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bob x

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The "Abrahamic Religions" board has a dozen or so threads started by dottaswami, all about his Hindu views, not suitable for that board in any case and drawing no responses except one. Shouldn't that all be deleted?
Thanks bob x,

It is being watched and discussed. Seems some threads are posted in the right place and land on fertile ground hence discussion starts.

Other thread starters are placed inappropriately and folks around either decide to till that ground or it sort of dies on the vine. We are seeing what happens.

Currently they are adding to the hundreds of threads who have zero response...
Ouch - hadn't realised how extensive this was - anyway, now moved 17 threads from the Abrahamic board and 10 from the Comparative board to Hinduism.

Nice to see you around again, too, Bob. :)
Nice to be back... I see that the Dotty Swami is no longer with us. Alas, we hardly knew ye :rolleyes:
Alas indeed, along with nearly 100 of his threads, mostly posted over two days!