April 24, 2022

Our Society is Sick

by Interfaith

I see the deep, black scar on our community.

People unsatisfied with their lot, empty egoists who need to take, take, take.

People running from themselves, seeking nothing but higher highs on an endless hedonic treadmill.

People that can’t be happy because they need to be the best. The richest, the most famous, and then there will always be a bigger fish.

Our society pushes this on people. It creates all of these fake “needs” and tries to sell us that they’re the only way we can find fulfillment and contentment. It rewards the hollowest of us who are willing to sacrifice everything, even their own humanity, for their own selfish greed and hedonism.

Cooperation and sacrifice have become dirty words to people who might be too far gone. All of the compassion in the world might be too little, too late. And we rip each other further apart.

(Discussion in ‘Politics and Society‘ started by Ella S. 22/04/2022)

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