Hi Snoopy...It's the blue-green algae stuff, right ? I take vitamins and herbs and have for years, but I've not tried it.

However, things which come from a water environment are mostly beneficial for us healthwise since we are all about 90% salt water. I gave up rock salt in favor of sea salt when I thought on this single fact some years ago. Much less toxic in its activities within the body I have found.

The year was 1981 and someone introduced me to Dr. Hill's Spirulina grown on a lake in Mexico... Well I tried it, and they wanted me to sell it, and the info said this just may be the manna from heaven algae caked on rocks every day, enough to use but disintegrated in the sun...they were saying you could live off it.

So I tried it, I quit eating and I ate six compressed pills of spiralina for every meal, 18 pills a day, food of the future as you say. I went thirty days, one night I went out drinking, the next day heaving green, not much in there.

Anywho...meat never tasted the same after that fast and that is essentially when I quit eating meat.

Never was a good salesman of the stuff, too much edumacation teaching folks they should eat blue green algae. One night though I had my Have you tried SanShiDan button on (they had different spirulina concoctions, this one was mixed with herbs and gave you a buzz) Some fellow comes up to me, "Have you got any SanShiDan man, that stuff got me off my addictions, man!" And he provided us with the entertainment for the evening...

Later I ran into CellTech and other companies that sold off the Klamath, collecting algae (I was always concerned about that as the lake had pollutant issues (found out later same info about the lake the other stuff was grown in), they had to close the area to lead shot there was so much in the lake (from bird hunting) it was getting in the fish.) Now I think there are 6 companies that harvest spiralina and chorella off that lake, and bottle and sell it to all sorts of other companies. Cell Tech recently had some FDA issues false claims and the like, so a bunch of the muckity mucks and R&D docs, and top networkers started another mlm, StemTech, hard to make the connection with the name and the product line, hehe.

Now I got an urge for SanShiDan, man!
Interesting stuff wil! I think you’re supposed to take it as a supplement, not as a total diet replacement!!!

I got interested in it when I read this in a book called “The Book of General Ignorance”…

“It consists of 70 per cent protein…5 per cent fat, no cholesterol and an impressive array of vitamins and minerals.
It also boosts the immune system, particularly the production of protein interferons, the body’s front-line defence against viruses and tumour cells.
It’s a crop that doesn’t cause soil erosion, requires no fertilizers or pesticides and refreshes the atmosphere more than anything else that grows.”

I’ve just bought a bottle that was farmed in New Zealand and had my first glass of it mixed in with orange fruit juice. It certainly had an effect on the appearance of the juice! Now to see what it does for me…

blue geen algae????? sounds like the stuff thats choking up our river systems here and weve been told it is toxic. Obviously it cant be the same thing here. EW I hope not anyway. good luck with that snoop but if you start growing gills and fins you no when to stop ..... OH MY GOD >>>>> TOOO LATE..LOL
To me, it means a city in Switzerland. :)
Lucerne? You'd eat a city?
No I' d not eat a bowl of the Swiss city. (twas the only reference I knew as well)
lucerne. they grow it and it turns into hay for the horses and cattle to eat. LOL
Well if you are talking about what we call alfalfa here (what we feed cattle vs. hay what we use to lay in the stalls), yes, I eat alfalfa sprouts, and a plate full with other veggies. Also wheat grass juice, oh my. Grow wheat to about 3-4" tall and cut it off and run it through the juicer, a couple ounces, pure euphoria, a great little buzz, ambrosia for the brain it is.