Looked like a nice enough classic introductory video. Reminded me of Charlie Chaplin.

YouTube - Aikido Tomiki Kenji sensei???? ??????

This movie was demonstrated by Tomiki Kenji sensei and Ohba Hideo sensei who were the most important people of Aikido history. Especially Tomiki sensei established Japan Aikido Association (people usually call it Shodokan Aikido or Tomiki Aikido) which has the students all over the world today.

Unfortunately I don't know about this movie fully. Actually the original one I bought at somewhere was so terrible because it was mirror image. So I edited it correctly.

By the way this movie said Tomiki sensei was 7th degree of Judo. As you know Kodokan gave him 8th degree in 1971. So this movie must have been made before that. And the words of Judo Taiso appeared at first. 'Judu Taiso' exactly means exercises of Judo. I guess this movie might have been made for Judo players.

Anyway this movie is definitely valuable. Enjoy!

NOTICE: This movie is silent.

If you are interested in Shodokan Aikido, please check their website! And if you go to Japan, please visit their Dojo! (Osaka)
Shodokan Musashino | Shodokan Aikido Network (Tokyo)
Shinto Shrine Miko Maidens Dancing

styles and music differ according to regions.

1. YouTube - ????

2. YouTube - Shrine maidens dancing

3. YouTube - ???????????2008?

Miko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Miko (巫女, Miko? lit. "Shrine Maiden") is a Japanese term that anciently meant "female shaman, shamaness; medium; prophet, priestess" who conveyed divine oracles, and currently means "shrine maiden; virgin consecrated to a deity" who serves at Shinto shrines.

FYI, I`ve hardly seen a Miko myself.

A glimpse of Kashima Shinto-ryu swordsmanship ceremony at a Shinto Shrine.

1. YouTube - ??????/?
2. YouTube - ??????/?

It kind of shows how these swordsman feel about their pursuit of swordsmanship.
For them it is a spiritual pursuit as well as a physical one.

Ombashira Festival

Some of our most dangerous festivals.
If you thought getting chased by bulls was rough, try riding huge logs down hill.

YouTube - Ombashira Festival 2004 - Kiotoshi#1
YouTube - Logriding Race in Japan (best views)
YouTube - Onbashira Festival, Nagano, Japan (finale)

Logriders risk their lives in a rare and dangerous festival in Japan. It's log-riding Japanese style, which makes it far more exciting and a little bit dangerous. The race involves five to six men tumbling over a mountain top on a ten tonne log that comes crashing down a steep slope with no guarantees if the rider will still be on he log at the end of the road.

Logriding in Suwa city, Nagano prefecture is believed to be a sacred ritual which goes back over a thousand years. It is common for a log-rider to fall and be crushed to death by an oncoming juggernaut during the race-- injuries are common and almost inevitable. Most outsiders feel one has to be a little crazy to participate in this unusual sport.

ITN Source
Reuters 5621/04

There are many huge and very different festivals in Japan, which I look forward to posting.

Saidaiji (buddhist temple) festival

YouTube - 2008' ???????????????ver2

The goal of this festival is to get a hold of a piece of wood, and bring it back to the goal point against what looks like thousands. In accomplishing that good fortune is blessed. Look at all the confusion like everyone`s like "who`s got it?", "you got it? give it to me!!". The guys in blue hats and the one`s calling out control freak-like announcements are the police. Obviously this festival has been toned down lately.