Axis of Evil


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...The group's Middle Eastern tour is also getting a lot of laughs out of foibles better known to locals. Some of the funnier bits included: "When Arabs hook up they never say 'Your place or mine?' They say, 'Where are your parents, and how big is your car?'" Or, on how an Arab version of the TV game show The Price Is Right! should be called, "This Price Is Not Right!" When the group arrived in Jordan, the first time a stand-up troupe had ever preformed in the kingdom, the comedians were surprised to discover that much of their audience already knew their jokes and had already seen the Axis of Evil DVD, even though Axis of Evil doesn't have a distributor in Jordan. "It's the Middle Eastern distribution system," said Ahmed Ahmed. "One person buys it, and everyone else copies it."....And, perhaps, by heaping scorn equally on the claims of all sects and creeds, they'll do their part for peace in the region. "Is there any religious group that doesn't believe it's superior to everyone else?" said Aron Kader, the Palestinian-American. " 'No, we're not the Chosen People, but we do come highly recommended.' "....more

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