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Jul 11, 2008Binary Asteroids
What causes asteroids to split apart?

Scientists have been studying small planetoids called Near Earth Objects (NEO) for the past thirty years. Some concerns have arisen about whether large space rocks could strike our planet since current theories suggest that one of them caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Earth has supposedly been struck many times by asteroids and comets, so astronomers have been tracking as many objects as they can find to see if any of them cross the plane of Earth's orbit.

Binary Asteroids

will look into this

Read the article as is shares a phenomenon just being understood

No one wants to imagine that such things could take place on the planetary or stellar scale. However, each of the phenomena that we consider in these pages interrelate in ways that make the conclusion compelling: electricity forms most of what we see in the Solar System and beyond

and why?

Because entangled energy is that phenomenon known as Gravity!

Entanglement Entropy in Loop Quantum Gravity
Authors: William Donnelly
(Submitted on 6 Feb 2008)
Abstract: The entanglement entropy between quantum fields inside and outside a black hole horizon is a promising candidate for the microscopic origin of black hole entropy. We show that the entanglement entropy may be defined in loop quantum gravity, and compute its value for spin network states. The entanglement entropy for an arbitrary region of space is expressed as a sum over punctures where the spin network intersects the region's boundary. Our result agrees asymptotically with results previously obtained from the isolated horizon framework, and we give a justification for this agreement. We conclude by proposing a new method for studying corrections to the area law and its implications for quantum corrections to the gravitational action​

entanglement gravity - Google Search

to any intersted... note the dates on all these NEW ideas of what gravity could be

Never mind what I suggest.... enjoy the read
ow about spooly comets

Dazzling comet outburst continues to mystify

The comet that suddenly became about a million times brighter nearly two weeks ago continues to "shine" with abnormal luminosity, leaving observers puzzled over what caused the outburst and whether the comet will perform an encore in the coming months.
Comet 17P/Holmes is normally an invisible runt of a comet, about 3.3 kilometres across and about 25,000 times too faint to be seen with the naked eye.
But following its sudden brightening on 23 October, the comet's coma, a surrounding shell of gas and dust, has been expanding at a rate of about 0.5 kilometres per second, making the comet appear as a fuzzy "star" that can be seen with the naked eye in the constellation Perseus (see image at right and watch a video of dust streaming off the comet's icy body, or nucleus).

for those who like the weird

Special Report on Comets and Asteroids - New Scientist Space

then see their rendition of the

Solar-powered asteroids make their own moons
here is an idea i awoke with;

if the binary asteroid shares that within or in between the 2 rotating; if the highest state of the so called gravitational attraction is focused in the center of their combination and not on the mass of either asteroid...

then you are seeing the exact same thing that is called a 'black hole'....

not that they exist but that is is the combining of energy focused to the center is that phenomena wrongfully called a black hole, when it is really the shared energy between the stuctures is greater than any of the singles, added separately.....

this phenomenon is from entangled energy...
that is cute but let's add a level;

the black hole that most see is not the one that winks, but the one that stinks.
LMAO! you are one seriously messed up dude, bishadi! but i think you knew that already. keep em comin'. very interesting stuff.
I haven't really seen one (they cannot be seen!! :O);/ Just wanted to post something to bump his thread as it seems there isn't much input to the topic... I haven't actually anything to say lol.... So yeah... *wanders out of this forum*
One can see a black hole indirectly (one can't actually see the black hole, but one can see the repercussions of a hole.) Since the gravitational pull is so intense, the luminous matter of the surrounding stars and such gets pulled in, and sometimes there is a kind of polar "spike" visible (I don't know the exact term or description of this phenomenon.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I read one idea that was a fun one to ponder... that our universe could be inside the event horizon of a huge black hole, which in turn is in another universe, which in turn is in the event horizon of a bigger black hole... and on and on.

It's a fun idea. From what I read, if you're in an event horizon, you wouldn't know you are there, nor could you see outside the horizon. So your universe would appear to have boundaries, when in fact, the boundaries are due to your perception and not reality.
event horizon kicks ass! hook it up, bruh! i've always wanted to leap into the dimension where no eyes are needed. LOL! scary movie, man. especially where that guy has his own friggin eyeballs in his hands. *shutters* never mind, alex. i'll pass.
LMAO! you are one seriously messed up dude, bishadi! but i think you knew that already.


nothing like breaking up the monotony with humor.....

this black hole this is funny and most really have no idea where it came from and why.... but they love the stuff on TV

it is just really sad to see how even the sciences have turned into a religious order of believing rather than knowing
And you know?

that light is life

that most all the religions ever to exist, share the exact same thing

difference is, i know the math to back it up...... i did the homework and not a person on this earth did a thing to assist in simply understanding what makes us alive....

never did i realize when the promise was made what it all meant...

DO now!

that the combining knowledge this whole world is awaiting is based on understand............'light'

in which by knowledge and the truth of what life is; each person can be equal, each can understand, each can be responsible with never have the fear of the unknown.....

there is no magic, never was as the idea of phenomenon being the choice of GOD is simply irresponsible conveyance maintained in complacency to being less than capable.

it is rude in itself for any to ever think we are not capable, when in genesis itself, God himself was suggested to say.... 'lo, his is like us'

we are the children of existence (god) have a little faith that in time, the truth will exist....

this thread on binary asteroids is to offer information for people who truly like to understand, an ability to pursue a phenomenon (gravity) as it truly is.