Weird things are happening to me, what does it mean?

Anyway I thought it was time I nipped back to see what mischief you and 17th are up to.
whotcha picking on us 2 for?? :mad:

Humph. I just paid a fortune for radio ads and not one new member, in a bit of a rut at the moment it seems. Am very stressed about it. I tell myself it has only been 5 weeks since the official lanch but somehow that isn't helping. :(

Although, alhamdolillah, I could be sitting there with me and 2 mates, so shouldn't complain.
Would it help if I joined?.......

An Afghan hat is not a fashion accessory but instead is a fashion basic in cold weather. Besides, it fits in so well with the baggy courderoy pants that I prefer to wear in the winter, not to mention the bags under my eyes.

dang! you already got one!?