September 14, 2023

Vegetarian or Vegan? Religious or health reason?

by Interfaith

 I have reduced or stopped consuming animals…

  • For religious reasons
  • I don’t wish to harm animals
  • I don’t wish to end a life to sustain mine
  • Health reasons

When I first started (early 80s) on the quit eating meat thang…vegetarian was synonymous with today’s vegan….to me vegan came about when there pecame varieties of vegetarians…pescatarians, lacto, ovo etc.

I am weird (need I tell you?) I quit eating store-bought meats….capitalist farm raised meats where profits ruled.  I saw cows put on weight at feedlots prior to slaughter, watched cows freak as they saw the cows in front of them killed and swung away to be butchered. I saw chicken leg bones that were fractured under the weight of a growing chickens with more breast meat faster than the legs could sustain them.

I was a hunter when I quit buying storebought.  I still ate what got in front of my gun.  I still ate what a friend raised, or I petted, or knew it’s name.

In a few years time I quit hunting…and quit eating meat on a weekly/monthly basis.  But occasionally…when in rome….I did not pass up trying gator or roo in Australia, or a five critter chili in Colorado.  When folks were oooing and ahhing about some great steak last year around a fire…I tried a bite…prolly my last bite of cow.

It ain’t religious or animal welfare for me really….it is health.  I had to bosses who had to quit eating meat due to heart issue, and a brain disease (looking back I think mad cow, wasting disease, prions) both were in their 60s for both it was absolute hell to change their diets after 6 decades of habits.

I told my doc I was considering it.  I told him the above reasons why.  And what he said cemented the deal.   He responded, “Why? You are still healthy.”  I said, “You are an idiot, and you are fired” and I quit eating meat.

When my aorta blew up, they checked my heart, and despite being over 60 and overweight they could not believe how clean my arteries are.

wil May 26, 2023

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