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The complex is getting new apartment front door handles (ours was the last one of the day) and the poor maintenance guy came face-to-face with a myriad of weapons, mostly some type of sword, with a gun or a different bladed weapon mixed into the fray. I didn't have the heart to tell him that one of the swordsmen and the gentleman wielding a matching pair of daggers are both blind... Ignis is learning how to use his daggers without sight courtesy of Mamoru the Swordsman.

Prompto and Takaba have been chatting about cameras and other aspects of photography (Prompto watched Takaba develop photos from the Children's Miracle Network "block party" Memorial Day weekend, really interested in the photos of him dancing to different "acts" [especially the Backstreet Boys' song Larger than Life. :D].) The "newbie" still dances to it when it plays (in fact, he has it on his mp3 player. :rolleyes: ) For those unfamiliar with the song:

Ignis, Kazumi, Kirishima and Alberto Valentiano have been exchanging recipes, Kazumi repeatedly warning Ignis to step back a few feet when there's a fish boil (kerosene causes a rather nice fire iykwim, and nobody wants to cause unnecessary injury.) Ignis was shocked when he first smelled the "mystery ingredient", unsure whether or not it was added to the food (it smells too much like the stuff one puts in the fuel tank, and the youngest member of the quartet didn't want to poison his friends, especially his king!)

The newest group met Kuma the Bear, Koru the Panther and Betty the Tiger (they already met "Snake"'s snakes, so that was one less thing to worry about.) Ignis found out that both Kuma and Koru are willing "guide" animals as well as guardians/defenders (they were also in the apartment when the handle was replaced.*)

Oops, gotta go. We're having a rather long day and Shigure is ready to throw a few of her shuriken to get my attention. Okay, okay. I'm going. Sheesh.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

* - I think the maintenance guy had to change his "tightie-whities" after that, iykwim
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Prompto's been talking with Wren about his "little secret": Wren can transform into a helicopter (Prompto already knew about a couple of Wren's other transformations [the Jetski and the submarine], but not the helicopter, the spacecraft and a couple of other transformations that I haven't seen myself.) The bus driver asked me why I filled out Ignis's information (it's difficult for someone without sight to fill out any kind of paperwork with either a pen or pencil.) I told him that I had Ignis's permission to do it and access his phone if required.

Wednesday, I contacted Wren and asked him if he'd take Ignis, Prompto, Asami, Kirishima and Kazumi to their respective appointments due to the accident (I was late, but the therapist took me anyway because I let her know why I was late [unlike several of her other clients].) Wren made a beeline for the clinic, landing in the petrol/gas station's lot, picking up some stuff for the return trip plus he treated himself to a trip through the car wash. Ignis later told Wren about the Regalia, the vehicle that was the preferred long-distance travel method where he was from (otherwise, it was either walking or renting chocobos.) Ignis, Prompto, Noctis and Gladiolus seem to miss "her", as does Cid and Cindy, but Wren has volunteered his "services" if needed (especially if Noctis wants to go fishing or if Ignis wanted to go on a tour of different diners/restaurants around the world.)

Prompto and several others went to a firing range for some practice/to let off some steam while Wren went to his favourite range (gotta keep the artillery in working order) before he picked up a few video discs (one was My Neighbor Totoro and another was Howl's Moving Castle.) We're going to make a day of it, cooking, baking, borrowing the community room's television, etc. tomorrow for the marathon.

Oops, gotta go. Koru and Betty look like they want to "play" with one of my neighbors. :rolleyes: Nova, Wren, you know the drill.

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Everyone's getting ready for next Tuesday's fish boil (we do that instead of either a barbecue or a fish fry.) Ignis and Roy are discussing cherry flambes, with the pyro-alchemist doing the "honors" of lighting the desserts (it's dangerous otherwise.)

Aranea was funny earlier today (one of my neighbors was being a bit of a jerk, and the dragoon put him in his place, both figuratively and literally.) Last I heard, the neighbor was dangling from the Allen-Bradley clock tower by his belt... Aranea doesn't enjoy the same type of humor and she's not afraid of doing something about a$$es who refuse to listen to reasonable requests (like "Please shut up," and "There are children in the area,") I wonder if said neighbor is off the steeple yet and if he's learned his lesson.

Everyone went to the pool (the new guys got brand-new suits since they didn't arrive with any.) From what I've heard from Wren, there was quite a bit of harassment (Aranea left her spear behind, which was a good-for-something thing since I don't think she'd hold back in giving some kid a new hole [iykwim].) Gladiolus left his great sword behind as well, but his tattoos and scars might give fair warning to anyone to back off. It's a shame Prompto's "tattoo" is a bar code (it's across the back of his right wrist) because he's quite timid about it and he'd rather hide it under some kind of wristband.

Takaba found a few more cameras that he's confiscated (giving Prompto three of them with the blessing of the PtBs on campus.) From what I understand, the young man's face lit up at the unexpected presents (he's going to use them tonight during the fireworks display.) Several of the "veterans" as well as a couple of his companions suggested that he leave his :kitty: "therapist" behind since she cannot wear hearing protection, complicated by all of the people.

Nai's wearing his hearing protection (it's a newer model than his previous ones [he outgrew those], and he gave the older ones to Belinda.) Hirato showed the "newbies" an illustration of what Nai's original form was, throwing almost every one of them for a loop, especially Prompto (he's a "genetically-modified" being himself.) The members of "second ship" treated the newbies to their own hearing protection (Prompto's in Eva's "bad book", which is why he's partnered with Yogi and Nai for the time being [he was staring at her pendant, iykwim...].) He also ended up in a rousing game of volleyball (he was the ball and the sheep were the ones keeping him in the air the entire time.) Good thing that he didn't eat or drink anything beforehand. Gladiolus spent a little time being juggled, too.

Oops, gotta go. A couple of the neighbors are causing trouble with both Aranea and Nova. Aranea, please put him down gently. He is frailer than old Cid, y'know.

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Prompto's got a :kitty: cap! His name is Firestorm, and he's a gorgeous ginger tabby with dark copper with a ring of green eyes. Both Noctis and Gladiolus were laughing at the poor firearms expert until they found themselves on the receiving end of a major slash attack (it was followed by an "intact tomcat" spritz [adding insult to injury].) I have a sneaking suspicion that the victims won't like what Firestorm's gonna leave in their shoes tonight iykwim.

Ignis traded a couple of recipes with someone he met on campus (I don't know what he gave her, but he's the proud recipient of a recipe for Buttermilk Soup and a recipe for Chocolate Gravy.) He made the soup last night and the gravy this morning [we served it instead of syrup over buttermilk biscuits].) He was beaming with pride at his accomplishments, marking the pages for easy access. Heck, even Gladiolus said both recipes were better than cup noodles (a rarity, from what I understand...) I can't wait to give Ignis a recipe for buttermilk ice cream (he's never made any type of ice cream before, and he heard that I have an electric ice cream freezer. :) )

Oops, gotta go. One of the "clan" says that there is a possible addition to the already crowded accommodations... *scream*

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Narazaki and Gladiolus are camping out with the reenactors (Holiday Folk Fair time again) and everyone's bought their tickets for the weekend. I cannot wait for the newbies to connect with/the "veterans" to reconnect with the participants at the fair [cries of "Fry Bread!" resounding throughout the venue, anyone?] along with several other things that friends/"friends" do.

We're getting some plumbing work done tomorrow (everyone in the complex is getting it done.) Hopefully it'll get done before I go to my new OB/Gyn doctor's appointment. :rolleyes: Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion that won't happen (with my luck.) I have my little warning sign posted so they won't "accidentally" rouse Kuma (don't want to encounter the ramifications of that blunder iykwim. :eek: )

Oops, gotta go now. I've been given the signal that I have a busy day tomorrow, plus several of "the clan" have questions about this year's Folk Fair that I have to answer. Yes, "Joker", you can bring home food from the Fair. The only items restricted are the alcoholic beverages due to the PtBs. You can tell whomever that I said so.

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Some of "the clan" couldn't sleep through a couple of domestic disturbances, so I sang along with a nice ballad (I hate several of my neighbors!)

"Which ballad?" you ask?

This one:

Prompto was sweet while he listened, his blue eyes getting a tad misty (he's a tad transparent in his emotions when he thinks that nobody's gonna notice.) Firestorm wrapped his paws around Prompto's neck and started grooming him, the young man unconsciously scritching the tom:kitty: between the ears (the purrs were quite audible imho.)

Kuma and Koru are hibernating and the snow spirits are back in Milwaukee (I had to introduce the newbies to the snow spirits [the snow spirits gravitated to Gentiana for some reason...].) The police had a bit of a chat with the spirits about them going around without winter coats (I had to explain to them that the snow spirits are more comfortable without winter clothes due to their natures. :rolleyes: Someday I'll get through an entire winter without having a visit from the men in blue.

We got several :kitty:condos and :kitty: trees, plus we're getting a brand-new dinette set (spending down is fun! :rolleyes: ) We went :confused: on our "sprees" because we were over by roughly a grand each (some more, some less.) One of the other clients asked each of us to "borrow him" some money (several of "the clan" told him that he could have the same situation as us if he didn't spend so much on stuff that he didn't really need, like three slices of either cake or pie with a side of ice cream for each slice. :rolleyes: ) The jerk won't listen to reason, though.

Oh, Gladiolus asked about a BBC anchor a tad earlier today. "Why is that guy drunk on the job?" I told him that the anchor's not drunk; he's having a diabetic hypoglycemic emergency on the air. That's the problem with Type I (or Type II if the person's on insulin.) The "big guy" just shook his head, not understanding exactly what I said. I don't mind because not everyone needs to know the intricacies of different medical conditions.

Oops, gotta go. Aranea is looking at me as are several of the claymores...

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I gave several members of "the clan" a lecture that they won't soon forget!

"Why?" you ask?

There's only a handful of members that can go outside right now without a coat on, and they're fooking snow spirits. If we reach 10°F today, we'll be fooking lucky. I put Prompto's Arcticwear right where he can't miss it, and Gladiolus found out why without leaving the apartment (I had him place a hand on one of the windows [showing is easier than telling in some cases].) The poor swordmaster has learned the hard way to heed my warnings...

A couple of the neighbors found out the hard way not to harass any of the :kitty:s or dogs (having battle-hardened veterans give someone a "what-for" can put a damper on one's day and/or celebrations real quick.) One of the neighbors tried to kick Dog (he avoided it) and found several shuriken embedded in the wall less than an inch from their head (Shigure deliberately missed her target; otherwise it would've left a stain.) Aranea would've hung said neighbor on the nearest lighthouse by the belt, but I was able to talk her out of it (it's too fooking cold for those shenanigans iykwim.)

Oh, and we're having a "luck feast" with fish, hopping john, soba noodles, Brussels sprouts, homemade mooncakes and other things from each of the different cultures represented in our little "community". Ignis is making three different things from the different recipes that he's traded (including the Navajo fry bread.) He's got a couple of volunteer assistants helping him out here (neither one is Noctis.) I'm going to teach him how to make a Dutch cookie (stroopwafels) as well as homemade ice cream without his sight. The nonhumanoid delegations are enjoying their own feasts (Fishy Feast for the :kitty:s, don't know what the canines are going to have.) The delivery driver got a thermos of Kenny Crow(tm) soup or Kenny Crow(tm) coffee (I'm not sure which) to tie him over until he gets back to the warehouse.

Oops, gotta go. Another drunk is causing trouble with a couple of the snow spirits. Okay guys, you know the drill. :rolleyes:

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Most of "the clan" is inside (StevePame might understand why since he lives in/near Chicago and we're across the border in Milwaukee.) The only ones outside are Gentiana and the snow spirits. We've set up the coffeemakers for the "morning rush", some for coffee, some for tea and others for heating up water for cocoa or hot cider.

The Kenny Crow mascot kowtowed, asking me if he could borrow a coffeemaker or two to brew some of his franchise's blend, bending nearly into thirds. He was ecstatic when I let him use five of them. I let him know that I might want to "borrow" some of his coffee to make several chocolate desserts and some double chocolate waffles to go with the hot beverages. I'm introducing both Monica and the mascot to stuff from this world-of-discourse (including "the clan"'s form of barter since we have several languages [not including the dialects] going on pretty much all the time.) Monica was interested in kasha as well as chorizo tacos, while the mascot was interested in vegetarian gumbo, complete with vegetarian chicken and vegetarian andouille sausage as well as vegetarian Hungarian goulash. I let them know that the recipes don't have to be made vegetarian, just inside my apartment. It is a pleasure teaching competent students how to expand their culinary horizons (unlike Orihime...)

Oops, gotta go. Another peanut butter and jelly ham has graced the complex...

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Today, there is no snow on the ground and I won’t have to spend 6 hours shoveling out my car. Best Saturday ever!
We're celebrating Chinese New Year (Feilong kinda "demands" it) with copious amounts of traditional Chinese dishes and fresh long noodles. Tao got a red envelope filled with several dollars (from Feilong) and everyone was treated to a dragon dance by several members of the Chinese Student Organization on campus (the "clan" was invited to the Chinese New Year celebration on campus, and the majority of them accepted without a second thought.)

Some of the guys have been watching the Olympics (a couple of the doctors saw the accident that broke the one snowboarder's fifth vertebra.) Nobody's interested in the competitions; just the humanizing aspects of the athletes (except for some of the shenanigans that can/are considered criminal [like the former gymnastics doctor that was about to be killed during his sentencing hearing by one of the fathers].) Gladiolus asked me why one of the American athletes refused to meet with our president if/when she won, yet said that she was representing the United States. Pretty much everyone who had been following the political scene looked at the swordmaster as if he had grown three extra heads.

Oops, gotta go. The :kitty:s are looking at me, and Frost Wind looks like she might summon Shigure (just when I had the holes from the shuriken patched, too!)

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Everyone's noshing on hamentashen (Ignis asked for a "receipt" for the filled cookies, his pen poised over a page in his notebook.) We've been eating the cookies since February 30th (Purim) and Noctis seems to enjoy the poppy seed, the apricot and the cherry cookies (which is why his friend wants the "receipt", I guess...) Prompto has been grabbing several cookies whenever he goes for "one" (not that I mind, but they aren't exactly "diet-friendly" iykwim.) I hope he remembers where he's stashed them before they go stale or attract unwanted critters...

The apartment's going to be inspected next week ( :rolleyes: ) on top of three doctors' appointments and a possible demonstration of belly dancing along with several other students/"volunteers" (it's a Sports and Recreation exhibition, hoping to get more students interested in the classes since they're pretty much electives instead of required for graduation.) I hope that Asami turns down his "heat" (don't want to cause problems with the audience...)

We got a thank you from the Children's Miracle Network (we participated in the school's dance marathon in several "offices".) Kenny Crow, Nyanperona and a couple other mascots joined UWM's mascot and "the clan"'s security force worked security detail (Gladiolus was paired with Shigure, and he had to wash his "tighty-whities" after witnessing Shigure in action [we're paying for the repairs caused by her preferred weapons {multiple holes during an attempted robbery; the robber tried to escape but was stopped by several very dangerous weapons before the big guy's great sword could be drawn}].) Monica helped cook for and serve the dancers (a few in the campus kitchen asked for her recipes which she was willing to share) and our medical staff buffered the official medical personnel. Then everyone threw together a week-long block party/fundraiser, showing our "newbies" how we do it. Cid and Cor were set up as security detail for Belinda (she worked one of the ticket booths.) Her mother explained to them why she's in a wheelchair, which caused the two men to "see red" (especially Cid.) Cid's granddaughter Cindy told me that she hadn't seen him work so hard for anything not related to King Regis or Noctis ever. The "old man" presented Belinda with a custom-made wheelchair, including a place that only Belinda and her parents can access and four different vehicular modes that only she can access.

Oops, gotta go. Gonna be real busy today...

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I apologize for the song but several of "the clan" wanted to listen to it (they really like the song, especially the magically inclined.) It takes everyone's mind off of politics.

Cid and Belinda went out today to do a "test run" on her new wheelchair, Cid taking mental notes of her suggested improvements (her dad was quite grateful for the new "grandfather" iykwim.) A few neighbors complained that she shouldn't have any special equipment that they either couldn't or didn't have themselves. Cid responded that he can take apart anything with wheels as well as put them together, and if they don't leave her alone, he just might take their wheelchairs apart and forget how to reassemble them (he's ornery enough to do just that, too!)

We found out what the next movie night presentation is: Mamma Mia. Not sure if we'll go or not (not as big on ABBA...)

Oops, gotta go. Stupid neighbor's revving up his auto right outside my bedroom window...

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Belinda went shopping with someone new last Friday night: Ignis. He held onto her "wheel"chair and she guided him through the store. Before you ask, Belinda had an excused absence (doctor,) so she was allowed in the store (pharmacy) with adult supervision (Ignis.) Unfortunately, there was a bit of trouble from what I understand (Belinda was being harassed by someone [he blocked her way repeatedly].) Ignis finally put his foot down, telling his guide to drive right over the offender's foot.

Later on we went to the movie in the community room (stayed only forty minutes before leaving.) The feature was Mamma Mia, and the guys from the different talent agencies couldn't leave fast enough (it was that bad in their opinions [and I agree].) The main complaint was that the writing was disjointed and the majority of the actors mostly couldn't sing worth a d@mn. We ended up watching Cats (might watch Les Miserables concert [10th Anniversary "Dream Cast"] next Thursday instead of the Hugh Jackman movie version.) I wish that the guy "in charge" of the movie choices would look at whether a movie has legitimate talent instead of 'this actor/actress was good in X, therefore s/he must be good in Y' (not necessarily so, as everyone here can attest to.) Before you ask, the guy uses the local library to get the movies. He cannot understand why I prefer the stuff that I watch, especially when I don't even have a television (even considers me a snob.) Someday he'll learn (I hope.)

We're making plans for the pre-Passover gorge fest (can't believe that it's a little over a week away.) The "old timers" are bringing the "newbies" up-to-date on everything associated with the week, including the restrictions. The "newbies" are lucky to avoid the one church that had everyone wear bunny ears, including the security detail (they still remember Kazumi, Kirishima and Asami from that one year...) Alberto Valentiano is going to a new church for Easter Mass (the other one is too far now, plus there was an unexpected turnover to a new priest and they don't see eye-to-eye on several things.) Alberto's made arrangements to store his Easter stuff with someone until after Passover (he trusts her implicitly to leave his stuff alone in her freezer.)

Oops, gotta go. One of the neighbors is pestering Gladiolus, and it looks like there might be bloodshed. Nova, some assistance please...

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Kuma and Koru were out and about today, guiding both Mamoru the Swordsman and Ignis. It was rather amusing watching the normally "aggressive" dogs in and around the complex suddenly find themselves on the short end of the proverbial stick. :eek:

Ignis decided to visit the beagle that was used to check for bedbugs (one of the resident dogs attacked the poor bitch [legitimate female dog] without provocation, and the resident pitched a fit when her dog ended up getting reprimanded by Ryouto and Roy Mustang.) I wonder if/when the resident's going to learn to keep her mutt under control, especially if the other person/animal is doing their job. :rolleyes:

The "clan" is also gearing up for another "block party", starting tomorrow and lasting throughout the Memorial Day weekend. The semis have delivered everything to cook/eat/sell/etc. plus everyone's gotten their assignments. Suoh's happy that his order is "to spec", especially the kerosene (I swear he's a pyro. [:rolleyes:]) We're also including several Harley riders who are "casing the joint" for the upcoming anniversary ride (nobody minds within the "clan" or among the riders; the Harley guys just have to stand back.)

The :kitty:s are submitting to a nice dose of olive oil in their coats (preventing hairballs is a must! [green:p]) Several have already disgorged a few "spectacular" specimens of hairballs in the apartment; we don't need any more iykwim... Some of the :kitty's are going to participate in the fundraiser, and they require a nice pelt in their opinions. The usual driver from the pet store dropped off his delivery and played a bit with the divas before going back to the warehouse.

Oops, gotta go. An idjit neighbor decided to tease Kuma. Ryouto, your blowgun, please...

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A week ago last Friday was interesting, to say the least.

"Why?" you ask?

The "clan" attended a conference/performance that had a couple of performers that reminded me of several people here (one of them made me wonder what poh would've said/thought [the woman performed what she jokingly called a hula, but it was a "hula" iykwim].) I was grateful that everyone left their weapons at home, especially Ryouto (a blow gun could put a damper on someone's day rather quickly.)

We have several new members ranging from mages and ghosts to yoma and oni. Oh, and there's a "regular" person in the group, too (lucky me.) At least there aren't any vampires (there are enough to deal with right now!) One of my neighbors made the mistake of grabbing the "regular" guy (he threw him rather nicely, caught the entire incident on security cameras. *evil:D*)

We had an excursion Thursday to the south side, but it was for a good-for-something reason (StevePame might agree.) A local (to me) television station teamed up with the local (to me) radio station for a "fill the bus" fundraiser/suppliesraiser for school supplies. We brought pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, erasers, crayons, backpacks, art supplies and several other items that are rather useful for almost any student. The people from the radio station were taken aback from the endless stream of stuff coming from an equally endless stream of people in my "party". When we told them we came from the northeast side of town, one laughed (we were the "second person" from the north side they had.) Afterwards, we went and picked up some stuff from the store while we were "in the neighborhood" (Kirishima made sure that I picked up something to eat that was on my diet, ready to give me something to think about if I didn't) before heading home.

A group of kids on the bus home made fun of us, soon regretting it (nobody makes Kuri cry around his "family"; it's bad for one's health iykwim.) It took several transit police to get everything under control (Kuri and Shiro had one officer thoroughly wrapped around their fingers/paws, making said officer their servant.)

One of the kids picked a fight with Fukase, wanting a one-on-one (unfortunately for him, Fukase's always primed for a brawl, preferring to let his bare fists do the talking.) I'm not sure when the kid is getting discharged (the adult is rather, um, "passionate", even for an artist...) Since the kid had a switchblade on the bus, Fukase isn't being charged for assault (lucky him.) Oh, and the kids were "frequent flyers" to "Milwaukee's finest" (the officers knew each of them by their first names.)

Oops, gotta go. Both Shiro and Cigar (Cigar's Fukase's wolf [I swear that dog isn't a dog]) are looking at me right now, with Kuma and Koru right behind them as backup.

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We just got back roughly at 4 pm from a mandatory community meeting (yeah, excitement.) Snake brought three of his snakes, scaring the living bejeebers out several residents and a few staff ("Emily", named after Emily Dickinson, thoroughly enjoyed herself at their expense [sadist].) One of the female residents actually fainted when she encountered Emily, and I could swear that snake smirked.

Then there were the oni...

Anyway, the snow spirits and Gentiana are planning to spend the overnight hours outside (winter weather advisory. :rolleyes: ) The last that I heard is that we're expecting between 6" and 10" of the four-letter word that causes more four-letter words. Belinda's "wheel"chair has its snowtracks on (courtesy of Cid) making it easier for her to get where she wants. Several of the wheelchair bound residents are still kvetching about her chair, and Cid has taken their chairs apart (he warned them!)

The :kitty: delegation has increased due to a feral colony escaping the weather. One of the kittens has attached to Chii, much almost everyone's chagrin. Almost everyone in the human/oid delegation took a turn in the feeding line along with the "sandbox duty" line (our "guests" deserve just as much respect as the "residents" imho.)

Oops, gotta go. Don't know if classes are going to be canceled due to weather, and several of "the clan" are letting me know that it's late. Yeah, yeah. I'm going, I'm going. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

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My favorite thing to imagine of myself is just laying somewhere, maybe face down so I could be anywhere, but in sand or just dry earth sort of baking in light and warmth and no wind, just laying there, dead seeming, doing nothing and with nothing to be done.

That for me is a really satisfying fictional event for me or my character. It might even make a good screensaver ir wallpaper or something.

It could just last, and what I love about it is that there is just nothing to do and I'm warm, and I'm in light but not irritated by it, its just sort of dry baking me.

I could be naked in it, but this time I'm imagining myself wearing some sort of wraps or rags or something.

I like that the shape of my body, my face, nothing is a concern, because of the position I'm in and no one around.

The problem with it would be that in reality this activity might be dangerous and can't be as lasting perhaps, but as a fantasy I could just stay there forever without consequences.

I also like, pethaps similarly to the aforementioned fantasy, shutting my eyes, and its the same blackness as it would be anywhere, and I could be in heaven or elsewhere or anywhere and its the same eye lids or darkness if my eyes were shut anywhere.
Give me that same position, but on a massage table...

Haha yeah, I love that convenient hole the face rests in for breathing out of, thats one of the issues sometimes with that position for me otherwise. I had considered getting a massage table for this small apartment once but now there really appears to be practically no space at all left.