January 9, 2023

Religious books and a description of the Origins of the Universe according to science?

by Interfaith

A few years ago, I ventured into the claim that the Quran gave a detailed description on how Allah created the Universe. Or let me elaborate a bit more.
An Islamic Scholar, Zakir Naik participated in a debate with Dr. William Campbell at the University of Chicago with the theme: ‘the Bible, the Quran, in relation to science. In the year 2000
At that stage I was still an Atheist, and I was fascinated at what this scholar said, especially as he was making a mockery of the Christian Dr Campbell.

After I watched the video where about 3 000 audience was entertained by Dr Naik’s antics, I decided to investigate all his claims for my own benefit.

I especially liked the statement Dr Naik said:
“If the God of the Bible gave an incorrect description on how He created everything, we can conclude with safety that such a God can not be God at all!”

Well, this was when I was introduced to the Quran, and I started to collect every book on the subject, learned about Dr Maurice Buchaile (Who incidentally was the source of Dr Naik’s information) and other Muslim scholars such as Ahmad Deedad etc.

It took me about 3 years to work through the Bible, the Quran and these external information to get an answer.
Once I discovered how lies was preached and spread on what the Bible and Quran said etc. I realized that the Quran was in error, yet I could not prove the Bible wrong at all concerning its description about the Origins of the Universe.

Eventually I realized that this simple description corresponded exactly to what science knows today.
Actually, I was shocked to learn that science plagiarized Genesis 1 on the subject. But more on that at a later stage.

I think that bringing this journey which I walked 15 years ago to you, might do one of 2 things.
1. You will get information you never knew before and will make you to rethink claims made by Muslim scholars.
2. You will be able to refute the facts that I believe is evidence that the God of the Bible is the only God.

But before I start to give my story, Perhaps you would like to give me your point of view about the topic.
What do you think?
Does the Bible or Quran have any value to scientific descriptions?
Is it evidence that God authored the scriptures in question?
Or is this totally far founded and there is no ancient scripture describing science as we know it today?

(OupaPiet 5/01/2023)

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