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Almost a year... completed a totally new; "An Affair on Golgotha." Finished a recent theological treatise on; "Jesus of Nazareth, A thesis and dissertation in defiance of doctrine concerning the political and priestly implications in the birth and lives of John the Baptizer, son of Zachariah and Elizabeth and Jesus of Nazareth son of Joseph and Mary." Now into a small response for a Pastor in Australia who likes to stir up thought by considering that Saul of Tarsus was married and had children! Preposterous? But this is the meat of scholars, finding challenges and digesting them for breakfast! This student hopes to find time to visit more than once a year.
I Am, as always.

Victor G
It's great to see you back Victor. Only last week I was reviewing our last conversation. You may be interested in the recent thread on "Rome in transition," as it covers a lot of parallel ground to your thesis.

Once again, welcome!