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Forums like CR can be a bit like newspapers; every day you read "today’s edition" (if you’re really sad) to keep up to date with developments and current stories. Which is all well and good but what about all the stuff in the back issues that has been left behind or you may never have seen? There may be some real gems or howlers in there!!! Surely old threads can be exhumed? Or is that reborn? Reincarnated? Resurrected?

Anyway, to provide a bit of motivation to go a-rummaging, how about a game? (come on, show some enthusiasm at the back).

All you have to do is identify the Thread and Post Number based on the Clue provided (which must include the Forum name). The winner then gets to set the next Clue (and a box of e-chocolates).

(thinks: this is going to die a death)…..

OK, here’s the first Clue:

Name the Thread and Post Number in Eastern Thought which consists solely of the word “Bollocks”

Get digging!:) :confused: :D

Ghosts of threads past! Eek! (Like I don't have enough stuff to apologize for on a daily basis!) :D

Play on....

Name the Thread and Post Number in Eastern Thought which consists solely of the word “Bollocks”Types of Buddhism #41,

Get digging!:) :confused: :D

The search capability sufficiently effecient for that one. I've responded in your post, but am not ready to officially respond as I am not ready to drop the next clue as of yet....

I wanted an easy one to "get it going"...

And while you concoct something a little more fiendish....

Ghosts of threads past! Eek! (Like I don't have enough stuff to apologize for on a daily basis!) :D

Play on....



"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?"

- Mr. Bennett, in "Pride and Prejudice" (Jane Austen).

Ok, uncle...I'm not much at games, I have to take the easy ones...

But I'm offering a clue that could be useless...I'd hazard a guess that post is from In Love or Phyllis....there he goes out on a limb...
Nope, not me--not this one, wil--I was just anticipating what might come up eventually! :D

Snoopy--yep. I gotta be willing to laugh at my own words.

"Changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes,
Nothing remains quite the same--
With all of our running and all of our cunning
If we couldn't laugh, we might all go insane."

(Jimmy Buffett)

Yep, I'm fully expecting to be hoisted by my own petard.


Bananabrain if I'm not mistaken. It cracked me up when I read it. But I don't have the time to go diggin' for specifics...besides the devil's in the details.

Bananabrain if I'm not mistaken. ;)

No actually, the poster I had in mind was zenmonk genryu (it was in bold, too!). Unless Bananabrain has done exactly the same?* (I think it would have to go down as a minor transgression of Right Speech). Wil has got the baton now, as he was the first to identify the thread and post number (not the darkest of font colours though); so now we’re waiting for wil…

*By using the search facility in this way one discovers that there has been a lot more bollocks posted on this forum than one might have expected. Or maybe not?

Hold it, I don't have the baton...I left it there...I've been searchin for that box o chocolates, Tom Hanks hasn't even helped me out...
What--oh, looking for this?

P picks up baton out of dumpster where wil "dropped" it.
P flips baton in the air... it's headin' wil's way!
In the space between the toss and response, P lunges for a chocolate, pushing Tom Hanks out of the way in the process.

Haha!! Suckers!

Chomping, smacking sounds, greedy greedy sounds of chocolate smacking... delicious chocolate

Oooooooooh, coconut inside!!
Alright I'll pickup the baton before yall make a complete mess of it.

Not to old but a thread worth igniting...

Don't just give us the name and post # give us a link to the post that provides a graphic comparison between man and the temple in Jerusalem...
Re: Play The NEW CR Game!!!

If I’ve suggested a game that’s too difficult maybe it should be amended a little to be the CR Version of Calvinball!
If this is new to you (Calvin & Hobbes) then this link will give you a feel for the general ethos of it all (basically it’s anarchy!)

Wonderful World of Calvin and Hobbes - Calvinball Rules

Essentially this means a free for all thread, only distantly related to a rules based game. So by default nothing can be off topic! It’s obviously not difficult therefore, you’re only limited by your imagination and idiocy.

Wil, you’ve got the baton but you’ve run into the anti-time zone which means the baton is automatically transferred to the person whose thread follows on from yours….

Oh and that’s me!!

Right the score is Q to Brown Bottle and I’m starting a sugar plum defence to offload my wing runners.