January 26, 2023

Science won’t ever make philosophy or religion obsolete

by Interfaith

Full article here No matter how large our body of scientific knowledge grows, there will always be questions that are beyond the realm of science to adequately answer. The number of particles contained within the observable Universe is finite; the amount of information encoded in all the Universe is finite; no matter how much we […]

Woke Christianity

by Interfaith

I’ve seen it and I cannot be surprised that it’s infiltrated the body of Christ. We are the bride and our bridegroom is coming soon to take us. I am overjoyed at this! My sorrow is the false gospel that will lead people away from Jesus. A gospel denying the deity of Christ. I am […]

What would the world be like without Jesus?

by Interfaith

Merry Christmas all! So this question is specifically in the Christian section to allow folks who are followers of Jesus to respond. (Feel free to start another one not in the christian coral) Specifically those followers of I/O and the concept of interfaith exploration. This is the question my preacher posed to the congregation today. […]

January 21, 2023

Do You Believe?

by Interfaith

I just watched a beautiful, beautiful Christian faith film called, “Do You Believe?” (2015) The theme of it shows people who decided to not just believe in God, but also put into practice Jesus’ teachings in actions as Jesus says: “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those […]

Is anybody came from heavens to this world in the human history? No

by Interfaith

There are some religious books that say that somebody went to heaven but in human history, nobody came back physically. And nobody saw them. Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadi Mar 16, 2022 Visit thread: https://www.interfaith.org/community/threads/20066/page-7

What do you admire about another religion or world view?

by Interfaith

It’s getting darker by the day where I live, on the northern hemisphere. As someone from Iceland put it, “We have the sun here, we just can’t see it”. Well, not that extreme in my place, but still, I could use some uplifting conversation. So here’s a proposal: Choose a religion (or world-view) that is […]


by Interfaith

Where does he fit in your view? Where does the book fit in your belief? If he sits 7 seats from G!d, who is in the other 12? (Idk if he is on the right or the left 7 seats away) Or is Enoch belief even Abrahamic? wil 19/01/2023 Visit thread: https://www.interfaith.org/community/threads/20494/

January 9, 2023

Does anyone have any insight on Tubal-Cain and his daughter?

by Interfaith

This may seem like an odd place to ask this question, but a few years ago I came across a book about the history of Wicca and “pagan” beliefs. The author claimed that Tubal-Cain was the author of witchcraft and that his daughter survived the flood and continued on with his teachings. I bring this […]

Religious books and a description of the Origins of the Universe according to science?

by Interfaith

A few years ago, I ventured into the claim that the Quran gave a detailed description on how Allah created the Universe. Or let me elaborate a bit more.An Islamic Scholar, Zakir Naik participated in a debate with Dr. William Campbell at the University of Chicago with the theme: ‘the Bible, the Quran, in relation […]

December 22, 2022

What is the way?

by Interfaith

https://i0.wp.com/www.mormonstories.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Only-True-Religion.jpg?ssl=1 I think they are like a map, garmon or GPS, we continue to not find our way so stories, avatars or technology are created to provide us the path, to find our way back within. Pick one, or get out a machete clear the mangroves and find your own path back home. (wil Dec 6, […]

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