Test Your Religious Literacy!

I think I got about that, but it doesn't seem exactly challenging!

I scored 80% as well. I missed a couple that I definitely should have gotten right.
maybe it's fixed and everyone gets 80% !!!

I got 93% one wrong which actually calculates out correct but I have no idear how they got there...Every time I answered a question right I lost points from 200% down....and then when I got one wrong I was at 80% and then every point right gained till I got back to 93%....totallly wierd.

I got suckered on my wrong question...it was a trick question I think...a couple that I was iffy on I was lucky enough to pick the right one...

Quite generic...awfully slow...like they were making me take enough time for them to complete the inventory on the cpu and install some spyware...
I should have stopped when I was on 200%...