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  • Fake interfaith?? Err.. no. Although I did have problems logging in a minute ago. Then I realised I was trying to log into the wrong site. Lmao!!
    Some are, some aren't.

    The farmers markets are real, but the buying everybody out isn't (or the vets taking care of the dogs/horses) the radio telethon was real, but my participation wasn't, the fire alarms were (my apartment complex has a large file with the fire department due to the former neighbors), the murder of a kitten in New York was but no responsible humane society will let just anybody off the street adopt one of their charges, the blizzards were real . . .

    Anyway, the bigger picture is/was real, my participation in the situations and the "guests" aren't.

    If you're interested in the markets, I can easily post a link to the article about them from my local paper. :)
    Thanks! Nice to hear I'm not just seen as a barely tolerated noise. I enjoy your posts too. And your avatars of course ;)
    Ah yeah, sorry I was referring to the King Boo on Super Mario Kart. Confusion lol. I have played SSMB but I found it extremely confusing... random button smashing seems to be the key. I keep looking at your name tonight an thinking of D:Ream, you know, the guys that sang "Things can only get better". Dunno why lol!
    I think I've seen it on SuperSmash. I'm a wii fan but I tend to be a bit obsessed with King Boo... I think he's aweseom :p
    Prepare your favorite brownie mix according to the package directions, adding a small can of undrained diced green chilies and some cinnamon, and bake as usual.
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