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  • I've been thinking about it and it's probably true that socialism and religion don't go well together. But being from a socialist country 'socialism' doesn't really stand out the same way that it does for an American. I will give it some more thought and search the internet for some causations and correlations.
    OK, well, I hardly think it requires a belief in conspiracy to note the close association between socialism and atheism in many, if not most, institutions of higher learning. While I do believe a healthy dose of scepticism and critical thinking are essential, that is not what I see being taught at all. Rather students seem to end up mindlessly mimicking rote endorsing a socialist agenda, and it seems to me (without having any direct proof) that a lot of liberal foundations are only too happy to further this end with generous donations. Hardly anything conspiratorial. More of an observation of the disintegration of learning.
    Hmmm, I might have misunderstood you. You where talking about socialism, I assumed you were talking about politics. But I don't see the connection between socialism, atheism and academia. Could you please clarify before I go forward passing judgement on you*?

    Greetings, Cup!

    How so? Would you disagree there is a strong atheist bent underlining much of academia?
    "...or else some multimillion dollar grant from a liberal foundation looking to forward a socialist agenda by planting the seeds of doubt in young minds."
    Waoh, that came from nowhere, you always seem line such a well rounded guy, but this is pretty much conspiracy level.
    We're as fine as can be considering who the governor of Wisconsin is.

    Did you hear/read who the new pope is? *meow* <(^x^)>

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine42
    Sorry the :kitty:s and I missed you. :( My previous computer gave up the ghost (fried insides due to heat and use.)

    :kitty:s are nicely moved into their new territory and await a drive-by meow from one of their favorite humans.

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    *a cute :kitty: pawses at juantoo3's door, pulling a wagon laden with his favorites, including his favorite kind of birthday cake, a pleading meow for attention reaching the human's ear*

    Are you going to answer?

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    *a cute :kitty: pauses (pawses?) at juantoo3's "door", a pleading meow for attention reaching the human's ear*

    Are you going to answer?

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Just heard from a Jamaican contact I have. She lost an aunt in the clashes down there (a government soldier shot the woman, who leaves behind three sons.)

    Sorry to put a damper on your day. :(

    Oh, and Chii's still waiting for a proper scratch between the ears.
    Check out my last posts on This is not the thread you are looking for, and Your two words (cents) worth. You might get a kick out of them. :kitty:s are waiting for response.

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    I'm so glad you are improving and back to work. Yes Government jobs are good, I retired from the Federal Government after 32 years of service and that was about 13 years ago. With the economy today, I'm grateful to have the retirement that I have. I'll be in touch and you do the same. Here is my e-mail egraef@comcast.net, fay aka poh
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