What Are You Watching on Youtube?

I'm "watching" oral arguments at the US Supreme Court concerning Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3 (I might post it later after the the broadcast's over if anyone's interested.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
This happened somewhere around me (no, I don't shop at that store, so y'all can relax):

Warning: Avoid watching if you have a sensitive stomach and/or are eating!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
This happened yesterday (no intentional incindiary device is suspected in the explosion):

One firefighter was airlifted to the local burn unit and a second was transported via ground, but he was also seriously/critically injured as well.

Here's an earlier video about the explosion:

This is why I get 😡 when neighbours/anyone misuses EMS for no bloody reason!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Another pocket watch restoration (Warning: Avoid doing this with the majority, if not most, modern watches):

Yes, the dial took a "bath" with a denture cleaning tablet!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
This was a rather solemn event imho:

In case it's taken down, it's the final time a soldier marched/guarded the American Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine