Crap!! George Carlin is Dead.

Anyone remember the TV special where he was hired and they had some negotiation gliche and George did like 7-10 minutes live and did nothing the entire time but suck on his gums, make some 'why am I here' and 'why are you here' faces and then turn around and walk back? The audience waited, and waited and then a little laughter would start and then some more and then the whole audience would be rollling and then back to silence and a minute later it would start again...

I don't know if I related this before.

I was riding in the car with my son, we were listening to c-span and a recording from earlier that day, Supreme Court arguments, on Howard Stern and FCC. Well the discussion of the seven dirty words came up and my son and I found out how it all came about. When George wrote the bit, the law didn't exist. He made it up. It was sort of an unwritten rule amongst the TV and radio stations that cared self policing themselves. So George wrote the bit. But as we all know, that didn't stop many radio stations from airing it, or TV stations from letting him do it. Well some dad was driving thru NYC with his 14 year old kid and low and behold heard GC on the radio doing 7DW and called the FCC appalled that his 14 year old was subjected to this stuff.

The law was then created after the fact and GC changed the face of radio by writing a bit.

Now the funny part, I'm in the car with my 14 year old, listening to supreme court justices and the lawyers repeat over and over the seven dirty words, both collectively and individually in discussion without being bleeped on C-Span, not live without delay, but recorded and played back hours later without censorship.

Now my question, in George's honor should I call the FCC on C-span?
Tidbit of trivia: Carlin was arrested here in Milwaukee in 1972 at a (then) little known festival Summerfest (he was charged with violating an anti-obscenity law for performing Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.)

Well, he's with a couple of his contemporaries (Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor) insulting the (living) world's complacency for our enuram.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Check the Moderator forum. :) :kitty:s are willing to explain (complete with a short bit on a blackboard [don't worry, no claws will be used on said blackboard. :eek:])

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

lol You got a mystery secret file running on me? *hax0rz the system*

Who is that guy and what has he done with 17th?:eek:


Just no need for language like that, it solves nothing, nor like for me, I would swear like that to prove my point/make my point clear lol. (obviously it wouldn't prove my point or make it clear :p)

Anyway no idea who George Carlin is But here's to the next step *pours a "40" on the floor.*
You can find George Carlin videos on YouTube (I just checked a little while ago.) I don't know if they have Indian Sergeant or not, but I believe Seven Things You Can Never Say On Television is on there as are some of his other live performances. (Too bad I couldn't find a video of him doing his hippy dippy weatherman.)

Unlike Andrew Dice Clay, George Carlin would only use "risque" language to denote his anger and not for shock value.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I liked the old George Carlin, back when he did albums like "Class Clown" (the first album I heard of his and it had be on the floor busting my gut so hard I literally couldn't breathe) and "A Place for my Stuff", talking about, you know, regular stuff. He once said, "My job as a comedian is to point out the funny things of everyday life, just in case you missed them the first time around..."

In the last 10-15 years, however, he just turned into a belligerant, angry old man who hated everything. Some months ago, I viewed a few of his newer videos on YouTube, but I honestly couldn't find him funny anymore. He just changed. he became too cynical of the world, and that to me is depressing.

that video I link to, "I Used to Be Irish Catholic", it's from Class Clown. That was a really great album. I agree with you about the way he changed. He was a lot funnier before, and happy! :D

-- Dauer
On another forum, someone said that "God will welcome you, George". And I replied, "How is God going to welcome George when George didn't welcome God?"

I mean, what if it didn't want to go to heaven? What if he didn't want to have a nice day?
On another forum, someone said that "God will welcome you, George". And I replied, "How is God going to welcome George when George didn't welcome God?"

I mean, what if it didn't want to go to heaven? What if he didn't want to have a nice day?
Now if one were to believe G!d could or would welcome anyone, I think G!d would welcome George. Can you imagine G!d and he in conversation at the pearly gates? G!d reflecting on his favorite bits, George going 'oh sh-t, I hope you didn't take it personally'

Seriously G!d has to look at the variety of religions and the variety of religious zealots that think they know everything and everyone else is wrong and if he has any sense of humor at all, he and George are chuckling about it right now.