What's it calling you? :rolleyes: Jesus? And I want a bible verse for your answer.
Another sermon on the mount?

Rude ass. Im not sure if this sites being moderated anymore for personal attacks or picking at peoples faith. We dont do that here. Now behave yourself and show some respect for people.
There is a store here in town that deals in the Masai shoe, but that shouldn't surprise me, Colorado Springs is known for people wanting fitness products. We were voted one of the most fit cities in the country.
I walk almost 1 hour daily in the morning that helps to keep my mind fresh and stress free.
the minimum amount of time a person is prescribed to do exercise is 30 minutes per day. a simple brisk walking is a good example. :)
Walking is good. Refreshing and relaxing. I like to listen to audio books while I walk. Seasoned narrators keep me good company.
Walking is an ideal exercise for the physical fitness and overall health.
The people of all ages can do walking to maintain a good health and fitness level.