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Anyone seen Derren Brown: Messiah… For all you English comrades… If you have Virgin Media/”telewest” And have the top package, if you go into the options where you can pick whatever you want to watch it is there… Obviously under… “D”

Derren Brown, is my sort of man… I have only just started to watch his shows since last night… Awesome stuff… He in one show wittles from 15,000 people down to just one…. The purpose finding the best person… To load a live round into a gun… So Derren can play Russian roulette with himself… Trying to figure out which chamber from 1 – 6 the round is in… Awesome stuff lol… ANYWAY!!!

In Derren Brown: Messiah he attempts to “con” his way into be taken as the ‘real deal’ by six groups…. He attempts to convince this large university of physics in America, that teach this skill lol…. That he is a physic himself…. By doing a variety of tests… If at any point they ask him if it is real or say he is tricking them he will admit that he is indeed…. But they don’t and they take him as a professional physic lol. Then goes to a Christian community and convinces them he has like this hand of god…. And can (and does) convert with a touch atheists to god and so on… He invites like 15 people that don’t believe or even hate god and converts them lol… He then pretends to have been abducted by aliens and been left with this amazing skill to be able to tell people their medical history… And this old lady who writes all this alien stuff buys into it too ;/ Then he pretends to be a medium and with a group of like 23 “speaks to the dead” and so on… I am glad after this one though he admitted to the people he hadn’t really talked to their friends/family that had died. OH! And some wacky people in Las Vegas… He makes them believe he can record dreams :D he sticks these stupid stickers on his head lol and says that inside this box… That is powered by special crystal technology he can read dreams… The only thing in the box was wiring to the “switch” that does nothing but turn on a green LED and a battery :D

I put it into comparisson maybe I am wrong... But it is a mix of everything there... And this man is not at all spiritual... He's as spiritual as me..... That ain't saying much... But he was able to get into all these circles... And CONVINCE people... Without even being challanged.... And It occured to be if you can use your mind correctly and in a manipulative manor can create a fantasy to make many believe in it... Just wanted to discuss this and see what people think... Be great if anyone here has acctually seen this show...
He does have a cool website, I must admit. On it, he reveals that the Russian Roulette thing was a hoax; he used blanks.
I caught some clips of his stuff recently. Don't know a lot about him, but he has a talent for making one wonder.
He does have a cool website, I must admit. On it, he reveals that the Russian Roulette thing was a hoax; he used blanks.

lol what? A blank can kill if fired point blank at the temple of a human head... When he fired the number one chamber... It didn't react like a blank.... It reacted like a live round... The round I watched the armorer pass to the gun loader, also was a real round. ANYWAY! I am more interested in Derren Brown: Messiah.... ;/ What are the peoples thoughts on that?
Is he cute??? I wouldn't look at him that way... I look at his manipulative and logical traits... And they are good. :) Francis if you have Virgin media... Just load up the shows... Or... Just download the shows from something like a torrent :)
Could go to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. enter Derren Brown in the search.

Producers use manipulation techniques on audience too they have a good way of showing footage to suit them. I'm sure he does perform psychological illusions but not sure on how many people they work if all the time. I think he's been banned from every casino in the country.
Yup he is banned from maaaany casinos ;) For card counting... One of my fave pass times.. Card counting is easy with practice. There was one man from Australia who put many casinos out of business playing black jack ;) I think after that guy Derren Brown is next best card counter...

You see him at the dog races? He can convince the cashiers that his LOSING ticket is the winning ticket.... lol
Yeah that was funny. If you watch that clip, notice how derren bangs on the side of the ticket booth with his right hand before telling the lady they have won. The ticket lady doing that job for a long time and the same thing is in kind of a subconsious state, so Derren breaks that pattern by banging his right on on the side of the booth and in an Authoritive voice says, "this is the dog you are looking 4" this is why we came to this window. breaking a subconsious state leaves you open to suggestion.

4 was the winning dog. Watch the video if you can.

Someone explained how it worked on youtube. look for derren brown explained
Don't need to watch the video got all his shows saved automatically on my cable tv. :D

Yup there are alot of things he does to make her pay out... I love how he takes the money out from the window, and says "any mistakes cannot be amended once passed this window right? What dog won that race?" "4" what dog is on that ticket? ".....1" haha Someone just lost their job ;)
lol.. What was funny was he gave her £5 to buy a drink. I wouldn’t think she lost her job, usually filming in them kind of places is forbidden, im sure the owners of the place new of what the film crew were there for. Wouldn’t be fair as we are susceptible to this kind of stuff.
I do love Derren. His Messiah programme was good. The mediumship at the end part was most uncomfortable. And yes, you are right 17th Angel; blanks can do alot of harm as shrapnel can explode everywhere. On my cadet training we had demonstrations of how bad the damage can be - firing blanks at an apple resulted in apple smush lol.

He's just finished his Enigma tour which I can't wait to see on TV. His other shows on DVD are pretty awesome too. The power of subliminal messages, my friend.

I would never want to date Derren Brown - he'd always be able to tell when you're lying lol!!
I have seen people take wounds from blanks... From assing around with them.

You could date him and lie to him ;) You just need to gain the same understanding as him on the mind... You learn things... Our bodies constantly send "messages" it's easy to detect a liar... But if you know what "signals" you output, it can then become quite simple to cover them. I love lying lol it's one of my favourite pass times... You soon realise it is an art.
DB is a kind of an enigma. He goes to such effort to expose all the esoteric mumbo jumbo of our societies as misguided, wishful thinking and outright fraud yet still so many people think him to be proving their stupidity to be valid. No surprise really, so many people would rather believe in anything rather than face the truth that life is a physical not a metaphysical reality.
You see him at the dog races? He can convince the cashiers that his LOSING ticket is the winning ticket.... lol
Must remember it is TV. editing and all that. He doesn't show the ones he fails at. There was one where he was taking a guys wallet and money and keys on a bridge and they said that he can do this 20% of the time...he also picks the folks that are already a little dazed looking...pick the right mark.