April 30, 2023

Some thoughts

by Interfaith

I feel like I’m living in some weird alternate reality. Lately I’ve been accused of being a heretic that I follow doctrines of demons that Jesus is not God.. that the Holy Spirit is not God. That Paul is a false prophet. That there’s whole new language that’s supposed to be Hebrew but doesn’t resemble Hebrew at all. That John 3:16 is scripture but there are additional requirements to salvation and baptism isn’t even one of them! That we must follow the law but not ALL of the law just parts of it. That the Holy Bible that is my spiritual food is wrong. That I’m referring to my God as the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit wrong. Jesus spoke Aramaic when He cried out to His Father.. Abba. Or was that wrong too? I feel beset by so many opinions on what is truth but I know the truth for me. I am not here to be converted to someone else’s interpretation of the truth. I’m here to discuss what MY faith teaches.im not interested in becoming Muslim or gnostic or some Gentile based Messianic Judaism or anything that denies what I believe. It’s overwhelming and I can’t help but feel the spiritual warfare involved. Every single attack revolves around some aspect of my belief trying to tear it down.God does NOT work like that.

Ok my vent is over. Sorry y’all I just needed to get it out!

Faithfulservant 25/04/2023

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