December 1, 2021

God and the Devil in Jungian Gnostic Alchemy

by Interfaith

I thought a post like this might clarify some things, or perhaps obfuscate them further. A distinction must be made between the God of Classical Theism and the God of Classical Gnosticism. The former is a personal agent that creates, giving it the nickname of “the Father.” The latter is a substance that emanates, giving […]

Logos and Sophia in Jungian Gnosticism

by Interfaith

The central myth to the Gnostics becomes the central myth in Jungian alchemy, too. This myth is the goal of the Gnostic portrayed through the reunion of Sophia with her syzygy, the Logos, liberating her from hylic reincarnation and elevating her into the Pleroma. In Jungian alchemy, this describes the central process of integration which […]

Tips on Ascension: Your Human Body

by Interfaith

Hello! my name is 13 and I am currently working to help people ascend godhood in their next incarnation. If you decide to follow these guidelines, when you move on to the next life (naturally, you will need your entire lifespan to do this!) then you will gain entry to the realm of the gods […]

What is “ego” and why is it bad?

by Interfaith

I know that this is probably a very basic question, but I keep hearing about people who have supposedly lost their ego. This is incredibly hard for me to understand from a Western perspective, because “ego” refers to one of two things here: The “Ego” of Freud, which is merely the conscious mind. Since the […]

November 14, 2021

Authority of the ancients vs authority of progress

by Interfaith

In antiquity, religious cults had to be able to refer to ancient origins in order to be taken seriously. Plato summed it up in one of his texts, letting an Egyptian priest speak of the Greeks as “children”, whose traditions were only a couple of hundred years old. The ancient Greeks were very impressed by […]

Did Jesus Exist

by Interfaith

25 min Fair and open Imo, although as a believer in the Incarnation, I obviously disagree with the conclusion. These scholarly videos make it so much easier to grasp the essentials than reading hundreds of pages of writing   (Discussion in ‘Video‘ started by RJM Corbet 11/11/2021) Follow thread:

What are we?

by Interfaith

Starting a new thread so as not to completely derail the original one. The following got me thinking. What, according to our diverse world-views, are we, really? Ella S. said: ↑ I don’t believe that God created this world. I believe he created our souls, and that they have been imprisoned in the bodies of material […]

November 6, 2021

EUHEMRISM- Mythology as Symbolically Glossed History

by Interfaith

This thread is for those who suspect mythology as hiding human history and real persons in prehistoric times. That mythology is the only place we can go to for extracting historical fragments of times long forgotten. The debate revolves around a few things: Mythology is not “fiction” because the ancients did not see their his(“stories”) […]

All’s Quiet on the Western Front

by Interfaith

The East-West religious distinction, just as with the East-West culture distinction, and the implications that arise from it, is broad and not precise. While many Western observers attempt to distinguish between Eastern philosophies and religions, this is a distinction that does not exist in some Eastern traditions. Why are religion and politics often considered forbidden […]

Mysticism in The Matrix

by Interfaith

For those of you who don’t know a new religion called Matrixism has been carved from the movie “The Matrix.” It is a little out there for my tastes but in the interest of religious discussion I thought we might debate whether or not it is a mystical tradition. It seems to me that “recognition of the […]

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