What if....

It's only me freaking good friend bandit!!! May of noticed I have gone from a being of intelligent reason to a being of random lunacy.... I personally blame Jefferson Airplane... But, we get to a time where we can't point fingers and have to start looking at our self to seek the faults.... Erm... ANYWAY! How are you brother? Awesome to see you, quite! I'm sure! Totally see where you be coming from with your post.... So basicalllllly.... You see no religion has all the answers, because if it were, the one who started it would have to be god? That isn't possible though? Like surley, god has his religion? Or do you believe along the lines that he doesn't and just wants to see a world of good and of kindness? And our asigned task is to seek this out, just be nice and loving and enjoy this life?

I am well, thank you.

I don't know if God has a religion like that. Who could ever know a mind like that? Job was perfect, Noah was perfect, Jesus was perfect but the tasks and mission for each were different, they were not carbon copies. It is probably ok to seek a perfect religion for yourself but trying to comply with every human on that is not possible. So long as the perfection does not go to someones head...as soon as it does then they would no longer be perfect.
The disagreements in religion can never be proven as factual anyway.
Nice, loving, good and kindness are good attributes yet sometimes a hard row to hoe when you pass that out and others take advantage but isn't it still the right thing to do?

I do agree that enjoying this life even through all the hardships, problems and pain is the right thing to do. It is not like people have zippers on the back of their heads, just unzip, take out what we do not like, put in what we like then zip it back up and poof...they now have the only right religion. Questioning the unquestionable and dead ends, that is what I think God wants us to do and to question God as well, or at least to question His character is not a bad thing. I do not mean in the sense of rebellion.

What if you found the only right religion? Does it really exist? Maybe it does but it would be found inside of you and not looking here and there for it.

Hey, finding good teachers is a plus but even a good teacher has enough humility to laugh and will admit they do not have all the answers. Jesus did not even know all the answers to the disciples questions. Now, if you are trying to be like God, well, then I would forget that plan.

How many religions have you come across and they make it all pretty on the outside, then once you open the package and go inside you find all these lies and discrepency? ACK! I appreciate your point about not pointing fingers and the best way I have found is to not go inside any more because that is exactly what is going on inside and it rubs off before we even realize.

Maybe you could be like Christ, but very few recognized that. Everything was ok with Jesus until after he went inside the city of political religion. It was fear and religious hierarchy that killed him even after they found no fault. Look at that closer someday. Religions and churches today would not like Jesus and would do the same thing again.

I went through the random lunacy for awhile, just so you know.
I don't know all the answers, 17th Angel. I certainly do not have the only right religion and I am content with that.:)
hi bandit,

if you check your text you'll find that noah was described as "righteous in his generation" - which, given the generation, is quite a qualifier. given the episode of the vineyard, the idea that noah was perfect is also quite a stretch. in terms of job, we have a talmudic opinion that he never actually existed and the story is illustrative (so, you see, the sages did actually consider this as a possibility once in a while) - make of that what you will.


Hi Bandit! Wow, first Bass and now you, it's like old home week. It's great to 'see' you again. Hope you'll stay a bit...I'll make iced tea...

I’d like to just refer back to farting for a moment if I may…

“We are put on earth to fart around, don't let anyone tell you any different.”

-Kurt Vonnegut.

Thank you.

This conversation came up without me instigating it the other night after our interfaith service.

What if you decided not to follow Jesus....of all we've discussed what would you follow?

The questioner indicated she would explore Buddhism, another said Bahai. I don't think I could pick. If'n I had to, I'd probably go the way of the interfaith Sufi sect, as I could still study and embrace the rest....

But my preference is to stay in Christianity and do the same.

note (this may just be the first time a gas commercial was interrupted with the regular programing):D
Then looking at the statistics... Of likleyness to be born... That is unreal.... How freaking lucky am I? How lucky are you? We freaking made it... There has to be more than just death...

What if?

What if, only you can answer your own question and what if, you can now look back at this with one big ass smile on your face and feel so much better.. Good stuff.
What if the religion you follow is wrong?
Personally I try to avoid any religion where this makes a difference. IMHO a religion should have definate benefits either way.

And any religion with a "we are right and they are wrong" viewpoint tends to turn me off. Somehow I just dont see God operating that way. To gamble everything in a religion that has to be the right one or you are in trouble seems extreme. And extremes are rarely right.