The Reincarnated Amazing Pseudo-Haiku Thread


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It started out as:
pseudonymous said:

Pseudo Haiku = the only structure rule is they must be 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables per line...topic can be anything of your choice.

The Chain= you must begin your pseudo-haiku using the last line of the poem before as the first line in your's.

I have seen these haiku chains get to 1000+ posts in other groups.

I begin with:

a haiku a day (5 syllables)
will keep the doctor away (7 syllables)
verbal supplement (5 syllables)

you begin with:

verbal supplement

And grew, and grew, and grew to an amazing frame-stretching size after 732 replies, winding up as:

Today, it is reincarnated as:
ebb and flow in love
dancing throughout the cosmos
resting here and there​
**tapping my zen stick**
OK, let's haiku:

  • first line: five--syl-la-bles--long (notice that's 5 syllables)
  • second line: sev-en--syl-la-bles--go--here (notice that's 7 syllables)
  • third line: then--five--syl-la-bles (notice that's 5 syllables)

Alrighty then, Ian, have you got the rhythm? :)