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Does anyone play any online games? Whether to relax, compete, gamble socialise or anything else do you enjoy any games?

I play 2...

For wind-down relaxation I play the sedate peaceful green baize of online snooker at The Snooker Club - Free Online Snooker Game (this is a billiards type game for those that dont know it).

The other game I got into playing with my oldest son. It's called Runescape. (RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd) Its a... well forgive my ignorance I dont know the where you have to work various skills up to get better and access more areas etc. Its sort of sword and sorcery type thingy. It has lots of quests and mini-games within it too. My son has stopped playing it and moved onto World of Warcraft but I still log in sometimes.

I once got into online poker....oh no, that wasn't me...I was identity thefted and whilst in a business meeting my bank called to tell me my credit card was being used to fund stakes in a poker game in the Cayman Islands thru a bank in Gibralter...

I asked to see if we were allowed to let it ride for a while and see if he'd start winning before we cut him off....
I tried runescape at one time. After a while I started to realize the world was primarily inhabited by children and all of the leveling-up activities were pretty much identical. Wasn't much difference between slaying beasts and mining for gold. That's when I started to look for something new and found Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination.

Sometimes I'll go over to or newgrounds. I also have an account with adventurequest that I log into every 6 months or so and I tried bang howdy. Really don't do too much of that though. Never gotten into any of the big mmorpgs like wow. I was involved in a Dune rp for a bit in SL and I've been considering jumping into the FF7 rp there. When someone talks me into it I'll go to one of the casinos and play slingo (slots meets bingo), but I like boogie (boggle to the xtreme) more.
I have mastered the art of World of Warcraft trial run gaming, since I'm too cheap to spend $15 a month for a subscription! :p

Seriously, the game is awesome, imho, and it's a great way to meet people several continents away - without many of the barriers that otherwise get in the way. It's kind of hack'n'slash RPG (role-playing game), "massively-multiplayer online" (MMO), such that many hundreds (or more) folks can be on a server at once.

WoW is certainly one of the most popular MMORPGs, but I've enjoyed Guild Wars in the past, and before all my gaming buddies got married we used to play things like Age of Empires (every incarnation), Doom (ditto), Quake (ditto), HalfLife (ditto), Call of Duty ... bah, too many to name.

We particularly enjoyed a lot of the strategy games, as these could sometimes take literally hours. Some we'd save and continue from night to night. Magic (the Gathering) is a (graphically) simple card game ... but it can go on quite some time, depending on the hand one builds.

I've been a gamer since the days of the Atari 2600, though I never had one of those, and I've moved to the point where I just can't get into single-player games anymore, or at least not with the enthusiasm of multi-player. Especially since it's as much about socializing (albeit "virtually") as anything, I look for the reward of good conversation as we game (or used to), and while there are many services now that let folks (like WoW parties) talk online - teamspeak, for example - we used to do it via cellphone, or even landline, and 3-way calling. Or we'd do Roger Wilco, way back when.

My all-time favorite video game remains the original System Shock. Nothing touches it, in terms of the cyberpunk (or any other) genre, imho ... except maybe System Shock II, which allows for multiplayer. The sequel, inasmuch as there is one, at long last, will soon come as Bioshock, due out in August - though sadly only single-player.

It's too bad I can't program worth a crap, or I'd be working for one of these game companies. I sometimes think I missed my true calling ... ;)

Oh, and for anyone who liked the original game Starcraft, by Blizzard (who also gave us Diablo I & II, plus the Warcraft series and World of Warcraft) ... they have just announced Starcraft II. We might not see it till Xmas of '08, but that's one game I'd have to buy if it was the last $50 to my name! :p

Name any multiplayer RPG.... And I most likley own it.

I live and breath games..... Me bread and butter.... I prefer playing solo as I am not the most social of people... But, I occasionally will go online lacking mercy and trash people.
I have four characters on three of Dofus's servers (a healer and a summoner on "Rushu", a "tank"/fighter on "Rosal", and an "entruf" on "Shika" [entrufs are the ones that help the entire party get better "drops" from a battle].)

I'm also involved in a version of Exalted that my GM/friend is converting over to online (I play a male Twilight who is rather good at painting, sketching, lore and occult [voracious appetite with the books]. ;)) Have to wait until she's comfortable with the system she's set us up on before we start playing her game online.

I browse through a Live Journal community I call BRPS (it stands for bad roleplayers s*ck.) Some of the items posted are rather funny in how some roleplayers ought to be "culled" from the RP "herd".

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
First Life Feeling Frustrated with Second Life

I tried runescape at one time. After a while I started to realize the world was primarily inhabited by children and all of the leveling-up activities were pretty much identical. Wasn't much difference between slaying beasts and mining for gold. That's when I started to look for something new and found Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination.

Okay Dauer. After your various posts about Second Life coinciding with one of my online gaming joneses, and after a series of brief, unsatisfying romps through several MUDSs and MUSHes and SMAUGs (most of these are so barbaric in their kill-'em-for-profit scenarios that have you starting out bashing helpless mice and pigeons, then work you up to skewering Giant Slimes and joining a game-wide campaign of genocide against the misunderstood Orcs and Goblins... god I get so sick of this mindless grinding of bones and blood)--*ahem**--anyhow, I created a Second Life account and I'm in trouble.

Wow!! You can build anything and mold/sculpy your appearance in nearly infinite ways. Put those two things together and you get little short people running around in this virtual world wearing Smurf costumes and posing as Anthropomorphic Hedgehogs. I could spend waaaaay too much time doing these things, but am restraining myself. I don't feel so healthy if I spend more than an hour or two playing a computer game. And then my mind kind of has a hard time detaching from it and going back into a non-virtual reality. Anyone else experience these weird consequences/symptoms?

Dauer, what's the name of the intentional community you are involved with in SL? I'd like to pop in for a visit with my Bill Murray-esque avatar. Don't worry, he's very spiritual, too.

Right. And Phyllis, I'm curious: Dofus sever? Is that like Doofus?? As in moron, idiot, half-wit? What game is that? No wait, better not tell me, I might get in over my head with these silly games. Okay tell me anyway. I wanna play Doofus.

Pathless, I don't think you're alone. I've heard reports of people dreaming that they're in SL. Able to fly, manipulate objects with their mind, see themselves from a 2nd person perspective, etc. I think it's a bit like shamanism for the masses and does tend to have some effect on people's thinking, that whole "create your own reality" concept that gets tossed around in New Age.

The community is called beit binah. This is our website: BEIT BINAH - Jewish Intentional Community of Second Life

Right now things are pretty quiet while we do some restructuring, and the place is usually pretty empty. We're in the middle of some restructuring and preparing for a move/expansion. If you'd like you can also contact me in SL. I'm Malachi Rothschild there.

If you're looking for intelligent RP that's more about story and building a scene than bashing giant rats there's quite a bit of it in SL, some based on established universes like Dune, ST, SW, SG, and others that are unique. There's one blogger that just covers gaming in SL but at the moment his name escapes me.

I was involved for a while last year in Second Life (SL). I did like the interactive aspect and constructing things, but realised I was getting addicted and stopped.

Maybe I'll go back soon and check out your place, Dauer, it sounds like one of the more interesting places.
I was going to mention another place, mystic academy, that's a little new-agey and has a wide variety of class offerings from lucid dreaming to feng shui.

I think the addiction thing can happen. It's very engaging and you can do pretty much whatever you feel called to do. I was using it a lot for a while and have pulled back a bit. The past week or so I haven't really been on at all and when I go back to it I'll probably be around much less. Was cutting into other more important activities.

SpaceForce 2: Rouge Universe...... This is a MUST to be turned into a multiplayer...... I am not that fond of multiplayer games as I've said before... I can get into them and such but since CS I have faded slightling in my appeitite for them. But Rouge Universe is the boooomb.

Choose one of like 8(I think) civilisations..... Select your ship, you can mod/upgrade your ship... Change weapons/shields/cloaks/engines/afterburners/jammers and so on and so forth, can just roam through the universe take on thousands and thousands of quests I think it's 20,000 missions at the moment (excluding the main story line) Can trade with other groups of people.

so many types of jobs and roles... Hacker/Trader/Miner/Police/Pirate/Scientist/many many, many... More. If you got a kick arse graphics card or even a mid range card, you can really appreicate the eye candy in this monster game... It is free roam (like a spacey version of Oblivion) You can go where you wish. You gain experience from the things you do, and it really does come down to the skill of the pilot (you!) on your outcome from a dog fight and simular situations... lol. There are other games such as EVE where you really don't control the ship you just simply click and say go here, and it will get there how it wishes, in this you control every aspect of your vessel. You can also land in space stations to purchase other ships. Depneding on what class of person you are you can also recruit wingmen... My class is pirate, so I can recruit a maximum of three wingmen :D, Also the wide range of other life forms you meet, the AI of NPC's is pretty impressive ;) You notice difference, for example when I hijack a skill 1 piolt you run rings around them.... say a class 8 piolt.... You got a long long hard fight on your hands... Enemy will examine your type of fighting to make it even harder for you by adapting and adjusting, they will also locate your weak spots... (as you'd expect in a real fight) but once they make this multiplayer, and they will... They better..... It will be so awesome....
I hope spore goes multiplayer, but even if it doesn't I think it will have some of the feel of multiplayer.
Here's information about Dofus (which I already PMed Pathless: Main Page - Dofus - a Wikia wiki

As I said (sort of) in my previous post, I play an Eniripsa (a healer/cleric), a Sacrier (a "tank"/fighter), an Enutrof and an Osamodas (a "summoner").

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

Just noticed that Eniripsa is Aspirine and Enutrof is Fortune spelled backward.
Lately I've been playing a lot of World of Kung Fu ( Welcome to the World of Kung Fu Beta Site .) It's a new MMORPG that's currently in closed beta 2. However, they're allowing anyone to sign up, pretty easily, with a cap on the number they're letting in. It's free to play and can be enjoyed without ever dropping a penny, but there are items in the mall that can be helpful and/or fun. I've created a spear character named Malachi and a fist character named Rothschild.

Currently I'm getting ready to start a clan which will have a focus on honor and respect. For example, not getting involved in drama and honorable PK. The way the game works, at lvl 20 and up it's a PK free-for-all when you're outside of towns. It doesn't actually look like that and there are checks and balances, but it still leads to some folks PKing in a very dishonorable way, e.g. while another person is doing PvE and is quite drained.

I have around 900k now for the school. It costs 100k to start, but then there will be more costs down the line to build the academy.

My first character was a spear but that got old after a while. The fist requires more use of strategy since it's all hit-and-run with internal dmg that continues to drain the enemy while I'm running around them.
In one of my ever-recurring attempts to find a decent online RPG, I downloaded the Dungeons & Dragons Online free trial. Although it is somewhat interesting in its transferring of the paper and pencil game to the pixelated screen--character sheets and all that jazz--I've found it to be another kill-oriented MMO"RPG" with no emphasis on RP. People repeat the same quests, rushing through them with muscle memory in attempts to grind up to the next level or get action points. Part of the problem seems to be that it's quite easy to create an uber-character that can kick ass through anything effortlessly. If you want to try it, make a Warforged Wizard with emphasis on strength, constitution, and intelligence. You'll get natural armor class, decent starting hit points, and the ability to zap those ever-present poor kobolds with magic darts. Huzzah!!

I find it pretty boring.