End Times Survival

Ok I just gotta say this... :eek:

There is no romance in Clan of the Cave Bear... none zero zilch...

That comes in Valley of the Horses. ;)

You can read the Clan of the cave bear on its own and enjoy it very much even to appreciate the research she did.

Oh! I'm glad you pointed this out. I have the whole series but it's been a long time since I read them. I'd love to have my daughter read the series too, but I did remember a few sex scenes. And, isn't there a near-rape scene in Clan of the Cave Bear, when a boy tries to rape the girl protagonist (Ayla? can't remember her name).
Yes she does get raped so its not appropriate for a child even though I read it when I was 12... there is quite a bit of sexual content later in the series because the author uses the great earth mother as being the fertility goddess type that promotes open sexual relationships.
I would be fine... I am aware that one day I will die anyway, so am not too fussed about when that is... sure, I have plans, we all do, but my main plan is simply to be content with myself, and everyone else...

I grew up starving, and eating food out of bins, and sleeping on the streets... I can go back to that. I am not too proud. I can steal, so I will steal seeds and grow vegetables in my yard and I will be fine.

There is nothing I would take with me, and as there is nowhere to go anyway, I will stay here, and live for a while. All I need is a blanket, a whetstone, a knife, and things to burn. I can always make fire, and there will be plenty of things I can burn.

I would be pro-active, and speak to my neighbours, build a small fence around our community, and within reason we will more or less carry on as we have for years- we will teach the children about decency, perform lots of plays and put on small dramas to entertain ourselves. If we all did the same, we would cope, survive, continue on with life...

"Everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved."—ACTS 2:21.:)

For then I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language, in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder.’zepheniah 3;9
Time to put the Atkins/Lecter diet to the test.

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Imagine the world enters a cataclysm of End Times proportions (no one has been raptured). A large meteor has struck the side of the earth opposite of you, essentially destroying 1/3 of the planet and throwing up a dust cloud that threatens sustained food production for the next 100 years or more. Financial markets are in disarray, there's a small amount of energy resource left in gas, oil, and electricity, but it's also not sustainable and running out. Hospitals are running out of resources to help the sick and new medicines and surgical supplies are dwindling fast.

Your town, being on the opposite side of the globe, has not been destroyed but the air is getting hazardous. The only type of broadcast communication is ham radio and reports are so sporadic it's hard to tell what exactly is going on elsewhere. So far violence and crime have been sporadic in your town, but it's getting worse daily. It's obvious that the police are going to have to use ever more force and even then it will be a losing battle.

What do you do?
Will you stay or will you go?
If you go, what will you take with you?
If something like this were to happen today, how prepared are you to deal with it?
Just a fun thread for discussion on a Friday. :)

Iv watched dawn of the dead alot of times and always wondered what I would do in that situation.:confused:

What do you do?
Try to find the nearest airport and stay put until the panic dies down.
Then set up a base camp. Im sure the airplanes would come in handy while looking for a good spot to call home among other uses.

Will you stay or will you go?
I would stay at the airport, fly around and see if anybody else survived (if I find others and they are friendly) take them back to the airport and get them to help set up a better base camp. Knowledge is power for sure in this situation.

If you go, what will you take with you?
If I left the airport I would take the people and as much supplies as we would find from flying around and finding stuff..i.e. groceries etc...Then Fly out to where I needed to go to survive..Probably Africa or South America..

If something like this were to happen today, how prepared are you to deal with it?
Not really prepared, Im sure I could survive though..
Dont really know how until it happens....
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The natural Holocaust scenario that has been suggested is not very dissimilar the many nuclear holocaust scenarios that had been presented in works of fiction not that long ago. One author, Johnstone, had quite a following here in the USA that had taken his fiction somewhat to heart and had created a loose-knit band of groups who are preparing themselves for such an eventuality. I believe this group has a website.

Firearms are, and still will remain, a viable protection system here in the USA. I refer the reader to the "updates" I have posted in the 'Forum-Politics & Society-Weapons' thread. I should also point out that the historical re-creationist groups of the Fur Trade era and the US Civil War era are better equipped should there be a shortage of smokeless gunpowder and primers. You do have your own 6pdr gun w/limber and caisson don't you?:)

Rambling on...
During the 1970's, here in the USA, the "back to the earth" commune concept was put into practice and alternative energy and dwellings were all the rage especially in the State of California. Few of these "communes" still survive, their failures being traced to too much 'deadwood.' This will be a common concern for groups placed into an emergency survival situation without planning aforethought.

Sanitary waste, processed by methane generators, may produce fuel for cooking, lighting, heat and for the operation of diesel-powered electrical generator units while providing a high quality fertilizer slurry for a sustainable agra/aqua-culture system. Home bio-diesel 'plants' are viable fuel sources as well for there are many surface alkali flats in the desert regions of the western and southwestern states. Fiber optic light pipes, providing UV free sunlight, have been shown to produce both larger fruits as well as increases in production yield.

There have been sufficient philosophical crossovers of both back to earth and survivalist groups such that the amalgam of an armed tribal survivalist/alternative resource community may now exist but the integration appears far from complete and it is doubtful that any of these groups have developed, to the best of my knowledge, a 100 year plan.

Nomadic hunter-gatherer groups may survive in the short term but with the prospect of a 'nuclear winter,' as indicated in the initial scenario, it would be most difficult without a sufficient stock of woolly mammoths.:D

On the Religious front; some 'Mormon' groups have a 1 year emergency subsistence home stock pile requirement which places those groups on the highly probable survivor list.

One's survival toolkit consists basically of the will to survive, adapt and endure, the available knowledge, then available equipment/resources.