Radio Salaam Shalom

Hi Dauer

YIPPEE. Thank you I saw the BBC article but didn't catch the name so couldn't look it up. Isn't it brilliant to know some people are making real efforts to get along and understand each other. Thank you so much for the post.

BOOKMARKED (sorry, but I was so impressed with the idea of this radio station that I bookmarked it. The :kitty: medics are on their way.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Beautiful. Yes, the silent majority, silent for too long, speaking up and lending a voice of hope. Click. Add to Favorites!

(So judging from some of the footage there, looks like maybe our little Mystery Thread efforts are not so far off track, eh? ;) What was that veggie they were looking at?)

I wish that in the U.S. there was something along these lines, particularly in the Christian arena. Maybe our young people can lead us somehow in trying to open a sincere dialogue between Christians of diverse and politically influenced sectors. Who knows? Maybe it is time for the quiet moderate peaceful folks to find a voice here, and let it be known that we want to get along with our neighbors, despite that we are continually told it can't be done. After all, like they said on the video, one day the Berlin Wall just came down....