I say

17th, don't forget Jasper Carrot and Kenny Everett, oh and of course John Cleese and The Young Ones. Where did British comedy go? Do we actually have any real comedy characters anymore?
We liked your Peter Sellers as well.

:eek: How did I forget Peter Sellers. {MW goes to stand on the naughty spot}

Now he was a true comedian. So what constitues a good comedian? Do they need to be a good entertainer or just have some funny lines and a good sense of timing?


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Quite funny Tao but not on the level of Peter Sellers.
Oh without doubt Flow, charm and wit all in one man. ;)

Have you heard of Billy Connelly? So very funny and an amazing eye for the absurd side of human nature.
Hi...Forgot to second the mention of Peter Sellers...absolutely brilliant.

Yeah...Billy Connelly, that's the guy with wild gray hair that uses the "F" word a lot...very funny, even without the "F" word. Great stories !