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Discussion in 'Comparative Studies' started by bananabrain, Jun 7, 2007.

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    lol Cyberpi!!

    You contradict what you say on that other thread.... ie you going on about this same s**t infinitely :rolleyes:
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    I haven't and have no intention of doing so. Your example is insulting.

    I asked, they wouldn't, so I acted.

    I think it's incredibly presumptuous of yourself to base such perceptions on just a select reading of public threads - I send private messages, I receive private messages, and I send and receive emails. I've had some very colourful responses to say the least.

    Such issues as disciplinaries are taken up in private. Yet here you are lambasting me because I don't air CR's dirty washing in public.

    That's not going to happen - it serves no one to do so.

    cyberpi, I'm very tired and I'm very tired of this discussion. If you haven't got it into your head that we have a Code of Conduct and basic expectations that members shouldn't run around different boards starting fights, signing up with multiple aliases even banned, then there's little I can help you with.

    I'm sorry, but you're just coming across as plain insulting. This is my sandbox? Okay, try and find anywhere on the site where I'm pushing my own personal spiritual/religious opinion as authoritative and to be obeyed.

    All I've done is try to ensure there's a safe place for people - from a wide range of faiths and political stances - to come and share their opinions in a basic socially acceptable manner.

    I find it pretty incredible that you take such a dim view and dare to make patronising comments that in doing so - a public forum does not mean free for all - you can get that in the ad-spammed flame-warring alt-binary groups if you want to preserve free speech to the point of having no moderator controls.

    Also, it's not your job to encourage people to behave in any specific manner on this site - most people have no problems with concepts such as basic respect, yet here you are claiming that you want to take it on yourself to hold everyone here to your own perception of that standard? I'm sorry - that's just plain presumptuous.

    I agree - and I don't see any of the moderator issues that might have affected the site a few months ago. I made a big point to stamp down on that, and here you are telling me that months later, it's still happening? Show me an example from June or July where you've seen this please.

    All you're doing is repeating the same old tired questions, and keep telling me that you don't know what civil behaviour is when most other people seem to get it. It's tiring, annoying, and repetitive. And I really do have better things to do than devote time to repeat the same answers and pointers that you keep ignoring.

    I'm going to close this thread now, but if you have any real questions, feel free to start a new one.
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