October 27, 2022


by Interfaith

I am not a woman so someone might deem I have no right to speak about women. Let that go ahead.

I remembered something that happened in Iceland. Almost all the women stopped working one day (statistically I maybe a little off) as a protest. And the result was, that day was dead. Nothing happened. It proved that when the women stop working, nothing works.

Would the same take place if all the men stopped working one day? My opinion is that it’s a “no”.

People might be all for this so called equality and etc etc but the reality is most of those who take care of the household are women, and most of those who provide for the household are men. It’s just a discovered outcome. So if men stopped working one day, it is only going to stop some revenue, but if women stopped, it’s a standstill.

What do you think? What are your thoughts?

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