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Abeja Maya
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Northern Utah
Earlier this afternoon (mountain time) I couldn't log in. Every time I tried it would tell me to log in, saying I hadn't logged in, even though I did, several times in a row.

Anyone else have that problem?
Yes, every so often I have that problem. I have no idea why. It will do it over and over. Sometimes it helps if I post and log in from the screen prompt after I click submit, and sometimes it doesn't and I lose the post.

Sorry I don't have the answer, but I share your question... :confused::eek:
I have had this off and on for years at this site. One thing I've found is that if I neglect to log off when I leave here, and then log in the next time from a different computer (sometimes I'm at home, sometimes at work, sometimes in the library) this confuses the system.
Dream is having trouble getting logged back in. After the virus hit, thought it would be good form to update the password but something went wrong. Then, tried the retrieval system a couple of times and that didn't work well. I think the password retriever is broke. I wasn't going to post with this alternate, but there are no pm's until I've made 5 posts. If you send Dream an admin notice it will come to me through the associated email address, so I can confirm it. I'm willing to start with this new account, but it will be better to fix the old one. Thanks, admin.
Successfully changed passwords and logged back in.

I still regret that we had a misunderstanding, Dah-veeth, however I'm sure you are just fine wherever you are. Stop in anytime!