Chernobyl: LIFE in the DEAD zone....

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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
Anyone See this? This is freaking amazing... Things like this do make me think, hard. Man's worst creation..... And nature still kicked it's ass.... And went on like nothing happened..... It looks like a freaking paradise! I would live off the land in Chernobyl be in a sweet isolated area... IF I wouldn't die from the effects..... And could live with the animals...

Oh yeah, I started seeing these specials a few years ago...and tales of the folks that drive their motorcycles around the barriers into the no man's land to film, to play etc.

I've also read there is a problem with hunting/poaching animals from this area and animals migrating out. I remember them showing animal after animal that they'd trapped and released and their gieger counters reading the levels of radiation that these animals live with.

A huge population of the animals got cancer/tumors and died, but a percentage lived and they had offspring...and these live radioactive with less and less apparent affects generation to generation as the strong survive and mate...

I'd heard similar things in Japan...a percentage lived without ill affects of the bombs...we adapt...
There are hardly any mutations! and it hasn't shortened their life spans now. The woods has taken over all the villages/buildings... Even a pack of wolves has started making a village it's territory and it also followed this house cat and it's litter... Be interesting to see how the house cats change to new breeds of wild cat... The show kicked ass :D
I'll go live there, hell I smoke so much I am probably immune to tumors by now.

I think the sooner the human race disappears from earth the better.
I'll go live there, hell I smoke so much I am probably immune to tumors by now.

I think the sooner the human race disappears from earth the better.

Wow you agree with me on that? I was watching 12 monkeys last night... twas on tv late at night, and I thought... It would be awesome if that happened... Man pushed to go underground.... And then slowly fade away, because of terrorists letting out a virus to eliminate mankind and leave the world to those that care for it... You know the less destructive of animals.... EVERY OTHER SPEICY!$"!" lol.....

Suprised however that we kind of see eye to eye on that.... That cannot be a muslim belief? Can it? Maybe I'm a Muslim and don't know it....
Certainly not a Muslim belief, just a personal one. As a Muslim we leave all things to G-d, when He chooses to remove mankind from earth we will say "as G-d wills".

It was actually a game I used to play with my father. We would pose moral and ethical questions. The only rule was that you were not allowed to give a quick answer, you actually had to think through all the possibilities. I would have been in my early 20's I think when he posed the question "what would you do if you had a vial of liquid that would kill all of makind but only mankind". For 2 weeks I thought through all the possibilities (hide it, blackmail world leaders to find peace, send it into space, etc) and also the fact that I would be killing everyone I loved. I came to the conclusion that I would light a cigarette and smash the vial on the floor. The world would be a better place without us imo.