Beer and circus


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a figment of your imagination
The Romans new that they could keep the people in line as long as they kept the collesium open and continued to parade folks out for the lions to devour.

There has been many a quote that tells us how we are so easily manipulated.

The owner of the Baltimore Orioles, a baseball team in the US has offerred up one million dollars to assist in having new primaries in Michigan and Florida. Now he is a Clinton supporter and feels that this will benefit her in her bid for the nomination. But what do the people think?

The local radio stations were awash last night in fans calling up and giving their two cents as to what an idiot he was. With that million dollars they'd prefer he'd get some better pitching staff, lower ticket or concession prices.... This went on for hours on multiple sports talk shows and will probably continue.

Proving all the quotes are true, we don't care about free or fair elections, we don't care what is going on in the world, just give us beer and baseball.
We are oh so easy to bend to anothers will.

At least, we are when we watch TV and buy into all the crap that goes along with it- what we must buy, must know (all those celebs we're supposed to know by their first name and details of their lives), the biased reporting of the TV news, etc.

If people would turn off their TV, they'd be a lot less gullible. Religion is hardly the opiate of the masses. Television and all its offerings of living vicariously through people richer and more famous than oneself is.