November 20, 2022

My issue with Urantia

by Interfaith

According to Dr Sadler, The Urantia Book (UB hereafter) was ‘complete and certified’ in 1935. However, Ernest Moyer (a believer) has carefully documented that Dr. Sadler indeed made changes to the text after this date. So either the ‘sources’ are not infallible, or he found errors in their transmissions. Matthew Block (another believer), documents the human texts […]

October 27, 2022

My disagreements with other people about the teachings of Jesus

by Interfaith

These are some examples of my disagreements with other people about the teachings of Jesus. Currently I’m thinking that:– the gospel of Jesus is about His kingdom, not about any salvation doctrine of Christianity.– the kingdom of Jesus is here and now, whenever and wherever people are serving and obeying Him above all others because […]

My view of a fundamentalist Muslim

by Interfaith

Respecting some questions, here’s what it is. I consider myself a fundamentalist Muslim. I even sometimes consider myself an extremist Muslim. But these terms might scare some people off because the media has created some special meanings around these words. It’s not relevant to me. I have my Islam and I believe in the fundamentals, […]


by Interfaith

I am not a woman so someone might deem I have no right to speak about women. Let that go ahead. I remembered something that happened in Iceland. Almost all the women stopped working one day (statistically I maybe a little off) as a protest. And the result was, that day was dead. Nothing happened. […]

Translation and the challenges it poses

by Interfaith

Firedragon said: You are right. When translating many of the languages I am sure one word cannot be translated into one word. BUT, words can be explained. The problem is these explanations will fill up the whole room. Imagine someone translated the Tipitaka into English and goes to explain. It will be a disaster. That […]

October 23, 2022

Altered consciousness

by Interfaith

Do you have a place you go to sit, contemplate and alter your perception? Is that why they call it an alter? My brain should be like vegas… (wil 19/10/2022) Visit thread:

There is no justice if atheism is true

by Interfaith

@Ahanu makes a very strange statement in another thread.Ahanu, how did you arrive at that?There are laws of the nation and the laws of the society in which you live. Does atheism asks one to disobey those laws?I submit to both. My being atheist does not exempt me from them. (Aupmanyav Oct 9  2022)  Visit thread

October 2, 2022

This is my path and what I believe.

by Interfaith

There are billions of people on the planet all searching for “why” we exist, “why” we are here, “is there” a God, “is there” an after life. There are hundreds of religions all with their take on life here and the afterlife there, but what is your belief? What is your personal path? What do […]

Atheists on Interfaith site?

by Interfaith

Blasphemy? “Do not be too quick to condemn the man who no longer believes in God: for it is perhaps your own coldness and avarice and mediocrity and materialism and selfishness that have chilled his faith.”— Thomas Merton (Discussion in ‘Belief and Spirituality‘ started by wil, Sep 24, 2022) Visit thread:

The Style of the Persian Bayan

by Interfaith

Back from a short break!  @mrym, would you mind sharing what your experience of reading the Bab’s Persian Bayan is like? Would you say the use of the Persian language in this 19th century text is similar to how it is used today in Iran? I am wondering if your experience with the Persian text […]

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