May 2, 2022

Cultural Appropriation.

by Interfaith

I like counting the omer. I like aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism, Quakers, Taoist.and even Christianity. Ya think it cultural appropriation to take on such? You think that a bad thing? I mean if someone takes one or more aspects of any religion or culture and uses it to improve their relationship with life our earth […]

Does lifelong celibacy reduce or increase life expectancy?

by Interfaith

I have been looking into this subject for awhile now. I cannot find any decent studies on the health effects of celibacy. Some people claim that celibacy is unhealthy, linking it to emotional repression. I think this is a misunderstanding of emotional repression since someone who is celibate need not repress anything. In fact, the […]

New Quran translation

by Interfaith

Looks like a bestseller at Amazon: (Discussion in ‘Islam‘ started by Nicholas Weeks 25/04/2022) View thread

Ezekiel’s Atomic Wheels (and Four Living Forces)

by Interfaith

I have been studying Ezekiel’s Wheels for many years. I have concluded that they are depicting Atoms as well as their relating Physics. Biochemistry is there as well. I will throw out some thoughts in case folks are interested… Ezekiel 1:4“And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, […]

From Native Pride Movement FB page

by Interfaith

The Cree people use 15 poles to make the structure of the tipi. For every pole in that tipi, there is a teaching. So there are 15 teachings that hold up the tipi. Other Nations use 16 poles, and maybe more or less. The tipi does not have to face east all the time; it […]

Modalism + Partialism = Trinitarianism?

by Interfaith

I’m not letting Trinitarianism beat me into just admitting that it’s impossible, so I’ve come up with a potential explanation for it. Modalism is the belief that the 3 persons of God are separate states of God, sort of how water is liquid at the bottom of the sea, ice near the surface of the […]

Adam and Eve Were the First Reincarnated Humans

by Interfaith

I wish to share some discoveries I have made regarding Reincarnation in the Bible. To keep things simple however, I will just focus on the very first Humans to be Reincarnated. They are Adam and Eve. Of course, the average Christian would scream “BLASPHEMY!” upon hearing this. The reason they do this is because they […]

The Urantia Book

by Interfaith

This is an invitation to @Norm and anyone else who’s interested to discuss the Urantia Book. I know next to nothing about this revelation (I hope this was the appropriate term, happy to be corrected). To start things off, where does the name “Urantia” come from? (Discussion in ‘Modern Religions‘ started by Cino, Apr 25, 2022) Visit thread:


by Interfaith

Continued from here: Thomas said: ↑ Bearing in mind the above, I’ll get to the nub of my queries … You’s declared the principles of the RHP a delusion, but the affirmation of subjectivity is risky when it’s evident that the self is the most fallible element in the whole equation? The sobering message is: Those […]

April 24, 2022


by Interfaith

Evening all, I’m new here, for as long as I can remember I’ve always felt a connection with “God” I know there is something there. I’m quite methodical and like to get things “right” if you like, perhaps that isn’t the best way to put it but I hope you know what I mean. I’ve […]

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