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  • hi flying horseman, thanks for messsaging me, complete ignoramous wi this sort of thing so only found out how to; now i wish l could set up a page like this, ah well 1 day at a time! x
    "I think we have to experience the reality, and not just read about it." - You on another profile here.

    The same can be said for peace. :D
    Hi James, Good to see you back as well. All is well with me. My kids keep me busy, plus I've taken on a lot of volunteer work and have started looking for a part-time job. Wish me luck in this economy!!

    You have a great heart and love of God and I enjoy your posts.

    Ain't no mountain high enough...
    HOws your son? Mine are all well. I have posted some new pics on my page since youve been away.. oh, and now Im a GRANDMA, yayayayayayayay
    sheila??? aarrggh, no. lol. I amwell and life is grand. I couldnt be any happier. I hope you are doing well.
    Remember the parable of the wheat and the tares? You do have the opportunity and means to cultivate the field of your heart, to allow the wheat to grow. (Although as God told Adam, it will take some effort--by the sweat of your brow will you eat bread.)
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