Stand down?

Okay, I found an article. Pardon my ignorance, but who is Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown? That article says he is likely to succeed Blair as Prime Minister, if I am reading correctly...? What's your take on this?
We need someone like Churchill again... Inspirational, charismatic, decisive actions (amazing.... understanding and grasp of military tactics and strategies..) and that he isn't pressured into things that are not our problem.... (Blair and Bush) He said what he thought and did what he thought... No influnece :/ He made us strong, he made us united... Our nation in his reign had pride, strength and confidence....... Facing anything.... We are now, a mess..... A disgrace... So I would suggest a strong confident independent military Prime Minister :) Not James freaking Gordon Brown... Too many college boys these days... Too much brains... Not enough balls.
We need someone like Churchill again.... Too many college boys these days... Too much brains... Not enough balls.
I don't know...Costa Rica has a Nobel Peace Prize winner as a an area of turmoil...w/o an army...

Makes me wonder why we don't elect Nobel Prize winners...

What if all the major powers elected Nobel Peace Prize winners...
Nobel prize winner? lol... I'll stick with a military leader.

They won't :) There will always be a need for an army. I am currently just glad Blair has finally gone... Maybe we can begin to improve... Sorry Pathless.... I missed your question James Gordon Brown is Blairs butt buddy... And kind of second in command.... In his rank, he would be expected to be put forward for Prime Minister.
Mmm. Far be it from me to tell you what to do in your country--but, oh dammit, a military leader with balls not brains? Isn't there enough testosterone ramrodding the planet as it is?

Gawd--where is that parallel world machine that I was going to build? I'm tired.
Military leaders have brains... They have organisation too and are far more outstanding than civilians ;/ ... I said "too" much brains.... Hence an idiotic person claiming to be called the President of the united states of America, cannot wrap around his finger.
What a bunch of pansies....... They are all bickering who will be leader... They are all on the same team lol.... Take them all out back of the House of Commons at lunchtime and have a fight... Winner can be Prime Minister... Also listening to this radio interview of the maybe next Prime Minister...



See that? I just said, yes and then I said no.... Why can't Politians say those two words? How hard are they? One syllable words... Yes, no. Grow some freaking balls…. Stand up for what you think, don’t sugar coat or try and wind your choke-able neck out of the way of the question…..

Do you think this pen is blue Mr Chancellor?

Well, I would say that if we look at these BS stats…. In addition, these complete load of bollocks charts and graphs… That you would find that Frank had some agreement of the pen being infact blue…… But then these quotas and surveys show that –maybe- perhaps…. It’s not blue…. I would indeed like to say that wow look over there IT'S ELIVS!!!

*Runs away*

.... As much spine as a jellyfish..
First off Brown was not Blairs butt buddy. The quiet loathing between them has been apparant for years. They were buddies as back benchers before labour came to power but after Blair broke his promise to Brown that he would step down after 1 term there has been nothing short of seething animosity there.
Brown is being called the Greatest Chancellor of the Exchequer in the modern era. I think this is beacuse he has managed to reduce the tax burden on corporations and of the very rich by over 20% while increasing tax on the poorest by 6% without anybody noticing!! Worth noting that he was a regular attendee at the 'top secret' Bloomberg group meetings along with Rumsfeld and Cheney. As was Peter Mandelson now Britians top man in Europe.

As for Adolf Stalin, as you seem to want 17th, as the answer to whats wrong in our country I think I see yet another example of you trying hard to be controversial just for the sake of it. :p Or what about we have someone like Churchill's paternal grandfather and namesake John Winston Churchill who has been accused of the worlds first incidence of Biological warfare. It is claimed by some historians that he made a trip to America chasing an outbreak of late potato blight. Within a year it had struck Ireland (the great potato famine of the 1840's), and resulted in the starvation of over 1 million Irish catholics. This is despite Britain having grain surplusses in a bumper harvest year. Yeh thats it.....lets starve the poor!! That will solve our problems. Do you have the spine for it?

Yeah, I think I'd like to live under a military junta. They always seem such nice places to live.

Hey just bring back Maggie Thatcher 17th, she had the biggest pair of balls you've ever seen - I know I saw them!!! YUK.
dont know if I dig ur new pic, 17th... mmm... who is it? is he really wearing a leopard print jersey?

It is a portrait of my God :) Sheogorath.... No not leopard skin.... It is the top of his flarey collar... blackish dark purple and gold.... :D

Here is a clearer shot...


Hey just bring back Maggie Thatcher 17th, she had the biggest pair of balls you've ever seen - I know I saw them!!! YUK.

Thatcher had some good and bad ideas.... But, I wouldn't want her back in power.... :)