What are great religions?


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Can someone please explain/write a list of world's biggest religions?
What are they?
Gradually the list can be improved with main "branches" out of this major one's and it would be really great if a link to website-forum would be added (what are the popular forums/discussions of these main religions).
Welcome to the forum. This site it self can provide you with everything you need, the forums provide discussion on the worlds biggest religions. Maybe someone might answer your questions here though.
Hi Marb

Welcome to CR. I can only tell you what I understand about the sects within Islam. Please remember that any links I give to a sects websites may be seen as one sided.

The 2 largest groups within Islam are Sunni and Shi'a (with Shi'a having between 10-15% of the followers of Sunni). The split between the 2 groups was simply due to arguing over who should lead the followers after the death of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). See here for the Sunni/Shi'a split The Origins of the Sunni/Shia split in Islam

This is a good short article about the split, which tells it as it is What's the Difference Between Shia and Sunni Muslims?

Most sects, as you will see, are subsects of Shi'a Islam. Sufi is the third largest sect (not from Shi'a) and is the mystical side of Islam.

Sunni - within Sunni Islam there are 4 madhabs (schools of thought) and they do not always agree. sunni islam islamic studies general resources
Madh'hab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shi'a (or Shi'ite) - this is where most of the sects have come from. Iran is a Shi'a State. Shia Islam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sufi - The mystics. They are much less concerned with politics and dogma. The truth be told, I mentally lean toward Sufism. :) What is a Sufi?

Kahrijite - A subsect of Shi'a. In modern times we would call them Democrats. Kharijites: Early Muslim rebels espoused democratic principles

Wahhabi - In my view, very conservative extremists and believe all other Muslims have lost the true path (of course most sects say the same thing). I am not a fan, if I just say they are the highly political ruling sect of Saudi Arabia (where it is illegal for women to drive and the religious police a few years ago killed schoolgirls trying to leave a burning school, because they were improperly dressed- better that they die than show their face and hands in public :mad:) you may get the idea. They used to be confined to Saudi but when the money from oil started rolling in they began supporting groups outside their own country (look at Afghanistan, this was set up by Saudi). I do agree with some of their issues (eg not idolising the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and not following religious leaders blindly), unfortunately they ruin their good works with their open teaching of hatred to non Muslims (and most Muslims too) and absolute oppression of women. Despite the title, this is quite an unbiased look at who the Wahhabi's are and what they want Wahhabi

Ismaili, Zaidi, Fatimid and Nizari (or Assassins) - are all subsects of Shi'a.
Zaidiyyah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Agha Khan's flock

Druze - they have some lovely principles but again are not considered Muslim, by the vast majority of Muslims, as they believe G-d became incarnate in al-Hakim (a religious leader). Druze

There are also Ahmadi (the member called inhumanity is Ahmadi and can tell you about their sect) but I did find this site AAIIL: Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha'at-e-Islam Lahore (Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam)

and Baha'i - CR has a board for followers of the Baha'i faith, descended from Islam but quite different in beliefs. Have a look at their board they have some great threads.

Geography has a lot to do with which sect a born Muslim belongs to. Hope this helps you and thank you for your interest in our various religious beliefs.

ps I believe in interfaith dialogue so I just stick with CR. Many religions are well represented here.
Well, there is a general consensus of five major religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. These are the religions that have had the biggest impact on the world, but obviously, as in the case of Judaism, is not necessaily reflective by size, but significant influence (Judaism has approx. 14 million adherents, while Christianity claims 2.1 billion, Islam 1.3 billion, Hinduism 900 million, and Buddhism 376 million).

source: Wiki - Major Religious Groups
Christian (Protestant, Catholic, non-denominational)
Muslim (Sunni, Shi'a)
Jewish (Orthodox, Reform)
Buddhist (Theravada to Zen)
Hindu (Indian and Tamil)
NeoPagan (Wiccans, Witches, Celtic Reconstructionist)
Mystic (Gnostic, Hermetic, Theosophist)
Hare Krishna
Native American
New Thought (Theists, Deist, Pantheist)
Humanist (Agnostic, Atheist)
Follwers of the Jedi Faith
Followers of the Jedi Faith - the fastest growing religion among adolescent boys and middle-aged men who have savior complexes.
Not all religions are great, or perhaps they all are great, that is the question.
Are they a religion, are they a belief, that is the question.
Is there such thing as a religion, that is the question.
what is God, is there a god, that is the question ?
On the wall of my living room...

above the piano...


and three above the stairs...


two depicts symbols from various religions, one unity and the other a representation of children of various nations in dances of universal peace (american sufi tradition)
What wonderful pictures Wil. Wish I could have something like that in my house but I would be stoned or burnt or whatever they do now. :( I have managed to sneak in a couple of things in but only because everyone here has no idea what they are and to me they are nothing to worship, just peaceful, thought provocing items. Isn't it a silly world we live in - well the one I live in certainly can be.
We danced last night...Sufi dancin...Dances of Universal Peace... The first was a Muslim chant, the second Judaic, the third Native American, and ended with Hindu... the combination of repeated movements and repeated chants (not dance like anyone would think) is like a walking meditation on steroids...between the group experience the vision of the thought of the words accentuated by the hand movements and the vibration of the voices...fantastic stuff!