October 7, 2023

The Synod in the Catholic Church

by Interfaith

“For nigh-on all of October, Catholic bishops, priests, and lay women and men from all over the world gather in Rome for the Synod of Bishops to discuss “synodality” — the way in which all members of the church participate in the church and its mission. It it is part of an extraordinary three-year renewal […]

October 1, 2023

Yeshua Never Existed . . . Change my Mind

by Interfaith

There is no conclusive evidence much less objective proof that Yeshua (the son of god/or god himself) ever existed.Change my mind . . . By the first century A.D., the Jews were looking for strong, magnetic leaders who could deliver them from the wrath of the Roman Empire. The Essenes developed the idea of a […]

Public Evangelization

by Interfaith

When I was in college, I was approached randomly by a girl who asked me a few confusing questions. I remember one of them was about who I thought “the lamb” was in the Bible. She then told me about who she called “God the Mother”, and asked for my number so she could invite […]

Mysticism – a Christian response to a Baha’i statement

by Interfaith

In a protracted dialogue with a Baha’i member of the forum it seems to me the particular distinction between orthodox or traditional Christianity and the Baha’i is a rebuttal of the idea of the Immanent Presence in the latter, and a subsequent lack of a shared comprehension of the mystical dimension of the Christian faith. […]

Would The World Be Better Off Without Religion?

by Interfaith

Would The World Be Better Off Without Religion? : NPR This was a debate sponsored by National Public Raido (USA). You can listen to a 50-minute recording of the debate, or you can download a PDF written transcript of the debate. Nick the Pilot Nov 22, 2011 Visit Thread: https://www.interfaith.org/community/threads/14801/

September 14, 2023

Vegetarian or Vegan? Religious or health reason?

by Interfaith

 I have reduced or stopped consuming animals… When I first started (early 80s) on the quit eating meat thang…vegetarian was synonymous with today’s vegan….to me vegan came about when there pecame varieties of vegetarians…pescatarians, lacto, ovo etc. I am weird (need I tell you?) I quit eating store-bought meats….capitalist farm raised meats where profits ruled.  […]

Can there be a truth so great, that possibly even God could not do anything greater?

by Interfaith

Could God love each and every one of us as he loves himself? Could God love us more than he loves himself? Here is a childlike and yet profound way to challenge the power of the greatest commandments; when looking for one single purpose that might impel God to create the universe and life. Before […]

Buddhism In A Nutshell

by Interfaith

https://www.bps.lk/olib/bp/bp106s_Narada_Buddhism-In-A-Nutshell.pdf Classic by Narada Mahathera – this is 2017 repinting. On the ten paramis or perfections: PERFECTIONS (Páramì) 1. May I be generous and helpful! (dána-páramì—perfection of generosity) 2. May I be well-disciplined and refined in manners! May I be pure and clean in all my dealings! May my thoughts, words and deeds be pure! […]

The Qumran Paradigm

by Interfaith

Taken from an essay available online here. And I note that the proposer of the Groningen Hypothesis has subsequently agreed that the situation, and the question of who are the Essenes, is more clouded than ever. A ‘Qumran Community’? The popular understanding of the Qumran Community – an all-male celibate collective, an ideologically, socially and religiously […]

It is not for us to question G!d’s intent, but…

by Interfaith

It is not for us to question G!d’s intent, or plans if you will. But to better understand what makes Him tick, I think He actually enjoys letting a genuine seeker sneak a peek behind the curtain from time to time. In other words, it is not my place to tell G!d He is wrong, […]

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