Moderator against Member Religion against Religion

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I think you will find this is happening... The mods admin have their own forum here... And I tend to observe everyone and their movments... And I can tell you that there has been quite some movement in that forum latley... I think if you are finding their are conversations here you wish to join in with then perhaps just give this site one last chance? Brian has stated he will now be keeping control and watching he has already shut a thread down... I think you shall see a big change.

Very Well.
That is cause the other member was banned....

That is not true. I think LB is referring to Bandit. Bandit has not been banned at all. His participation has been very intermittent the last year, but not as a result of any moderator action against him. Bandit and I have chatted through PM and he is occasionally around.
I've already told you, I'm here - but you haven't sent a single complaint to me.

In fact, you've only been here a short while yet a quarter of your posts so far are focused on telling us what a crap board run by crap people we have here.

You've raised a public discussion - fine - but unless you're going to illustrate any complaints to me personally, there's nothing to act upon.

In the meantime, it's worth remembering that this is a discussion community about religion - it is not a discussion community about the discussion community.

If you have something to really complain about, then you are welcome to PM me - otherwise, it's worth deciding whether a community you obviously so dislike at the beginning is somewhere you really should be.

I never said this was a crap board nor suggest the people are crap . I never said I dislike it. Please stop inserting things that have nothing to do with this. I did make it clear that if I am here or not here, makes no difference to me. That does not mean I insulted this forum.

If you cannot examine it out from your moderator forum and my formal complaint already made, then I expect nothing more to be done in private than in public.

We are leaving the country for a couple of weeks to visit one of my children and I do not wish to take this with. I may pm at a later date and I may not.

Thank you again for this meeting.
LenoBee, you haven't made any kind of formal complaint - you have started a whining thread, and despite every invitation to show me specific examples to look into, you simply ignore my offer to help and keep on whining.

There are nearly 9,000 discussion threads on this forum relating to over 150,000 individual posts. Which one do you want me to look at?

You started a thread criticising this forum, and the majority of your contribution has been towards slamming the place, but not taking up any single offer to help.

I have 3 business reports to complete tonight and it's already 7pm, and yet you seem to think I'll enjoy a merry jaunt sorting through 150k posts looking for the individual one whose nuance aggrieved you?

I'm sorry - I make myself available to help despite a truly punishing workload, and if all you can say is "I may pm you an d I may not" is exactly the cryptic kind of time wasting I have absolutely no time for.

To boot - please send me a list of complaints referenced by URLs and I will be happy to look into each and every individual one. New member or not, I will listen to any and every complaint and criticism and try to act. What I don't have time for is the presumption that I have time to try and discover people's problems when they refuse to communicate them.

In the meantime, I'll close this thread so if you want to take things further, you can do it by PM as I've repeatedly invited.
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