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In the US Halloween...all hallow's eve...is celebrated on October 31st (except in Carson City Nevada, which celebrates it October 30th...but that is another story...)

So the kids dress up like princesses and goblins and go door to door threatening 'trick or treat' and we at home ply them with sugar...

Adults will dress up and go to parties ply each other with sugar and alcohol and who knows what will occur masked or unmasked.

So if you partake....who are you going to be, what are you going to do?

and if your tradition varies...please expound.
Hi wil...well since I'm an oldster I get mighty scared when I look in the mirror each morning when I awake.

What's the story with Carson City on the 30th since I live in Nevada ? Inquiring elder minds want to know.

Got my candy bags (and eye bags...they're an essential part of my scary mask) ready for the onslaught. But we don't get many kids in our complex. I usually end up eating much of the candy.

I do plan to slowly sip a snifter of Kahlua all evening, just so you know.

Boooooo to Youuuuuu !!!

I moved to some townhouses, we get hordes of pirates and ghosts...and if the weather is nice the adult beverages abound as well...

Oct 31 is Nevada Day, celebration of the state's admission to the union. (the north wanting the silver ya know) So on that day the capitol is shut down with parades on main street, rock drilling contests, fireman's challenge, parties, drinking and debauchery abound. The powers that be thought it best not to mix the young goblins with the old...and moved the national event backward one day to avoid the adult festivities...

You ought make it up one time....course if you get caught drunk on main street during the parade you might get tossed in the hoosegow, the rolling jail...I remember my dad getting a free parade ride once...they never caught me...
Hi wil...I'm about 500 miles away, so I don't think this year.

Yeah Nevada Day. I remember now. Nevada Territory mines financed much of the Union's efforts in the Civil War before we were even a state..

What do you think they'd do to somebody rolling a joint during the parade ?

After class this year, a group of us are going to gather together with some Sheridan le Fanu and Poe, reading by candlelight.

In class, I have an oral presentation in my first class (Russian Culture) and lead a discussion in my second class (Hmong-American History, Culture and Ethnicity.) I might bring edibles for my presentation (I'll be talking about Religious Jews and Secularized Jews [I have to start varying my topic, otherwise the professor's going to get a tad upset wi' li'l ol' me.])

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
this halloween I shall be donning my black cloak and flying on my broom to meet my sisters on Pendle Hill...


on a more serious note, for me, it's a special day, the day when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, and I shall be alone, communing with any spirits which happen to come my way...
ok, good. I've seen the movies. Halloween 1, 2 3 and 4 (dont know if there was a 5, sh-t, I hope not). But what is it all about????? A few stores down here in Oz have started to sell halloween stuff but I fear they are losing money. Last year I did have 2 teenagers, (dressed as themselves) knock on my door and said Trick or Treat???? I was clearly puzzled and they were pi--ed off cos they got nothing but an earful of how we are Aussies not Americans (no offence). Yes, they egged my mailbox. Can some understanding yank (no offense once again) please explain to this simple Aussie wots it all about?????? love the Grey
Mythology's Myth*inglinks: Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Souls, All Saints

lol grey--wow, no Halloween in Australia? Surely you must at least celebrate Samhain? No? Well, you've seen the Michael Myers flicks, that about sums it up.

Naw, it's a bit more innocent than that, but certain sects of conservatives don't let the kids celebrate the holiday because they belive it is of the devil. Seriously, that's America for you.

Mostly, kids between the ages of whenever they can walk and, hmm, 13, 14, 15, 27...? go out dressed up in crazy costumes and run from door to door begging, yes "trick or treat," but really expecting treats, no tricks. They want CANDY and lots of it. Some health nuts protest by giving apples or unsalted popcorn, but that's a dangerous gamble (remember the Michael Myers spirit of Halloween :D ;) :p ). To give you an idea about the level of consumption we are talkiing about here: little kids tend to use small hollow plastic pumpkins, real cute, filling those up with sugary and chocalatey goodness. As a kid gets older and more greedy, he may eventually graduate to the jumbo pillowcase--maybe two of these if he can swing it. Sometimes the tonnage of candy may last children until Christmas, but usually it is gone within weeks, if not days. I used to do a lot of damage to my candyload right when I got home from trick-or-treating.

My best costume ever was when I was real small and my mom made me a house costume. She used a big cardboard box and some tinfoil, I think, magic marker, and I went as a dwelling that people live in. Honest. I couldn't move my arms, they just stuck straight out to the side, right through big holes in the sides of the house. It was a weird year.

Then one time, when I was a teenager, my friend and I decided to go out and relive our childhood, kind of. I forget what I dressed up as, but my friend donned a brown sheet. "I'm a turd," he told people. Again, a weird year.

This year my partner and I are both dressing in drag. :) She will be a he and me, I'll be a she. haven't decided if I will shave my beard or not yet. :D Perhaps I will post some pictures next week.
oh, mate I've GOT to see you in drag.
No, we dont have halloween or thanks giving. just australia day, (big bbq and piss up) easter, big bbq, chocolate and piss up. oh yeah I forgot new years day, big bbq and piss up queens birthday, again big bbq and piss up Labour day, another bbq and piss up. christmas, well christmas is traditionally in my family a big bbq and yes you guessed it Piss up. ( i hope I'm allowed to say piss) (my bad). I wonder why Australians consume sooooo much meat and alcohol???? Dunno, but It all tastes great. And yes my cholesterol levels are fine thank you. lol love the Grey
Hi Grey...You may say "piss" all you wish. And, so might I ...PISSPISSPISSPISSPISSPISSPISS !

Because...we are... EVIL !!!!!!


Yeah Grey...and the tendency does have genetic origins. For instance, and speaking of the "P" word, me Mum gave me this placard to hang on my fridge a while ago:

"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change those things I can,
and the Wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I may have to kill,

Because they piss me off !"


oh, mate I've GOT to see you in drag.

here's an action photo collage:

"I love Halloween. The one time of year when everyone wears a mask... not just me. People think it's fun to pretend you're a monster. Me, I spend my life pretending I'm not. Brother, son, friend, boyfriend - All part of my costume collection. Some people might call me a fraud. Let's see if it will fit. I prefer to think of myself as a master of disguise."

Pathless.... P-nut.... The hell you wearing lol? You stole your grandmothers clothes or something?
lol nice avartar there staffy just haaanging out, just haaaning out...

You lot missed me? I wish I was that were true lol... You people couldn't care if I burned in hell!!!! lol, jokes.... jokes.. Anyway yeah welcome back I "missed" you all too :D