April 24, 2022

Symmetry: Derail from Sound and Sacred Geometry

by Interfaith

Wil, clean up on aisle three!

I copied some posts from a derail so we may continue here.

BrotherMichaelSky said: 

Since I am always guilty of using the term “vibration” when trying to describe my experiences – i will interject here…
It seems you folks are trying to fit everything about this subject into the descriptions of the very narrow range of audible sound.
I do not think that is going to work.
The reason is this (and please bear with me – I am trying to avoid scientific terms and describe something I experience ) :
If one is to experience vibrations higher ( or lower – for whatever reason ) they will indeed “experience” those sounds using perceptions which are “outside” of the ears…… my entire being vibrates with those frequencies when I explore them – not the bones in my ears….
How do i explain the use of senses you are not even aware you posess? I cannot.

But I CAN tell you that i have worked on boats – I became aware of a phenomenon called Cavitation. When a boat has two props, they must be operated at the same speed or cavitation will occur – an example of the Chaos Theory… the two vibrations will “battle” and all sorts of cross currents and chaos will ensue….

This can be displayed easily in your driveway as well – place a glass of water on the hood of your car… it will vibrate and concentric rings will be seen on the surface of the water as it idles evenly…. rev the engine and the water will splash and thrash until a higher vibration is evenly assumed, where the concentric rings will form again….
the period of thrashing describes the change from one vibration to the other…. a period of chaos….

I believe the asymmetrical frequencies you mention are just these types of frequencies – the contact of two dissimilar vibrations…. portions of reality going through a change….

Symmetry is a message from our Creator. It is representative of Universal Law. It tells us that peace may be had anywhere we exist – if we are aware of our natural state. Furthermore, it assures us that during our moments of Chaos – that peace and rest is to be found at the end of our trials…

Harmony is the result of Symmetry… and it is representative of Perfection – which we are never to forget is our destination ( which is why the examples surround us… )

and to forestall another question – Yes, even asymmetrical vibration is “perfection” – for it leads us in a natural way towards that which is perfect …. one might even say that it is the asymmetrical which is even more beneficial to us at this stage than the symmetrical – it keeps us seeking… one can not relax in chaos….
and do not forget that the physical is where we are confronted by opposites…. and one of those opposites MUST appear “Bad” to us… that’s how the physical works….

I am convinced that vibration will one day be our best road map to the Heavens – i feel the equipment within me to determine vibration in an exact way. I can find the same vibratory “places ” EXACTLY, with no difficulty – in a repeatable way…. and i accept information which directly equates to vibration… which must “lower” itself before i begin to understand….. Life is Movement – of which Vibration is the signature….

seattlegal said: 

Hey, speak for yourself! 

BrotherMichaelSky said: 

well, perhaps I should say ” Relaxing in Chaos has it’s costs…”

seattlegal said: 

Let’s back up a bit here:

Where is the harmony in the symmetry of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?” I say “nay,” as hate does not overcome hate.

Oh, you mean like not paying back evil with evil, and such? 

So yes, I can relax in such asymmetry, and balance and harmony can be achevied without symmetry.

We are getting away from sound and sacred geometry here. Maybe we can start another thread?

wil said: 

I look forward to it. (oh and that eye for an eye thing ain’t a minimum, it is a maximum if any penalty at all is imposed)

BrotherMichaelSky said: 

When the Law of Karma is considered, hate is hate’s own destruction…
give hate, and hate is received until the error is noticed…

well, we didn’t actually get to thoroughly link my comment with the topic…. but if you are done….

seattlegal said: 

There is the karma that is the fruit of action, but then there is the karma of intent which affects ones mind. When your mind is overcome with greed, hate, or delusion, you do silly things like killing, lying, stealing, and telling others to do so, which escalates long term suffering. So no, when you apply the law of karma regarding hate, hate does not become its own destruction. Hate actually escalates suffering for everyone, especially if everyone symmetrically plays along.

If you want to start a thread, I’d be happy to continue there. We might even get wil to move these posts there too, if we ask him nicely.

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