the voices I hear


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I’m not really sure what’s going on with the voices I hear. I think I have thought complexes inside of me that believe in Christianity and are trying to warn me or save me. Or maybe my mind is trying to save itself or me. Maybe these are the strongest imprints all my exposure to christianity has made on my mind. maybe these are the kinds of demons a free thinker gets.

Negative voices (are sad and dark and many times downright mean or angry):

Yes, there’s fire underneath. Its that bad, its that bad.

You know the truth, Only Jesus can save you. There’s nothing you can do. Nothing. You deserve it.

Why are you denying god. He’s trying to help you. You know its true. Nothing can save you.

Your parents are heading for hell. You are damned and you know it. We are trying to help you.

Eternal darkness. Fire! Fire! Torment. Etenral torment. You are EVIL. All are evil.

In the end, you will burn.

The fire wont be put out. Good luck in hell.

You can feel jesus. You know hes real. Theres nothing you can do.

Positive voices (Assuming I have nothing to fear from any gods or devils)… these voices are friendlier and urgent:

This cant be right. Keep the faith. THINK! Keep going. Keep pushing.

Help the world, see through it. You are ok, it’s a lie. See through it, I can help you, keep thinking. You’re fine. The world needs help. Your out of your mind. Your out of it.

You committed no blasphemy, you just questioned.

trust us

theres no burning, thats evil. cant you see? thats evil. "truth"

is jesus real? its all bull**it, dont you see. there are famines in the world right now. think of what we could do. snap out of it. you dont need them. escape.

dont trust your heart, you are brainwashed, its obvious.
Are any of the 'voices' you hear echoes of what you hear others say?

It sounds like voices I've heard...but not voices from my head...voices of people trying to convince me.
.. a lot of ppl hear voices which dont belong to them... some ppl are okay with this and dont view it as abnormal, some ppl are freaked out by it and need some form of drug treatment...

... if these voices are from u, and u realise they are ur own thoughts, like echoes of whats been said to u before, or echoes of thoughts u have already had, then its not a big deal but a sign that u are stressed and need to look after urself a bit better...

if u think these voices are "real", or come from "outside" of urself, say, via a malicious entity, then ur maybe a bit deluded (no sin or shame in that) and u should think about visiting ur GP or Dr...

... if its religion thats making u this way, maybe u should not probe it all too deeply... jesus loves u regardless, faults and all, and being a man himself he knows how hard it is to be a human, so... be a little easier on urself...

shadowman - if you are hearing voices, please for goodness' sake go to a doctor. an internet forum is not where you should try and resolve these issues. anyone who hears voices should seek medical help first and foremost for the safety of everyone concerned. tell your parents, too.