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Anyone heard of "Indigo Children?" I think the "children" part is a bit misleading, as many of these people are now adults. According to literature on the subject, Indigos are on planet Earth to help raise the consciousness of the planet out of Fear and into Love. I realize that this statement itself is based on the assumption that we, as humans, have been steeped in fear for some time now, and that many people will not agree with this. Let's just get that out of the way now. It's okay if you don't agree that we have all been operating in fear. This thread will probably not be for you (although you are welcome to comment).

The starting point for considering the Indigos is the assumption that humans have been operating for thousands of years under conditions of fear that inhibit our freedom. Also understand that the concept of "Indigos" is based not in science as much as in intuition. In thinking about Indigos, we are operating outside the bounds and limits of conventional "science" (although perhaps branches like quantum physics and fractal mathematics would connect here).

Indigos are highly sensitive, keyed-in humans who are operating in a different paradigm than most of their parents and elders. They learn much differently than we are teaching them, for the most part, and conventional education doesn't serve them well. Being connected to nature is important to them and they have little patience with absolute authority. If things are explained to them in a way that makes sense, then they can be cooperative, but if they feel someone is just telling them what to do in an authoritarian fashion and they don't understand the "bigger picture," they will not cooperate. They may rebel and act out. It is very important for them to understand why they are being asked to do things.

These people also have a great intutive sense about others and their intentions. Some have described them as living lie detectors. It's no use trying to BS them and they have little patience for it. Indigos have come to Earth to be "systems busters." By breaking down old paradigms and challenging outmoded ways of believing, thinking, and acting, they are creating a more open space for future generations to operate in.

Which brings us to "Crystals." At this point, I should point out that the descriptors "Indigo" and "Crystal" relate to the auras of each type of person. The Indigos have a predominately indigo aura and the Crystals have a more fluid, pastel, crystally aura. Crystals are younger and are being recognized in children born perhaps in the last five or ten years. These people are not the "systems busters" that the Indigos are, but have a great amount of goodwill, love, patience, and empathy. I haven't done much research into Crystals, but from what I have read, they are way tuned-in to how people are feeling and give lots of hugs. :) Maybe there's a little kid in your life who seems very content and happy, and seems to intuitively know when people need a boost of cheer from a little kid.

Now I know this all sounds hippy dippy and gay, in a way, so here's the darker side of the deal: if we continue to force outmoded means of education (and other socializations) on these people, they will not survive. Indigos have a tendency towards depression and self-destruction if they aren't given what they need or nurtured in a way that encourages their full, unconditional self-expression.

Unconditional self-expression may sound dangerous to some people, but with Indigos and Crystals, there's nothing to fear in unconditional self-expression. They are certainly not "perfect," but they are here on Earth to heal and guide, not to harm and confuse. When allowed to blossom in their own way, they reveal an integrity of spirit that is keyed into the next stage of evolution for humanity.

Weird musical tones can be heard and little faery lights swirl as Pathless brushes away the salt, strikes a tom-tom followed by the zen bell.

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Hello Pathless, The Indigo team has been incarnating in this realm for millions of years now, however they are incarnating in larger numbers at this time.
Science is aware of them and have found that they have more DNA strands activated at birth. They have also found that they have an ability to cure disease in their bodies. There was a indigo child in China who had aids and his body cured itself.
Indigo and human are not the same, it has to due with the amount of energy/consciousness holding capacity each is capable of holding. Human beings have the potential of a 12 strand of DNA activation, the indigo's have anywhere between 24-48 strands. What science has termed junk DNA is merely DNA that is not activated.
Love and Light, Marietta
Thank you, Marietta. You say that Indigos are actually not human. If this is the case, would you consider them "extra-terrestrial" in a sense, or would it be more accurate to say that they are "of this Earth" but represent a next or potential evolution of homo sapiens?

Thanks for the information about 'junk' DNA as well. If Indigos have a potential of 28 strands of DNA, does that make 24 double helixes--or could the strands arrange themselves differently? Like in pentagons, octagons, etcetera?

The scientific aspect of this would I imagine be quite marginalized at this time. Are you aware of any websites that discuss science's discoveries in this area, and could you post them as links for further exploration please?

Also, you used the term "Indgo team," which gives the impression of game, sport, or perhaps even war. This is just an observation at this point, but feel free to mention and elucidate or not mention and not elucidate why you consider the Indigos a "team." :)

Thank you!

Love and Light,
Hello Pathless, Indigo's hold some human coding due to incarnating into a human body but the spirit/energy/consciousness that enters that body is not human. As I have already explained the difference is in the amount of energy/consciousness holding capacity one can hold which corresponds to the amount of DNA one can activate. Indigo's have come into this realm from all over this time matrix and adjoining matrices. They are not of this earth, however they came here to help in the evolution of mankind into higher dimensions. Indigo's incarnate in mass during stellar activation cycles.

Indigo's have 24, 36 or 48 strand DNA potential, depending on weather they are Indigo type 1, 2 or 3.
The strands are always double helixes.
I don't know of a web site off hand that I can share where you can read what science has discovered. A local University had a panel of doctors and physiatrist that gave a lecture on the Indigo Children a couple years ago.

I use the term team because the indigo's came into this realm as a security team or group of beings working together to help mankind in his evolution on to the next harmonic universe. We are at present at the end of a large interstellar war that has been going on for a very long time. Indigo's are not here to war, they are here to hold frequency, stabilizing the effects of this war. We act as a buffer field.

Love and Light, Marietta
I don't really think these children are anything new, just the result of bad parenting that's only reinforced by considering them indigo children. Lots of kids have a problem with authority. When parenting trends shifted from heavy use of rulers to giving kids what they wanted we created the possibility for a lot more spoiled, poorly adapted children. And these poor kids get told they're very special, treated like they're the center of the universe and have a hard time realizing that they're not little godlings.

Just my opinion, of course.
Hi Dauer:

Well, I'm a little more ripe in age and have seen a lot, and I am convinced that this group of individuals is an indicator of what is, in part, coming in our evolution. This drift in genetic disposition and interaction has likely been produced by about six generations of environmental exposure of our species to influences that have profoundly altered how we experience reality and react to it. I've made these arguments before here, so I won't repeat them. Mr. Cobain even wrote songs about all of this, so it's been an influential set of cultural changes for some people for some time now, about 35 years.

Only time will tell of course, but the phenomena cited on the website along with the fact that our children and theirs, are the most pharmaceutically controlled generations ever speaks for itself as far as I'm concerned. I don't believe that we can blame such a dynamically unbalanced, intergenerational set of changes on just...bad parenting and inadvisable labelling.


It really irritates me when people make claims to authority based on age. I hear it quite a bit. I've even heard someone say that we should have the death penalty and it should be given much more frequently than it regularly is, and when I argued with him he said he's older and he's had a lot more experience with people and when I get older I'll understand that we need to iradicate these individuals. It's just not a valid argument at all.

Wisdom is not determined by age, or even knowledge. Wisdom is determined by the way we process the experiences we've been through, and sometimes the way we process those experiences only leads to faulty thinking instead of wisdom, like if a person concludes because they've suffered so much that they must be a terrible human being. It can allow us to reinforces subjective beliefs about the universe that aren't True at all, or at least aren't objectively verifiable to any person who gets older and "wisens up." I'm sure there are many ripened up people older than you who would disagree with you about indigo children.

Knowledge, in the same way, is a matter of taking advantage of the opportunity to learn. Now of course in both of these cases someone who is older has more opportunities, but that does not by default make them more knowledgable or more wise. It's also more likely for a younger person to be more immature, but that's not necessarily the case either, and sometimes alongside immaturity there can be knowledge and/or wisdom.

I see this whole "indigo children" phenomenon coming from a lot of the circles of "I AM"ers whose theologies can reinforce an egocentric view of Divinity, such that you get the contemporary prophets convinced that their particularist view of reality is correct because they really can channel Thoth or really did meet Jesus who told them he's an ascended master who was part of a mystery religion in Egypt that did a walk-in in the form of the person they know as Jesus, and they too can be ascended masters if they generate a merkaba-field for themselves and achieve Christ-Consciousness.

I'm not saying your belief about indigo children is an impossibility. While I see at as extremely unlikely it's still possible. My issue is only with your age-based claim to authority. In addition to wisdom and knowledge, age gives us a lot more opportunity to convince ourselves that we're correct in our thinking.
By definition of "how they are," I'd be an Indigo.

But... I don't think it's as "special" as people would think.

These sorts of folks are mostly just a similar personality type, one that is less common in any society, and seems really "special" in the first world because we don't have shamans. In traditional societies, these types of kids were recognized early on as potential shamans and raised to be such. Thus, they were given a socially-acceptable way to express themselves, deal with their depression and sensitivity, and be a benefit to society (and appreciated despite their eccentricity and oddness). Basically, Indigio = INFP for the most part.

There is nothing "not human" about it. People have had these capacities for thousands of years. Some humans have more of these capacities than others, but what else is new. Some humans are really gifted athletically and I'm a total clutz. We're still both human. And I *really* don't buy the whole genetic thing. First off, it would completely mess up their physical organism. Second, if humans were discovered with totally different DNA, I think it would have made the news in the (real, peer-reviewed) scientific journals by now.

Now, maybe somehow there are more INFP people being born (though I doubt it). Which might be interesting. But the fact remains that they are still just people. They are just strange/odd/eccentric people that have no socially-accepted position in the first world at this time.

I do think you have to parent an INFP kid a certain way for best results though. I do not jive well with authoritarian structures, and it isn't a matter of lack of respect or bad parenting. I was raised to be very respectful. It is just that I can't do something because someone says "do this," no matter how much authority they have. I need to know WHY and weigh my options. If I had been raised in authoritarian household, I would have become quite self-destructive since I'm already prone to depression. I'm just too sensitive to stand being crushed like that. It isn't that I'm spoiled, just highly sensitive in all ways, even down to sensory input (sight, hearing, etc.). I firmly believe that good parenting is the ability to read your children- to know what each needs based on their individual personalities. Everyone is different, and the best results will thus be obtained using different parenting techniques depending on the child.

Just to add... After reading more of the Indigo Child website posted above...

A lot of these characteristics can be explained by suites of things that may go together. For example, gifted children also often have some sort of learning or social disability. In my family, much of my mother's side, including my sister and I, tested as gifted and tend to be very sensitive people, with empathy, some telepathy, etc. We're also prone to depression, ADD or ADHD, and OCD. This has ranged from some people being really incapacitated at times to others being mildly affected. Saying a kid can't/won't "wait in line" is hardly part and parcel of "giftedness," but rather may be due to an accompanying problem. I have problems with lines, waiting, etc., but it isn't due to my "system-busting" qualities. LOL I'm just a bit ADD, plain and simple. I was taught from my mother to use coping mechanisms- to bring something to read, for example, or to play mental games while waiting (like taking a word and making new words from it).

There is a balance to be had between crushing gifted children, which can do irreparable damage and keep them from ever really realizing their full potential, and not teaching them to survive in the world. As my mother puts it, we can be "not of this world," and yet learn coping mechanisms to survive in it and be respectful of what others are comfortable with. The world doesn't revolve around any individual, and giftedness doesn't excuse rudeness, impatience, or selfishness. I think that is where the confusion lies for a lot of people. It is possible to teach a child to embrace who they are and yet turn their sensitivities to what others need and respect those needs.
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age gives us a lot more opportunity to convince ourselves that we're correct in our thinking.

Dauer: I certainly was not trying to pull the old "age rank" thingy on you, and if you took my statement in that way I am sorry. I was merely stating an obvious fact of life from my viewpoint ( I'm beginning to really enjoy senior discounts ). I agree there are young people who are wise beyond their years (and I've always included you in that category), and by the same token there are geezers who are so bound up by repetitive ritualism in thought, deed, and beliefs that there is no way that they make sense to the vast array of really thoughtful people in the world.

I know I've stated this before here, but I had the good fortune to work with brilliant scientific minds in the past, and my opinion merely derives from what I have observed personally and generally over the past fifty years or so, and the lessons that I formally learned at my colleagues' feet regarding the "process mechanics" of changing life forms.

Based upon all of that, the conclusion I stated above is one that I reached quite sometime ago. And it was a decision and opinion that I actually reached from a spiritual and metaphysical viewpoint mostly. It just makes sense to me based upon my knowledge of Judeo-Christian mythos and tradition. And yes, it is only my opinion, and I meant nothing more than that.

The Old Testament is the story of two brothers who emerged from the mists of time guided and encouraged by an invisible loving spirit to found civilizations which are based upon knowledge. The New Testament is about a man who came here representing the third brother and His followers who will change the world of the future beyond our imaginings. My belief is that this very process is happening in profound ways this very minute, and the "indigo child" phenomenon is a vivid indicator of just that. And, we are all very fortunate to be living in these interesting times.

Path...I'm in almost total agreement with what you have said here. Raising my two kids, even though circumstances didn't allow me to be "with them" as father of the household very much, was a challenge but is now very rewarding. They are curious, artistic, and empathic adults who do not accept unreasonable control of their lives, or will not take flimsy authoritarian answers without knowing, themselves, what is best for them and their futures. And BTW, some people labeled my daughter to be an "indigo child" when she was twelve. She only told me about it last year, twenty plus years later !


sorry I misunderstood you. I think I've been a little too quick to jump the gun and assume things of other people lately. I've been reacting to issues I have with other people who appear similar in some way rather than actually digesting what the person I'm currently interacting with is saying and how they're saying it.
Whether there are more humans being born with keener psychic abilities-who knows? I have no doubt that young children in general have a more natural ability to tap into psychic awareness than adults generally do-seen it in our own family. Plenty of anecdotal info out there but very little research I'm aware of-but then parapsychological research doesn't get much funding no matter the age of the subjects. Much speculation of course as to whether those abilities "have to" diminish with age, but certainly all purported psychic adults I've heard of speak of having those abilities as children. And why would the young have such an ability? Well we "New Age" sorts might speculate it is because they've only just "left" the spiritual realm where such abilities may be the coin of that realm. But that really isn't such a new age thought as even the 18th century English poet William Wordsworth I think put it as it probably is:

"And not in utter nakedness but trailing clouds of glory do we come from God who is our home. Heaven lies about us in our infancy. Shades of the prison house begin to close." earl

sorry I misunderstood you. I think I've been a little too quick to jump the gun and assume things of other people lately. I've been reacting to issues I have with other people who appear similar in some way rather than actually digesting what the person I'm currently interacting with is saying and how they're saying it.

No problemo my brother. Mutual understanding of complex issues and dialog has never been an easy thing.

When I was more bi-polar and anxious during creative periods in the past I evened out my mood swings with Kava and St John's Wort caps. Just one a day or so, and after a couple of weeks things were much better. I buy my stuff on the web usually. is a good and trustworthy source, and they've got a lot of research info on the site also.

Hi Earl...but what about us older screwballs who refuse to hide when " Shades of the prison house begin to close" ?

Maybe we're all just...mistakes ?


I'm not really sure I'm bipolar, or that I ever was. I don't really have any clear pattern of mood swings and never get depressed. What's been called mania in me doesn't really look like mania (more like an autistic spectrum meltdown) and I've been told I'm definitely not bipolar more often than I've been told I am. A psychiatrist (he's been given an award for his work with bipolar individuals) I'd seen for three years prior once predicted I was getting into a manic period based on recent actions yet following that I was perfectly stable for months. Despite being on various medications from 8 to 23 none of it ever helped me, while cutting out gluten, soy and dairy (shown to have a possible relationship with the autistic spectrum and indicated by testing to be sensitivities that I have) has helped quite a bit. Neuropsych testing that wasn't looking for it has indicated NLD and I've got some overlap with asperger's too that can't be covered by NLD (e.g. hypersensitivity, very focused interests, flat affect when not discussing an interest, difficulty expressing empathy for the people around me.) So I'm setting up new neuropsych testing to differentiate between NLD and AS.

Not that you asked, but you did mention bipolar, something I've indicated I have here in the past but that based on my patterns, the requirements for dx in the DSM-IV and the way it came about (my mom writing long letters to my psychiatrist telling him I'm bipolar because of x, y and z and should be dx'ed and medicated for it) it's a somewhat weak diagnosis, and either NLD or AS would explain quite a bit more and fit better.

I really wouldn't trust any herbal remedies anyway, unless they've undergone laboratory studies as rigid as those that other substances have to pass. I had a psychiatrist who specifically told me never to take St. John's Wort. And he was a person who had some patients on high doses of omega-3 supplements with no traditional medications.
Gee Dauer, you sound like me at your age. All I know is what has worked for me. Omega 3 is good stuff. I do it everyday myself along with a lot of other things. I pretty much trust herbal and vitamin regimens more than pharma stuff and the docs that prescribe the stuff. I've never really done the therapy stuff except when my first divorce was going on (ugh!). But then I'm just a crochety and stubborn old f**t. There are European studies around, but lots of them date from the 80's when I researched the stuff before I started the regimen.

With me, my manic stuff hit when I was working on a writing project (yeah concentrated focusing was a problem also, like short term OCD or something) I knew the bottom would fall out in a couple of weeks or so. Be glad you don't have the depressive stuff. Some days it took a supreme effort for me to take a shower. Sounds like our sister Path had some of the same stuff as you had and my kids did. I think it's just the way things are for post WWII people in general. We appear to somehow be over sensitized and stimulated by our environments. And we're all seeking answers. Yeah...mild autism would be a good guess.


that's the thing. I don't have patterns like that. I always have things I focus on, to the point that I sometimes forget to eat. And I don't hit the bottom after. My default mood could be compared to hypomania because I'm typically high energy and happy-go-lucky. The only time I was ever low-energy was on heavily sedating medication.

For a few years as a child I was obsessed with komodo dragons (out of a big book about animals that my mom gave me I didn't pay much attention to anything except the info about komodo dragons. Other lizards didn't even interest me.) and for a much longer period with vampires (every halloween I was a vampire. I created an imaginary world in my head where originally I was a vampire. I gave lessons at camp during free time where I'd train the one kid there I connected with how to be a vampire.) Then it was the misfits and related bands in my teens (I own most of the music by all of the misfits lineups, samhain, quite a bit of danzig, as well as two cover albums of their work and an album by balzac, plus a bootleg video of the misfits original lineup and two danzig videos. I would have gotten some of the music from Jerry and Doyle's Christian metal band called Kryst the Conqueror but couldn't find it. At that time music related to them made up at least 1/4th of my music library. This was something nobody around me had any interest in. Most people got annoyed when I talked about it.) Or there was the time I got into chaim potok and went through every book by him I could find over a period 12-18 months. I did the same with the Dune series. When I got into Judaism I'd take very specific interests, like when I latched onto the Dubno Maggid (obscure mitnaged maggid. I've read three books on him, wrote a paper on him for a class on the origins of hasidism, something he's hardly even tangentially related to, and I wrote a fanfic about him that took place in alternate Jewniverse) or I'd pick up a reference book (for example a Conservative text similar to the Shulchan Aruch, basically cliff notes on legal decisions) on Judaism and read it cover-to-cover for my own enjoyment.

I don't think my level of sensitivity is something common to people after WWII in general as nobody around me exhibited these difficulties. It may be more common. I've heard autistic spectrum diagnoses are on the rise. When I was little I had to go through a regimen of different methods to help desensitize me like my mom brushing my arms, legs and back with a special plastic bristled brush. If I'm talking to someone and in another room the tv's on, but not the cable (there's no static on the screen, just a high-pitched electric hum) I have to go shut it off because it bothers me so much. I think I may have even gone to another floor to shut off a tv once. My sensitivity to light used to be really terrible, so much so that whenever I was outside I'd stay in the shadows and keep my head down. I'm still always squinting in daylight, even if the sky is overcast and I've been outside for a while.