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Let me start with its good to be lead back to place where our paths run together again. As we travel a bit I will tell you of my last couple years journey both the good and the bad.

(The Rain)
Two years ago God rocked my world. While I was posting one night as I normally did I got a phone call from the hospital that my father for whom I was caregiver had passed away due to a stroke. You all were my only fellowship on a spiritual level and reading your messages and sharing that burden helped a lot. 3/20/05

(More Rain)
Shortly after that a matter of maybe even weeks I broke my shoulder in three places being a Dad. (ok ok I wrecked my sons bicycle) no job no insurance and now almost crippled ribs and all bruised for months. Our mortgage was in trouble 3 months behind since the loss of income from my Dads disability check and the injury there was nothing in the storehouse's.

I have dear friends that had decided to remodel their home and 2 rooms were to be done by me even with just one working arm. For the price exactly what was due on my home. $2300.00 two weeks after sending everything I had with a verbal agreement that we were back in good standing, the company foreclosed leaving me my wife and teenage children without the home they had been raised in.

(The Flood)
Friends these were hard times I took care of my Dieing dad when nobody else in my family would. I sat around a table and prayed with my children and was a good husband and dad. God had 10yrs ago found us that home as an answer to prayer. I did not have this coming. WHY ME was a huge temptation
I knew from all my life exp. that cussing and complaining was not the answer it was my vow to God my wife and my family to lead not to crumble.
I still sometimes drive by that 10 acres house on the hill where and pasture where I watched my daughters ride horses and wonder why God.

(The Promise)
I will never leave you or forsake you.
To make it sound like wow I was blessed and strong faith through these trials is just not true. I did however take each step carefully and prayerfully and importantly enough I kept stepping. I landed in a mobile home park living in a very nice 4bedroom doublewide and working for the owners. Same school district our kids 3 of the Seniors didnt miss a beat.
See they were very good Christian people who had been praying God would send a person who was able to maintain their rentals and was trustworthy to do so.

During this time my youngest daughter began a struggle that she is still going on today with epilepsy. I didn’t have ability to work 8 hours everyday 5 days a week as lots of days she needed me in the ER or home. My job allowed me to be never farther than a short drive from her side. (this has changed more later)
God is Good

My Travels this last couple of years can best be summed up with a couple very special verses.

A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps Pr 16:9

The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. Na 1:7

Oh ya Oldest Girl freaked me out and married a loser (my thought at the time) They now own there own 30yr mortage and have blessed me with two very cool grandkids My Son-in-law is a man after mine and Gods heart and being a good husband and dad. My daughter when 3 months preggy asked me and my wife to please stop smoking so her child wouldnt loose a grandparent the way she just had. We quit in sept 05 2yrs ago,
God is Good

Now please lets have some testimony. where ya been pilgrims hows the progress where are we going etc etc catch me up or introduce yourself?
Namaste Bastian...

Sorry for your losses, glad to see you are seeing promise in them.

The foreclosure issues are on the rise, and I add to yours...sold at auction whilst refinancing with the same company! Life goes on. Kids are doing well in school, health is good....and I can see many blessings in the move.

I used to look at my plight and contemplate G!d's involvement on one hand I see my problems fairly miniscule in the scheme of things...(check out the little dot of light above the two upright lines in the center | That is a quasar 12 billion light years away...a black hole flashing incredible light as it sucks in an entire galaxy!) Yes, all that life in that galaxy....they have issues...my foreclosure and money issues are nothing....

Then I look at how I learn while I am in the midst, or after it as greymare mentioned...and know that in this too I will have a lesson...and grow.

Oh Basstian my dear friend.. I was worried when you just up and disappeared like you did.. me you dor and bandit had some great discussions going didnt we? I remember the situation with your dad and I remember that he had passed.

The Lord has also opened and shut doors in my life as well.. so many times I ask why Lord? and I usually have the answer when the next door is opened.. I also had an issue where I didnt know what I was supposed to be doing and then He gave me the scripture that He establishes the work of my hands and it was then that I took myself off the throne (again) and put Him back on it..

*hugs* thanks for your testimony!