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Thought I'd try to get another one of these fun things going. The original is here, if you want to take a look.

Let's have a glance at the directions again, shall we?

pathless said:
If you're not familiar with the concept: I'll write a line to start off and then somebody else will pick it up where I left off, and then the next person and the next person and the next person and the next person until we run this thing into the ground. Sound fun to you? Then post!:D

I would add this time a meek request that people keep their posts to a sentence or two at a time. It helps make things more totally random. :D

I'll start again:

A really, really long time ago, thousands of years ago really, far into the future, tens of thousands of years from now, by a nice pond in a completely other galaxy...
So far, in fact, that it really doesn't matter how far; and so distant in terms of time that the pond as well as the girl who lived near to it may just as well have been conjured up as part of some silly story, -- tangled fibers of some inane, spaghetti-like, and somewhat bookish contrivance of science fiction. :)
somewhat bookish contrivance of science fiction. :)
Yes some science fiction indeed as the pond and the girl are suspended in space, not on a planet of any kind. The pond being this amorphous amoeba-ish body but she is definitely next to it, and there are some fishy type things swimming in it, and she is attempting to make out her reflection in the carnival mirror like surface.
And the flower unfolds and unfolds. Boy does it ever unfold! It takes forever! After unfolding for a thousand years, the flower burps. The girl giggles.

(okay, I already broke my own rule. More than a couple sentences, but they're short sentences, and really it's just a couple of lines. You know what they say about rules anyway.)
Only what appeared to be a green oozy was actually the super-dimension containing all men's magazines and plastic action figures (ton-tons), and the giggle was a dimension containing all Cinderella stories, boy-band posters and lipstick varieties throughout all of time and space. Mrs. Brady checked her purse to see if Beaver had returned her car keys like he had promised.

She passed him a handkerchief, he blew it to smithereens, a few galaxies exploded and dimmed way out past the milky way and stars sparkled crystal all colours..... man, woman, dreams and infatuations.
Way out by a mud kabob stand in the back alley of a place called Swillwater, the Infatuation called Glittervitch suddenly had an empowering epiphany: this moment, now, by the mud kabob stand, contextually juxtaposed with Beaver and the Brady Bunch and the action figures and the big green goober and the giggles, was undeniably real--completely concrete, fully experienced.
Taken by the wind it circumnavigated the lower regions of his billowing.
Below the below daisys pushed through mellow grass and sprang to life exuberant in the knowing all things must pass and return to their own arising.
And even by any other name it was still the same. :eek:

And now for something completely different..............
A sailor watched in awe as the fight between these mighty creatures caused the sea to writhe and bubble only yards off the bow. Powerful tentacles flailed the flesh of the whale, tearing out chunks or rich fat that the diving gulls squabbled over....
The sailors wife was meantime down below with the anti-bacterial whats it singing at the top of her voice "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair........."
Her name was Mary, and there was something about her, something about Mary and what got in her hair. She stopped her song and began to reminisce about her sailor...what had made then gell?
Meanwhile, in the bowels of the ship, Marcus loved peas. He was four years old and loved peas on everything: pizza, tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, cereal, juice, teddy grahams, graham crackers, s'mores, peanut butter sandwiches, you name it.