December 22, 2022

Try the Trinity

by Interfaith

I never bothered to find out exactly how the Trinity “God” was, shall I say…constructed…
To the Christian it is not a problem to say God consists of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
To them it is one God.

Then I was confronted by Muslim, and realized, to my shock, that Christians have a hard time to explain the Trinity.

Well, I previously summarized the Bible and read the Quran a few times, and I decided to see if there is an easy understandable way to explain the Trinity, and to also find out if the Trinity is false, or really a divine god.

Well, I did my learning and have to test my knowledge with religions that do not believe in the Trinity, to validate my understanding.
This is my main reason why I wanted to join this forum.
To test the idea of a Triune God.

What’s the use if I believe in something, and there might be facts I don’t know about that will destroy these “Facts”.

If anyone wants to ask questions or needs some clarification, I will be happy to have a serious but friendly debate.

(OupaPiet 21/12/2022)

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