cause trouble.) There was also a carload of chronological adults with infantile behaviors on our way to the movie. Unfortunately for the kids, they :mad: off several warriors who won't hold back when attacking whoever irritates them. Then, again, "Snake" added his sixpence in the form of six of his constant companions (snakes.)

Oops, gotta go. The :kitty: delegation demand food, especially Chii. Okay, okay. Fishy Feast coming up. :rolleyes:

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Met the new apartment manager "the hard way" (Kuma and Koru encountered her first, followed by Mamoru the swordsman and Snake.) She's a member of the Oneida (a tidbit of trivia that she volunteered.) The pest control company's beagle was terrified by Betty the Tiger as well as Kuma and Koru, rendering it practically useless.

Maes pulled out his photo of his daughter (he'd do that to anyone who is "within range") and practically pester any hapless stranger with her photo, while Roy Mustang lit a candle without a match or lighter (he does that to keep in practice.) The new manager was rather impressed by the colonel, then she met Asami, Fei Long, Yoh, Kirishima, Suoh, Takaba and Tao (yes, some of our yakuza and Triad members.) I cannot wait to see how she reacts to our "claymores" and the members of Karnival (like Hirato, Yogi and Jiki...) Then, again, there are the members of Peacock (an all-male talent agency) as well as members of several other talent agencies living with me...

I'm dreading next week Tuesday (the Presidential election along with several positions in Wisconsin government [including US senator from Wisconsin.) Everyone's avoiding me at the moment except the :kitty:s, and they're earning their Liver Lunch and Fishy Feast :kitty: food, especially Chii. Chii's been playing with the different pieces of political junk mail, really getting into the groove of things. One of "the clan" suggested that I take some time at a dojo and relieve my stress there (better than a shooting range in his humble opinion.) Might take him up on the offer...

Oops, gotta go. Snake's snakes are hunting a couple of neighbors' dogs. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Got back from my night class three of hours ago, along with several of the guys (water aerobics through the Milwaukee County Recreation Department) and the instructor was "floored" by my companions (I guess that he never saw fundoshi in real life before.)

The guys who joined me were rather concerned because, earlier today I weighed myself and I found out that I'm almost as heavy as I was when I originally joined the clinic [211.6 lbs.].) I have to be careful or I'll be right back on Metformin or on insulin. When Kazumi heard that, he asked his employer if he could be "assigned" temporary security detail (I guess that I'm less trouble than "The Brat"/Takaba Akihito...) The rest of "the clan" went to the campus swimming pool for some relaxation (needed to because of the election results {they don't like the president-elect, and they like the Wisconsin senator even less}.)

I have my dance class with Asami, Takaba, and a few other guys, plus we're going to be planning what we're bringing to the potluck next Wednesday (I think I'll use one of the red wagons to transport our goods since it'll be easier.) I'm thinking of bringing a vegetarian "turkey" roast as well as curried pumpkin soup and riced cauliflower (yeah, ambitious...)

Oops, gotta go. A couple of big :kitty:s, a bear and several small :kitty:s are looking at me in that particular way, if y'ken my meaning. Okay, okay. I'm going. :rolleyes:

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Everyone just woke up, and I had to reason with them (they're rather :mad: off.)

"Why?" you ask?

Someone pulled another false alarm midnight and we didn't get back in until roughly four in the morning, the alarm still going off. None of us were awake when a maintenance person finally turned it off, and Emily Dickinson the Snake (one of "Snake"'s serpentine companions) had somehow slithered to the basement (apparently the person screamed when encountering her, there was a scream that rivaled scream queens. Luckily, it was only Emily...

Oops, I'm getting a glare from everyone, therefore I'm going back to bed.

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Been hosting more "guests" since early January (surprised no one "heard" my scream-heard-throughout-the-multiverse.) Kuma just turned over since he's currently hibernating (being a bear and all...) They originally "landed" in one of the other tenant's apartment, but the neighbor "decided" for me that I still had enough space for several more people. :rolleyes: Prompto, Noctis and Gladiolus pretty much helped Ignis (so much for the so-called "Christian charity" espoused by said neighbor... :rolleyes: ) navigate the area due to Ignis being "visually impaired" (I have a sneaking suspicion that Igawa's going to make him a special pair of glasses that are like Mamoru the Swordsman's: i.e, they utilize sonics to give a "picture" of the wearer's surroundings.

Old Cid and his granddaughter, Cindy, were thoroughly engrossed by the wanzers, making their pilots a tad nervous (you would be, too, if a couple of strangers investigated your vehicle, correct?) Wren volunteered to be Ignis's mode of transportation since he doesn't require an actual driver/pilot who can see. Both Noctis and Prompto were green with envy, but I think that they'll be moreso after they see the "autopilot" features...

Our "talent" have been covering a couple songs, one that they're making into a subtle protest song:

The Chicago song's getting the "tweak" while the Queen song's remaining unchanged (deference to the group, whom "the clan" veterans enjoy immensely.) They might even just use the Queen tunes they know just for practice (my guys defer to the original performers/writers whenever possible, unlike politicians on both sides iykwim. :rolleyes: ) They're kinda like "Weird Al" Yankovic in that way (I'm proud of them for that. :D)

Oops, gotta go. I have to work on an exfabula story, and three of the yakuza want me in bed right now. Okay, okay I'm going. Sheesh.

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Hey, Ignis. Are you busy? Why? Um, tomorrow is Pie Day, and I kinda need help with making enough pies to feed everyone. It doesn't require perfect eyesight... You'll help? Thanks.

Oh, you caught me getting ready for National Pie Day. :oops: The only requirement for celebrating is eating a slice of pie (easy, eh?) The reason that I asked Ignis to help me is that he was kinda moping because he's "visually-impaired" (the fact of his "deficit" was that he stepped on several d4s while barefoot didn't help his confidence.) I think that I'll introduce him to the special clowder; perhaps one of the :kitty:s will adopt him. :)

Prompto just informed me that there was a rather disturbing item broadcasted on the news (a library in Mosul was burned to the ground, destroying several irreplaceable manuscripts and books reduced to ashes.) He couldn't understand why my language became rather colourful (how does one explain to an outsider the significance of such loss?) I hope that I have the ability and the imagination to let everyone in "the clan" can comprehend the loss...

I've got another Simon's Cat video up, and almost everyone is laughing (the only ones not laughing are the snow spirits, and they just want to go outside sans winter outerwear [:confused: snow spirits].) I'm serving chai, hot cocoa and mulled cider and I'm hearing in the background a rather familiar mantra ("That's it! I've come up with a new recipe!") I hope Ignis will accept assistance from several other members of "the clan", especially Kirishima, Kazumi, Alberto Valentiano, and the youngsters when the kids get home from after school activities.

Oops, gotta go. Having trouble with several neighbors, especially a couple of males who dislike anyone who happen to be different in any way. "Beast", "Snake", Nova, you know the drill. :rolleyes:

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We went to a Catholic military funeral yesterday (at least those of us who could fit in the venue, which meant less than ten percent of us.) I felt sorry for Komamura, "Beast", "Snake" and so many others who are/have nonhuman/oid because they weren't allowed to enter, plus everyone had to leave their weapons behind (that little "addendum" took the claymores out of the proverbial picture since they refuse to go into certain neighborhoods without their swords and the shinigami cannot go anywhere without their weapons.) The newest members of "the clan" had a touch of difficulty during the twenty-one gun salute, especially Prompto (he's the firearms "expert" of the group) plus they were on the receiving end of live fire in their UoD (Universe of Discourse) but it was easier for us than the deceased person's grandson (after the first volley, he couldn't hold back the tears.)

One of the mourners asked me why I didn't genuflect (I believe that's the proper term for making the sign of the cross...) and I told her that I'm Jewish. The priest in charge of the funeral then understood what I recited under my breath at the casket (the Shema, which is a rather important prayer in Judaism.) I would've recited Mourners Kaddish, but I couldn't remember it at the spur of the moment (*shrug*) plus Shema takes less time (not holding up the line.) :oops: I might send the widow a link to the prayer later next week if I can remember to do so...

We ran into a few problems on our way home (a couple of o_O and several drunks.) Mamoru the Swordsman wanted to do some "interesting" things with his sword cane, but I believe that those things would go against the Geneva Convention... We ended up going into a couple of local shops, picking up some catnip for the :kitty: delegation as well as a few ingredients for colcannon (potatoes, cabbage and evaporated milk) which we didn't have. We walked the rest of the way home (not that far, but plenty of bars. :rolleyes: )

Oops, gotta go. A toy dog (the size, not that it's the kind one gets from a toy store) is pestering both Betty the Tiger and Koru the Panther. I believe Emily Dickinson the Snake is about to get into the "game". "Beast"! "Snake"! Nova! You guys know the drill!

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April 10

The guys are finishing the annual "pig out", readying for Passover (Ignis helped as much as he could with the cooking, partnered with both Kirishima and Prompto, three :kitty:s keeping an eye on them.) Several pounds of chocolate transformed roasted chestnuts into a decadent treat (a layer of chestnut-and-milk-chocolate sandwiched between two layers of semisweet chocolate, sprinkled with crispy rice cereal.) We're introducing the newbies to matzo pizza as well as zucchini latice lasagna (the zucchini is used in place of both pasta and matzos [great for those who have celiac disease!].)

We're now on "the Passover diet" until next week (except for the nonhuman/oid delegation.) The nonhuman/oid delegation is exempt because it would be cruel to force them to follow a diet that isn't part of their normal routine, especially when it's not for an extended period of time. Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus have been helping the vets with new kittens that have appeared in the clowder (some a$$hat just dumped them) while several "veterans" are looking for the perpetrator/s. Let's just say that I do not want to be in that person's/those people's shoes. Trust me.

April 12

Ignis is a real help, learning several Passover recipes and "tampering" with some of them as well (a resounding "That's it, I've come up with a new recipe!" echoing through the apartment every time he does.) Gladiolus and Prompto are washing the quinoa (they learned the hard way that, when I threaten to have them eat Orihime's cooking, expect to regret any and all "errors in judgment", both in speech and in action [perhaps in thought as well!].) Ignis has made it his mission to teach her cooking in spite of his "lack of eyesight". Let's just say that I wish him well (as do the majority of "the clan"!)

Oops, Orihime has just presented Ignis with her latest "experiment" and the gentleman looks a tad green around the gills, so I gotta go. Orihime, Gladiolus would like a Passover Cup Noodle, plain with chicken breast Can you do that? Thanks.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine